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Roswell, New Mexico - American Woman - Review

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This week on Roswell, New Mexico Max, Michael, Isobel, Alex, and Maria track down the location where Louise stayed after the raid. They find out that Max is not Louise’s son, but Maria’s grandmother was Isobel’s sister. Alex talks to his brother. Michael gets Maria more flowers that will protect her mind. Liz goes to see Jenna who is still suffering effects from her kidnapping. Arturo gets arrested by ICE and Liz has to call her ex-fiancĂ©, who manages to get him released. He also tells her that the drug used on Jenna is something only the military has access to. Alex and Michael argue. When leaving, Alex gets knocked out by an unknown person. Max remembers Louise coming to save him as a child. 

Slowly unraveling: Max has clearly had a darker vibe ever since he came back from the dead. I thought it had something to do with those nightmares when he was in that pod. But now it seems that it may have been something that’s been there a lot longer. There’s clearly something in his past before he came to earth that was pretty traumatic. We’ve only seen glimpses but it’s never good when a kid is chained up. The fact that Louise came to rescue him is also pretty significant. He was obviously important, we just don’t know in what way. But finding out he’s not, in fact, Isobel’s brother, that really got to him. And why wouldn’t it? All these years she was his only link to his family. He may never know his real parents, but at least he had his sister. But now even that’s not the case anymore. And for this to happen just as he’s having trouble with the darkness inside him… do I even need to say it, not good! 

It’s all relative: While it sucks that Isobel and Max are not siblings, it will make their relationship more interesting. For Isobel, not much has changed, but Max might start to push her away. I am, however, very excited to learn that Isobel and Maria are related. Really, this explains so much. The visions didn’t come from the experiments, they were the reason for the experiments. Being half-alien, Maria’s grandmother’s visions were probably much stronger than Maria’s, since she’s only an eighth alien. Unless the vision thing is just something that gets passed along. But I’m excited about this change in dynamic between Isobel and Maria. Isobel has been making a real effort this season and her relationship with Maria has definitely improved, not that either would admit it. So I’m excited to see how it will progress with this turn of events. 

Needed to be told: Since Arturo was in the process of getting his green card, you’d think that meant he’d no longer have to worry about ICE. Clearly, that was wrong. I don’t live in the US, so what I know about ICE is what I’ve seen on TV and on the internet. But from what I can tell, they seem to think the law doesn’t apply to them. And hey, with this president they’re probably right. What got to me the most in this storyline was Liz’s reaction to seeing them at the hospital. That was just pure panic. And they weren’t even there for her dad originally. At least, it didn’t seem to me like they were. And arresting him for a criminal act that his daughter, a legal citizen, is accused of? I actually had a look at who ICE is allowed to arrest, just out of curiosity, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t on the list. 

Chapter closed: I guess it’s a good thing Liz’s ex-fiancĂ© was there to save the day. I have been expecting him to show up for a while now. And it seems that despite Liz leaving him, they still got along really well. It probably wouldn’t have gone as well if she’d called him a season earlier. But he’s had a lot of time to process everything. But I can see why she was engaged to this guy. He seems to really want the best for her. I think that now we can officially close this chapter. 
Aliens or government conspiracy? So at this point, we’re still no closer to figuring out what happened to Jenna than we were last week. Only that now we know it’s most likely some form of the military since she was drugged with something only they have access to. Even if Max was still on the alien theory. But is what happened to Alex at the end of the episode related to this? Or is this a completely different kidnapper because the method isn’t exactly the same. 

Best quotes: Isobel: “You have five seconds to make room for Jesus. Good… Wow! You know, I always assumed Michael was a top but, this actually makes a lot of sense.” 
Forrest: “Is this your girlfriend?” Michael: “Uhm.” Isobel: “Oh my god!” Michael: “Gross.” Isobel: “Is that how I present?” 
Liz: “I thought you might want hair so shiny it’s gonna make your guy cry.” 
Isobel: “Have I told you lately that I love you?” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again two weeks from now for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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