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Magnum P.I. - A World of Trouble - Review: One Act of Kindness

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This episode was centered in helping others and giving back some of what you have received, through different plots presented during the hour. First we had the case of the week, in which we met Kalohe, a young woman who became a kind of modern Robin Hood, by bringing (stolen) supplies to support the school where she studied as a child and the teacher (a friend of Kumu's) who helped her to get through the darkest moments of her life, although she had the bad luck of running into drug dealers who created some problems, that in the end were solved with the help of Magnum and Higgins. Additionally, the P.I.’s decided not to get paid by Makani, the teacher, for their work precisely as a way of paying it forward.

Another of the stories we saw this week was once again related to the boys’ veteran friends, plots that I really enjoy as they are a good opportunity to show the bonds that bring together people who have served their country. This time, Rick was trying to help his friend Murphy to get a job after retiring from the Marines. The man was having trouble getting back into civilian life, causing Rick to reveal a secret that not even his friends knew: when they returned from their last tour, he was about to reenlist, as that was the only kind of life he knew. It was at this point that Robin Masters gave him a hand to get a job in Hawaii which helped him to get on his way to a new life, and that's why he was now trying to pay it forward to Murphy, so he could move on.

Last but not least (in fact the most important storyline of these final episodes of the season) the story of Juliet's expired visa and the fake wedding she's planning with Magnum so she can get a green card to stay in Hawaii continues. As I mentioned last week, Katsumoto's reaction was going to be important and considering that he is their friend, I knew he would find a way to help them, and he did, though not necessarily in a way that we would have imagined. The detective made Juliet realize that it would be difficult to maintain the charade of being a married couple because by working together people could realize that they were not really together.

This reasoning was reinforced in recent weeks, including in this episode, when Kalohe told them it didn't look like they were going to get married, and the time that they were undercover on the couples’ tour and the guide said it was obvious they were not a real couple. Either way, the conversation with Gordon made Higgins realize that it was not a good idea to marry Magnum. It’s clear that Thomas is important to Juliet and she was also concerned about the long-term implications that this situation could for both of them, so she ended up deciding to switch Magnum for TC, since perhaps with him there wouldn’t be so much problems because they won’t have to spend that much time together and there wouldn't have to be pretending they were a married couple all the time.

With the cancellation of the fake wedding, it was evident that they both felt a bit sad. From the beginning Juliet was worried about becoming a burden to her friend, but definitely the one who showed the most disappointment was Magnum, cause it was all fake, but he was quite excited with the preparations, trying on a tuxedo, getting a cake topper and preparing for his bachelor party, and as he said at the beginning he knew that by carrying out this wedding, he would be helping to keep together his family and friends, as his father taught him to value. But towards the end it was more than clear that this goes beyond just helping a friend in trouble, as was his idea at first, but when she broke the news that it was better to marry TC, I think he discovered that the matter affected him more than he had realized, and that he does feel somewhat relieved that she will get to stay in Hawaii, he would have liked to be the one to help her to pull it off.

We still have tonight’s episodes to see how all of this will play out and how Higgins’ situation will be resolved.

How do you think the season will end? Share your comments below.

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