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One Day At A Time - Perfect - Review

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This week on One Day At A Time, Alex decides to take a fashion class but gets discouraged when it turns out to be really difficult. Penelope advises him that it’s okay to be terrible at something, that’s the first step to becoming good at it. He decides to stick with it. Dr. B gifts Schneider and Avery a very creepy clown doll and scares them when he tells them how his marriage fell apart after he had kids. They have their first fight but all is forgotten when they see the ultrasound of their baby. Meanwhile, Elena kind of loses it when she has to write a paper for her college applications. 

Not so tiny anymore: I was so happy with Alex’s storyline this week. For a minute there, when he asked Penelope for the money, I was worried. I thought he needed it for shoes or something. But he’s figuring out what he wants to do with is life and it’s so great to see. I could also really relate to him struggling. I’m not a great student and I have a lot of very smart cousins so I get what that pressure feels like when everyone around you is succeeding. They all make it seem so easy. But everyone struggles. I’m glad Penelope convinced him to stick with it. Especially since he then made that really cool jacket. And yeah, it wasn’t perfect but he really seems to have a talent for this. I really hope this means he’ll take on a bigger role from now on as Elena has. 

Change in dynamic: Schneider and Avery are going through quite a big change at the moment. They haven’t been together that long, they only just moved in together and now there’s a baby on the way. It’s easy to see why Dr. B’s story would get in their heads. To be fair, he is not a great example. I truly hope that these two can make it work, but I do worry that it’s all happening really fast for them. I kind of wish we’d seen more of them last season. Maybe then their relationship wouldn’t feel so new to me. 

Too many options: You know that problem where you’re so interesting, you can’t choose what to write about? Yeah, me neither. But Elena apparently does. I won’t even pretend to know what the college application process is like in the US. All I know, I get from TV shows, which probably doesn’t paint the best picture. But what I do know is that the Ivy League schools are super hard to get into. You can be a perfect student like Rory Gilmore and still get rejected. We haven’t really seen much from Elena at school but I do get the feeling that she’s a pretty good student. And she likes to organize stuff for things she’s passionate about, and I know colleges love that. So I think she probably has a pretty good shot at getting into a top school. But the financials might be an issue in the future. Another thing that I know about American colleges, is that it costs a bloody fortune to attend them and that financial aid is limited. Elena is from a one paycheck household so she should definitely be considered for financial aid, but even that is sometimes not enough. So I’m very curious to see how this storyline continues to unfold. 

Best quotes: Elena: “Purple is just general gay stuff. General gay stuff is also my ranking in the lesbian army.” 
Alex: “I was just wondering how the planning was coming for my Quinces.” Penelope: “What the hell are you talking about?” Alex: “Oh, I thought since Elena had a Quinces, obviously I would also be giving a party to celebrate my coming of age. This being a house of gender equality and all.” Penelope: “What the hell is he talking about?” Alex: “On the other hand, if it’s too much trouble, you can just give me the cash instead.” Penelope: “Oh okay, now I understand. You want money. I thought you were woke, turns out you’re just broke.” 
Penelope: “It’s okay to be bad at some things. Dare to suck. It’s the first step to getting good.” 
Penelope: “Mami, you think a sign is going to stop me? I’m parked in a loading zone right now.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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