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Mom - Texas Pete and a Parking Lot Carnival - Review: "Carpenter-Client Privilege"

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On this week's episode of Mom, Trevor's back. And he's, really happy?

Bonnie goes to her appointment with Trevor at his new place. And it's in a bit of a...questionable location. There's a scowling old lady named Marta parked outside his entrance. He's right next to a kid's swim school. (So you can hear their screaming ALL DAY LONG.) He's sold his car for an electric scooter. And he's...happy about all this? Seriously, whatever drugs Trevor's on, they must be some good ones!

At the bistro, Bonnie tells the girls that she's worried about Trevor. Tammy offers to soundproof his place to get rid of the sound of the screaming youngsters. Marjorie arrives and the subject changes. She's been to another interview at the mall and didn't get hired. (Unsurprisingly, she's "not 'Teen Gap" material'") It's because of her criminal record, so Christy offers to help her get it expunged. Though that may be easier said than done. Marjorie's record includes bank robbery, arson, counterfeit money, and "countless bomb threats." ("It was a different time and our cause was just!") Yeah, Christy can definitely get that taken care of by the end of the week (or a decade or two)!

Jill suggests Marjorie look into food delivery since she's not too into Wendy's suggestion of transporting medical waste. ("There's a small chance of infection but it pays ok and they let you keep the safety goggles!") After all, "everybody that brings [Jill] her sushi looks like they just got out of prison!" Tammy confirms food delivery was "a popular job at the parole office, along with welding, ditch digging, and of course, ticket-taker at a parking lot carnival."

At Trevor's, Tammy arrives to find that the neighboring swim school kids are actually pretty quiet at the moment. "They're on a juice break. Give it a minute. When the sugar kicks in it's Black Friday at Walmart," Trevor assures her. Tammy says they'll work on making the place a tad less "hang-your-selfie,' by adding pictures of friends and family, to which Trevor responds "I need to get some of those...friends and family." Apparently even Trevor's mother took Sandra's side in the divorce! And the fellas in the scooter store are a little too Trevor thinks he's fresh out of friend prospects. Tammy tells him it sounds a bit like he's making accuses to not make new friends.

At the next meeting, Marjorie shows up with good news. She got a job delivering Chinese food. ("They didn't even ask my name!") The girls agree they'll get together and order from Marjorie on her first day.

Tammy goes back to Trevor's to show him panel samples, and finds him sitting in the dark bleeding from his knee. Apparently, his scooter couldn't take the hill and he ended up wrecking and then getting chased by a Schnoodle! And now Trevor's finally losing it. When he starts talking about moving to a secluded British island and growing potatoes, Tammy decides it's time to call in Bonnie for back up. Also, the sting of his wound is the "only thing that lets [him] know he's still alive. So Trevor's definitely in bad shape!

Bonnie and Tammy use all their AA program knowledge to try and talk Trevor down, but it's not working. So Bonnie ends up doing the only thing she can think of. She slaps him (on his "sore ear"!)! And then she slaps him again because he's still not snapping out of it! When Tammy and Bonnie aren't looking, Trevor snaps and goes chasing after the kids at the swim school ("Hey kids! Just because it's free swim doesn't mean you need to scream your stupid little lungs out!") The kids push him in the pool as retaliation (Yeah, he definitely had it coming!) and Tammy and Bonnie end up with an even more angry (and now soaking wet) Trevor. He bemoans the horrors of cheating ("I had no choice to do what I did no Palm Springs!" Oh, Sandra...) and declares he's done - "done with women... done being a therapist."

At Bonnie and Christy's house, the girls wait for Marjorie to drop off their Chinese food and she's a no show. They call her. She's three orders behind and lost. And the only landmark she can see is a sign that says "Free Chihuahua puppies!" When it becomes obvious that there's no fixing things over the phone, the girls go to find her. Christy attempts to help her navigate on the GPS, but that also doesn't go so well and she ends up cutting across traffic!

A desperate Bonnie and Tammy decide their best bet is to get some food in Trevor, so they order Chinese food (even if it does make Trevor puke!) from Marjorie, not knowing how badly the night is going for her. Marjorie and the girls get the order, and by now, Jill's had to take over driving. The girls get to Trevor's. They haven't realized that this is Bonnie's therapist Trevor, so they're surprised to find Bonnie opening the door to reveal Tammy blow-drying a man! The girls introduce themselves to Trevor and thank him for all the work he's done making Bonnie more "tolerable." When Trevor goes to tip Marjorie, she tells him she can't accept it, because of how terrible of a job she's doing. Bonnie tells Trevor that Marjorie's been going through a rough time and tonight is her first night at a new job.

"I was an idiot to think that I could handle this. This is why tribes used to leave old people in the wilderness to die!" Marjorie declares. And suddenly Trevor's going into therapist mode again. He tells Marjorie that plenty of people have to reinvent their lives and it's not easy, no matter how old they are.

A few days later, Bonnie goes back to Trevor's office. He's cleaned up, gotten real furniture, and even had Tammy install paneling so he can't hear the swim school anymore. Bonnie tells Trevor that he does good work - Marjorie's still got the job (even if she does have to take Wendy with her!) Trevor tells Bonnie that it's not good for a patient to see a therapist go off the deep end, and so he thinks she should probably start seeing someone else. But, Bonnie says no way! She says that now that she's seen him at his worst, she's finally sure he's the right shrink for her because he gets her in a way that "only a ruined human being could!"

Random Thoughts:
-I think it's hilarious that Tammy managed to make friends with Marta! Guess she's more likable than Trevor!

-The best line goes to Trevor when discussing his divorce with Sandra - "I've realized that happiness isn't about having stuff. It's about not living with a woman who hates your guts."

Do you think Trevor will be able to rebound from Sandra? Will Marjorie get the hang of her job? Let me know below!

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