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Blindspot - Episode 5.01 - I Came To Sleigh - Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release *Pushed Back 1 Week*

NOTE: The Season 5 Premiere will now air on 7th May 2020.

Sneak Peek

Promotional Photos

NUP_187760_0715.th.jpg NUP_187760_0676.th.jpg NUP_187760_0627.th.jpg NUP_187760_0790.th.jpg NUP_187760_0566.th.jpg NUP_187760_0188.th.jpg NUP_187760_0123.th.jpg NUP_187760_0374.th.jpg NUP_187760_0707.th.jpg NUP_187760_0641.th.jpg

Press Release


04/30/2020 (10:00PM - 11:00PM) (Thursday) : Season Five Premiere In the season premiere, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) tries to pick up the pieces after the explosive finale in Iceland. She gets a strange message from an unknown ally that allows her to mount a rescue mission to free Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) from a CIA black-site... but she'll need the help from her old rival Sho Akhtar (Guest Star Ajay Naidu). TV-14 LV


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