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The Rookie - Follow Up Day - Review

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With a new episode on tonight, let’s do a recap of the show’s outing last week.

It’s Follow Up day at the precinct and our teams this week are tasked with revisiting older cases as an assist for the detectives in charge, before the cases start to go cold.

Meanwhile as John tries to heat up his relationship with Grace, he gets handed some shocking news that throws him off the loop: His father who had long abandoned him and his mother when he was young has recently passed. He’s included John in his will though, leaving him his old muscle car which gets delivered by John’s half brother. A brother he never knew about. Pete, ie the brother, is a complete mess, and a bit bitter the car their dad and he used to work on gets handed off to John instead. After a couple failed attempts from Pete to part with the car which resulted to a couple of grand theft autos, John lets him have it, and the two seem to come to an understanding.
And things do end up going well on the Grace front. Shocking news aside John had a pretty good week all around seeing that also his follow up case with Harper gets wrapped up fairly well, with the help of an exotic dancer (who also does hit it off with Pete as a nice little way to mingle the two plots) and without any bloodshed or unnecessary gunfire, as they catch the guy who killed a woman during a store stick up.

Lucy and Tim follow up on a home invasion of a reformed gang member who’s trying to turn his life around. Looks like the gang life is a little too hard to leave behind as it's Kion’s successor and his former gangm, the 5-4, who are giving him a hard time and want to use his legit bakery business as a means to launder money. (Sidenote: remember Kion from 1.15? Man I almost hoped we’d get Joe back from that episode too... oh well... moving on...). Lucy and Tim do the best they can to help the kid that really does want out, while also waiting on Tim’s Sergeant’s exam results. Obviously he does extremely well, so well in fact that Grey offers him a leg up with scoring a coveted promotion... in a whole other precinct. Excitement of the promotion (and some slight disappointment that he might be leaving) doesn’t help much with their case as all seems hopeless for the kid. It’s only when Lucy reminds Tim that the reason he did so well in his exam is because he knows his job and is resourceful, that they find the right approach to help their victim. Tim makes the kid’s shop the precinct hang out, making it imposible for the 5-4 to also use the premises. He also informs Lucy that he’s not leaving until he’s done training her.

Angela and Jackson solve their follow up care pretty fast when they find the thief of one ugly and slightly “Ew!” sculpture to be one of the owner’s neighbours. No one seemed to like the thing. While booking the perpetrator after finding him pinned down under the sculpture, Angela bumps into Wesley’s mom who’s also in holding. She too is in a bit of a jam. She was found with a gun that’s linked to some other crimes. And after Wes comes in to finally give her some Grade A legal advice she gives up the man who gave it to her: her tennis coach and lover. It takes this whole ordeal and some coaxing from Angela for her and Wesley to open up about how strained and distant things are between them lately, and they make a promise to make more of an effort with each other from now on, obviously including Angela in this family matter this time around.

That’s that for last week’s episode. Tune in tonight for a brand new instalment of The Rookie!

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