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Roswell, New Mexico - Stay (I Missed You) - Review

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On the season premiere of Roswell, New Mexico Rosa is back from the dead but hiding out at Max’s place. He’s not using it anymore since he’s dead. Isobel holds a funeral for Noah, trying to keep up appearances. They’ve explained Max’s absence as him leaving after Liz broke his heart because Isobel is not ready to accept that he’ll stay dead. Liz is preparing to leave town with Rosa. Michael is pushing everyone away. Rosa keeps having nightmares about Noah. When they find out that Max’s mind might be linked to Rosa’s, which would mean that he’s not truly gone yet, they come up with a plan to save him. They’re going to use Noah’s heart but they have to revive it first. Max reaches out to Rosa through her dreams and tells her to stop Liz from saving him. Isobel might be pregnant. Maria’s mom mysteriously disappears. 

Favorite relationship: We’ve only really seen Liz and Rosa’s relationship in flashbacks before. But now that Rosa is back, we get to see them interact in the present day. We all know how much Liz has missed her sister, but for Rosa, no time has passed. She’s still 19 and just went through something traumatic. Meanwhile, her younger sister has grown up, is now older than her. Liz very much took the lead this week, which makes sense. Roswell has changed over the years and Rosa can’t be seen. But she’s also keeping information from her sister. Most importantly, everyone in Roswell hates her. It’s kind of a big thing to leave out. I get why she hasn’t told her. It’s already unsettling enough to come back from the dead so she probably didn’t want to pile on. I wonder, now that they’re staying in Roswell if Liz plans to tell their dad. And what excuse she would use other than aliens. I mean, she can’t really keep Rosa at Max’s house forever. 

Could’ve handled that better: Michael is coming across as a loose cannon at the moment. There’s his relationship with Alex, which is messy. He wants more from Alex and I get that. But what he’s doing with Maria is not okay. If he can communicate with Alex, he can communicate with Maria. Rather than making out with women in front of her, why not just tell her he doesn’t want a relationship with her. He’s making this extra painful. And yes, his erratic behavior may have to do with Max’s death and Isobel’s unwillingness to accept it. But that still doesn’t make all of this okay. 

Alien abduction? Maria’s mother has been a mystery from the start. It’s clear that she knows something and I’m still convinced her mental state isn’t a medical condition. And now her mysterious disappearance. At first, I thought she was going to get hit by a car. The obvious answer would be alien abduction but I’m thinking it may be government-related. 

You’re going to have to elaborate: Sure, Max did a great job reaching Rosa and telling her that Liz shouldn’t save his life. But he should probably also explain why that is. My guess is that Noah isn’t really gone yet. That he’s somehow still around in Max’s mind. Why else would Noah be so present in Rosa’s nightmares? Also, if Noah is still present, it really doesn’t seem a good idea to put his heart in Max. Could Noah take over his body? 

This won’t end well: I’m all for Isobel learning to grow and control her powers. But maybe she should be in a better state of mind before she does. And at this point, it doesn’t look like she’ll be in a better state of mind anytime soon. The pregnancy, I’m presuming that’s what she saw with the ultrasound, permanently links her to Noah. On top of that, once the baby is born, she’ll always have to worry not about discovery for herself but also for her child. Maybe training is not such a bad idea after all. 
Best quotes: Arturo: “They tip better when you smile.” Liz: “I smile.” Arturo: “You bare your teeth.” 
Liz: “You are a 19-year old drug addict. You don’t know everything.” 
Liz: “I chose regenerative medicine as my focus when you died. ‘Cause I was broken. I wanted to repair the irreparable. It’s an ethics nightmare. I have been spit on by protesters and shut down by the government. I’ve worked on tiny rat hearts my whole life, waiting until someone in power would believe that I could do this with people, too. And over and over, old men on boards have told me to stay in my lane. To calm down. To wait. But I can do this. Noah’s heart is shriveled and weak. Just like he was. But I’m gonna fix it. Max gave me back the only thing I’ve ever lost that mattered to me. Now it’s my turn.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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