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Prodigal Son - The Job - Review: Bad Seeds

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"That's my boy!"

Martin is doing better and back to his manipulative self, he says he'll say it wasn't Jessica who stabbed him, thus saving her from jail, but only if Malcolm goes back to regular visits. And I love this, at first neither Malñcolm not Jessica are happy about it, but if we have some more scenes with Michael Sheen I'm all for it. I also loved the call between him and Jessica worrying about Malcolm, everything with those two is pure gold.

The case of the week is a high-end watch robbery in motorcycles but one employee ended up dead, and it doesn't look like an accident. It seems the crew wanted to make it as fast and "clean" as possible, but one of the members craves the thrill of the kill, and even tries to hide it from the rest. Then an old friend from boarding school, Vijay Chandasara (Dhruv Uday Singh - Good Trouble), shows up, it seems he now works for the company who insures the watches. He wants them to find them so that his company doesn't have to pay the twenty million they're worth, so he helps with some research they've been doing on new bike gangs.

When Dani asks about him and Malcolm explains they were both the "bad-dad kids" back in school, though we learn they had a falling out when Vijay's dad came out of prison and he started making new friends. I did love it when Dani made a joke about him being a loner in school, this new sassy rapport it's something I'd definitely like to see more of and not just one scene in an episode here and there.

There's another robbery after that one, but this time the woman who was shot survived, she's undergoing a craniotomy at the hospital and Malcolm wants to speak with her so, to Martin's pleasure, he uses some of his dad's knowledge to blackmail the surgeon into letting him talk to her. This helps them identify the gang but they can't be sure who the killer is.

It seems Malcolm has been reaching out to Eve and though she was taking some time, Jessica is quite insistent and pushes them to talk. They get together and she seems willing to be there for him, as long as he opens up to her, so he tells her about the girl in the box, about the nightmares, she looks very understanding, but then Gil calls and the moment is lost.

Malcolm is called when Vijay ditches his tail, he knows where to find him so they both go in to negotiate with the gang, Malcolm manages to make them let Vijay go but they figure out he's a profiler, luckily for him, the gang leader wants to know who the killer is as well so he lets him do his job but this ends up with all of them shot and Malcolm with a concussion on the floor.

This is when dad comes to haunt him all over again, he says he's proud of him, of how good of a killer he is, shooting four people just sitting in a chair tied up. Malcolm manages to shake this hallucination off just in time, the real killer is still alive and most likely planning to shoot everyone, until Vijay, comes back in with his car to run him over, just like his dad had in one of his anecdotes. I have to say it was great to see Malcolm having fun with someone for once, he really seems to need it, and though Vijay was a bit of an ass at times, he grows on you, and he seems to be "good" for Malcolm, so I hope we get to see more of him in the future.

After Malcolm left her to go to work, Eve goes to see Jessica and tells her what they talked about, about the girl in the box, she says she can help Jessica find out more about her, and while Jessica goes to the kitchen she goes to the place she knows now the box was in, the basement, finds the old trunk (I have no idea why they'd keep it), and gets inside of it. Given her age, I don't think she could've been the girl in the box, but maybe her sister was, something that, given next week's promo, will be revealed soon.

I think most of us knew there was something about Eve, something about the way she got involved in Malcolm and Jessica's lives, that was certainly suspicious, but that scene where she gets herself inside the box was very intense, she might just be as damaged as Malcolm is, perhaps that's why she's so understanding, even if she manages to hide her trauma better, I wonder what everyone else thinks.

"That is definitely not okay."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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