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Legacies - Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself - Review

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This week on Legacies … a lot happened. Dark!Josie returned to throw herself a birthday party, then announced they’d be holding the Merge. Hope trapped both Alaric and Kaleb in that game from last week because they were getting in the way. Rafael was convinced he killed someone, only to realize he’s the one that died and was brought back by Ted. He then stabs Landon with an arrow. Lizzie runs away after Dark!Josie kills Alyssa (who is later resurrected by Ted), but MG convinces her to come back (even though she was probably going to come back on her own). She later kisses him after saving Hope from Dark!Josie. She had temporarily taken Lizzie’s place in a fight that didn’t nearly last long enough. The Merge happens and Dark!Josie wins. She thinks Lizzie is dead while Lizzie was actually tied to Landon, so she survived. Hope is going to dive into Dark!Josie’s mind to bring out the good side. 

What the hell just happened? I thought this several times while watching this episode but mostly during the Merge. You know, that big thing everyone was so terrified of, that no one could find a way out of, the one they’ve been talking about since the show started? Did anyone else feel a bit underwhelmed by it? For one, after looking for a way around it for 17 years and coming up empty, they managed to find one in the few hours before it happened. And, honestly, the way it was made into a spectacle, I wasn’t a fan of that. It just didn’t feel important enough, you know. I think it was just the general approach the show took to it this week. It didn’t really match with the approach they’ve taken to it before now. I guess I just had higher expectations. 

Now what? Having the Merge still be many years away gave the writers something to fall back on. But now it’s over. So what is Dark!Josie’s plan now? World domination seems like a good place to start. I can’t see her sticking around Ted for much longer. She was already not that impressed with him, now that she’s even stronger after the Merge she’ll grow tired of him. And while I was hoping Dark!Josie would stick around a bit longer, because there’s a lot of Josie’s darkness that still needs to be addressed, judging by the promo for next week, I fear the finale will be the end of Dark!Josie. 

This is where I tell you how you messed up: But not in the way you think, though. I want to talk about Rafael. If you’re going to pull a big move with a character, like having them be technically dead and stab their best friend, you kind of need people to give a damn. Unfortunately, since Rafael has been so underused since the very beginning, not that many people actually care. I mean, I was always a fan of Rafael. There’s so much there to work with. But after we’ve barely seen him this season… that feeling has kind of faded. And, let’s face it, his main purpose last season was to further Hope and Landon’s storyline. I’ve seen people compare him to Bonne Bennett, but even she had better storylines. He’s more like Matt Donovan. Only Matt actually managed to stay alive (when he died, he always came back… with a heartbeat). 

This guy needs to go: I think the writers intended to wrap up Ted’s (yeah, I’m still not going to call him by that other name) storyline in the finale. Now it seems like that will get pushed to early season 3. But at this point, I’m so sick of him. Although, I have to admit that this was the first week (since season 1) that I was impressed by his power again (his personality, on the other hand…). But what happens to those that have been resurrected when he is defeated (can he be killed if his power is death?)? Rafael clearly stated that he has no heartbeat. So, while it would be great of Alyssa and Rafael stuck around free of his control, more likely they’ll just drop dead again. Which would be a damn shame because both characters deserved better. This becomes an even more likely scenario if you’ve been keeping an eye on recent casting news. Olivia Liang, who plays Alyssa, has been cast as the lead role in that Kung Fu pilot. So, I guess it doesn’t look too good right now. Though, while everyone hates Alyssa, Landon might fight to keep his best friend alive. And yes, Landon isn’t in the best place right now but does anyone really think they’d kill him off? I didn’t think so. 
The important question no one is asking: Now that the Merge is over, what excuse will they use to explain Caroline’s absence? What could be so important would keep Caroline Forbes from being with her kids right now? I’d sure love to know. 

The finale: So let’s speculate a bit now that the finale is coming a bit sooner than expected. I’m trying to manage my expectations since this won’t be a regular, all wrapped up in a bow with a cliffhanger, finale. I do think this will be the end of Dark!Josie. Is Lizzie powerless now, by the way? Jo was after she merged with Kai, right? Also, if her life was tied to Landon’s, will she be affected by what happened to him? Or was that link just temporary? Will we even be seeing any of these characters next week seeing as the promo only focused on Hope being in Josie’s mind? 

Best quotes: MG: “We believe in you.” Lizzie: “Well there’s your first mistake right there, okay? I am my biggest fan and even I know that Lord Josiemort is gonna squash me like a bug.” 
Lizzie: “Are you seriously telling me that I’m going to die because I became a better person?” Alyssa: “Ironic, isn’t it?” Lizzie: “Well, in that case, screw personal growth, okay? I’m going back to looking out for number 1.” 
Dark!Josie: “Who am I gonna kill. Should it be… vampires? Maybe witches? How about some werewolves?” Hope: “Why not try all three?” 
Lizzie: “Just to be clear, that was for you and not me.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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