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American Housewife - A Very English Scandal - Review: "Love Actually...Otto Style"

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Katie plays matchmaker on the return of American Housewife. The results are...well...interesting!

Thanks to Katie, Viv's now confident in her ability to be a strong, independent woman who can raise a child by herself. But she still wants some companionship. She and Katie agree she needs her own "Greg." Viv wants Katie to be her wing woman, but Katie's not interested. However, she's forced to reconsider when she sees Oliver's sudden streak of good-doing - allowing the whole school to believe he's gay to prove to his classmate Will that it's nothing to be ashamed of. And when Greg announces that his brother British Greg is coming to town, Katie sees a perfect opportunity to literally set Viv up with "her own Greg."

Our Greg isn't too into the idea though, as he wants to spend British Greg's visit getting to do all sorts of nerdy brotherly things. So, when Viv shows up, crumpets in hand, to welcome British Greg to the States, our Greg isn't happy. British Greg, however, is quite taken with Viv. Soon, they're staying out all night and discussing their dreams and British Greg's thrilled that Viv has a kid. ("It's like having a starter kit!") He even invites Viv to go with him to the lecture that Greg was supposed to go with him to. Our Greg is not happy, as he feels like he's losing the brother he just gained.

Katie, however, couldn't be happier. Viv's finally out of her hair! As she boasts to Angela and Doris about finally getting rid of Viv, they point out something Katie's not thought of. If Viv and British Greg do get serious, Viv could end up being Katie's sister-in-law. And she'd probably be the kind of sister-in-law who wants to take those "family jumping pictures on the beach...where we're all barefoot in jeans wearing white linen shirts!" Katie goes home and tells Greg she's joined his side - they have to break Viv and British Greg up!

Meanwhile, Oliver faces the school for the first time since his fake coming-out. And even though there are a few snickers here and there, Oliver quickly discovers one giant advantage to his current situation. A few days earlier, he asked Principal Ablin to consider him for the "Distinguished Pupil Award" as it would look good on his college applications. Upon confirming that Oliver was Katie's kid, Ablin's response was "No. I do not care for the people you associate with." Now, Ablin's terrified that Oliver might think he meant gay people. And when he realizes what Ablin's worried about, Oliver decides to use it to his advantage and strong-arms him into putting him up for the award and giving him a letter of recommendation. After Ablin presents him with the letter of recommendation, Oliver even makes Ablin go back, make it longer, and print it on better paper!

At home, Anna-Kat's hesitantly getting rid of her beloved ponies and other toys. All of her friends have made the transition to "big kid rooms" and she feels like she needs to if she ever wants to have them over. Taylor advises her to go "cold turkey," throw them into the garbage, and watch the dumpster truck drive away with them - just like she did when she gave up her Barbies. Anna-Kat decides to take her advice, and the two toss the ponies. Unfortunately for Anna-Kat, she discovers that Taylor actually kept the last of her Barbies after it fell out the back of the garbage truck and she suddenly changes her mind. The two race outside just as the garbage truck pulls up, and are able to grab the box. The garbage truck driver doesn't seem to be too bothered that they interrupted him either. He just tells them to "tell your parents to start tipping at the holidays!"

Oliver gets a pleasant surprise when he discovers that Will has posted another video on Instagram, this time owning up to the fact that he made the fake account announcing Oliver was gay and admitting that he is actually gay himself. Oliver's mission worked! Will saw he would still be treated kindly if he came out, and decided to do so. Oliver's got another problem on his hands though. He arrives back at school to find "hetero" spray-painted on his locker, and Ablin waltzes up to him with a giant smile on his face and says "Well, well, well, look who's no longer a member of a protected class!" Ablin then joyfully rips up Oliver's recommendation letter before handing him another sheet of paper - a detention order!

Katie and Greg decide the only way for them to break up the happy couple is if they both tell a lie. Our Greg tells British Greg that Viv is just trying to get his money and Katie tells Viv that British Greg is just using her for a green card. A heartbroken British Greg leaves to go home. It's only after they've done the deed that Katie and Greg realize what a big mistake they've made. British Greg admits that this is the first time he's ever been in love and Viv admits that she was more herself around British Greg than she's been ever since she arrived in Westport.

Realizing they have to fix their mistake, Katie and Greg go grab Viv, who they find sadly roaming the streets. Then they head to the train station to catch British Greg. And just like in Love Actually (except they're in a train-station and not an airport) Viv runs through the crowds and into British Greg's arms!

At home, Taylor and Anna-Kat find someone who might appreciate Anna-Kat's ponies - their future cousin Violet!

Random Thoughts:
-Katie calling Lyfts and Ubers every-time she went on power-walks with Viv was hilarious!

-The funniest line goes to Oliver when he first goes to school after "coming out" - "Having not done it many times before, doing the right thing is an incredible hassle."

Were your surprised at the results of Katie's matchmaking? Let me know below!

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