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Good Girls - Au Jus & Frere Jacques - Double Review

When I say bird-napping, grave digging, and corner store hookups in a TV show, is your first thought Good Girls? Mine certainly isn’t, so color me surprised when all of these things occurred in the last two episodes. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

When one of Rio’s guys drops by Beth’s work for a pick-up, Beth notices that he’s a little too interested in the printing press. With good reason, she decides the girls should take the printing plates home with them to essentially save their butts. Except, oh right, Dean exists, so he messes this up, clearly. He finds the plate and asks Beth what it is, furious. She says Rio is going to kill her, and right before Dean destroys it he says “you don’t kill something you love.” Uh, what was that? Sorry, can we go back? (This is the part where I rewind the episode three times in a row to make sure he did say that and he was talking about Rio. He did. He was.)

From there, everything goes downhill. The girls try to ask Lucy, who first designed the bills they’re using now, to make more for them, but Lucy has somehow found out what they’re really doing and refuses. They then make a plan to… steal her bird as leverage? Ah, yes, that is really what happened. 

Only, Rio gets to Lucy first, and before we know it, Lucy is not only designing new bills for Rio, but taking the fall for it too. Though Beth tries her hardest to talk Rio out of it, after Rio realizes he doesn’t technically need Lucy, one of his men kills her. Goodbye, Lucy. You were fun while we had you. We’ll miss your bird. Oh, wait, Beth is keeping Au Jus and giving it to her kids? There’s absolutely no way that’ll go wrong.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys here: I know rationally it’s only Rio’s fault that Lucy is dead, but part of me wants to blame Dean too. If he would’ve just minded his own business and believed Beth when she said Rio would’ve killed her, Lucy would still be alive. Or maybe I’m just letting my hate for him speak right now. I’m not 100% sure. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

We get a mention of Agent Turner and I’m realizing something that’s been bugging me this entire time that I didn’t realize ‘til now -- his death was way too easy. He just got shot, and that was it? No other mention, no other agents keeping an eye on them, finishing that investigation. I guess maybe nobody else knew Rio was alive, which seems hard to believe that even a superior wouldn’t know, but maybe that’s the case. It just seems like it was glossed over too quickly to be believable for me. 

Here’s something I never thought I’d see on Good Girls: grave digging! After the girls find Lucy’s phone in her purse, they realize they need to get into it to text Max (Wesam Keesh - For the People), Lucy’s boyfriend, back. They realize it’s the new iPhone, and, oh yeah, they have to use facial recognition to get into it.

They ask where they can find her body, and one of Rio’s guys takes them to a cemetery two hours away. (By the way, I had to text my friend in Michigan to make sure there really could be cornfields two hours out of Detroit. The answer is, of course, yes, but my brain couldn’t process that for some reason.) While this is obviously very horrifying and tragic, it’s also incredibly smart for Rio and his men to bury the bodies on top of other bodies in graves. Kudos to them?

There’s a compilation of Annie meeting increasingly worse new therapists, with one asking her if she’s wearing any perfume - repeatedly - and one diagnosing her within the first session. I don’t know much about therapy, but I feel like it’s bad to diagnose someone just off the bat like that. Eventually, she goes back to Josh’s office and asks him to take her back as a client. After a bit of push and pull, he accepts, and Annie finally looks at least a little bit content.

Eventually, Max uses Find My iPhone and shows up at Beth’s house looking for Lucy. She talks him down, revealing that she hasn’t been broken up with before because she married her first boyfriend (woof) but she can still feel for him and the pain he’s feeling. Before he leaves, he decides to check the app again and discovers her phone is in Arizona. The girls had it shipped to an electronics recycling plant. Man, they’re smart.

Is anyone else really nervous about Stan and Ruby? I don’t know if they’re going to fully divorce, but I do feel really sad for the both of them. There’s clearly so much love between them that just keeps being fractured by things both in and out of their control. I’m hoping they can mend things between them eventually.

While I understand why Stan couldn’t be a cop again, it made me incredibly sad. Ruby talked and talked about how it’s all he’s wanted since he was a boy, and she almost essentially gave herself up, and then when he said he felt like a fraud putting on the uniform? Ugh. Ouch. Poor guy.

Here’s where the you-know-what hits the fan: Dean, ever clueless Dean, decides to take Au Jus (you know, Lucy’s bird that Annie kidnapped and then Beth gave to her kids?) to the vet because he’s worried he has a tumor and is going to die on them. Surprise! She’s a girl! And she’s pregnant!

This sweet moment lasts for only a few seconds because then Dean and Max are in the elevator together, and Max is asking where Dean got Au Jus, and Dean is calling him Dorito, and then Max whistles the beginning of Frere Jacques and oh no, Dorito/Au Jus is singing it back! Well. This is why I like cats. They mind their own business, they don’t need to be monitored all the time, and they don’t inadvertently rat out their new owner/accessory to murder.

My favorite quote from Au Jus is when Ben is telling Annie about how her new hookup who is living out of his car is definitely not good enough for her and he says “Jordan got an Uber home from the mall and Chris-Kevin picked her up. She rode home in his living room.”

My favorite from Frere Jacques is from Ruby when the girls are in the cemetery. While Beth is digging, looking for Lucy’s body, and Annie is handing Beth wipes to wipe off Lucy’s face, Ruby is texting Stan about what he should wear to his possible reinstatement interview tomorrow. After Annie hands Beth several wet wipes to wipe off Lucy’s face and they unlock the phone, Ruby looks at them, then back to her phone, and she says “I’m gonna tell Stan to wear a sweater and khakis.” 

What did you guys think of the episodes? Will Max be looped into the girls’ scheme or will the girls be paying the price? And what was all that money Beth kept from Rio? What do you think she’ll use it for? Let me know in the comments!

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