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Mom - Dammit Sandra and Viking Ancestors - Review: "Bob the Builder, Chef Rudy, Bartender Adam, and Bonnie the Building Manager"

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On this week's Mom, Trevor's back, and Tammy might finally have met her match!

Bonnie goes for her session with Trevor, where she learns that he and Sandra are "aggressively uncoupling," to put it nicely. She's ransacked his office and even taken his collectible 2010 AT&T Park snow-globe! Oh, and Bonnie's worrying about death, or life, or maybe both. She doesn't want to die, but she also doesn't want to live forever, because then she'll have to see Christy stay single for the rest of her life, Adam go bald, and everyone die from the effects of global warming. So yeah, she's just thinking about the usual Bonnie stuff.

At Christy's work, Tammy has been hired to rebuild the walk-in closet in the kitchen. Apparently, Chef Rudy took a pill he found in his pocket and destroyed it because he thought there was a dragon in there. ("It was a very good pill.") And Tammy and Chef Rudy are about ready to kill each other, with Christy refereeing being the only thing that's stopping them. Also, Tammy has the hots for him!

Christy's horrified to discover this and tries to do everything possible to discourage Tammy from acting on her crush. But, as Bonnie says, "You can't tell an alcoholic no. They hear I dare you." So Christy moves on to trying to make sure Chef Rudy doesn't have the same feelings for Tammy.
Unfortunately for Christy, he catches on pretty quickly and he DEFINITELY does have the same feelings for her. "Oh sweet Paula Dean, Tammy digs me!" he exclaims and runs off to find her. And in the five seconds it takes Christy to catch up to him, he and Tammy having already started making out in the walk-in! (Christy's never gonna un-see that!)

While Christy's trying to keep a leash on Tammy, Bonnie continues to worry. Marjorie and Jill encourage her to try meditation and she goes over to Jill's house to join her for a session. But Bonnie doing meditation goes about as well as you'd expect Bonnie doing meditation to go, and before too long, she's playing on her phone, banging on the singing bowl, and throwing Jill's shoes in the pool. "I cleared my afternoon for you," Jill complains. "What did that involve? Moving your pony ride to tomorrow?" Bonnie retorts. Well actually, it involved Jill moving a meeting with the children's diabetes charity she's hosting a benefit for. "Make fun of that!" she challenges. "More candy for me!" Bonnie says! Oh, Bonnie...

At her next therapy appointment, Bonnie tells Trevor about the failed meditation. When he suggests that maybe she just didn't want the meditation to actually help, Bonnie isn't happy. And she really isn't happy when he labels her "a help rejecting complainer." In fact, Bonnie's so unhappy, she fires Trevor. "Congratulations. I'm crazier than when I started," she tells him before storming out. At home, Bonnie tells Adam and Christy that she's fired Trevor. Both are alarmed (and a little bit terrified!) to hear this. They tell her that she's been better since she started therapy and that they've benefited from her going to therapy too, but she's not interested.

Later that day, Bonnie runs into Jill sitting in the hall at the community center waiting for their meeting to start. While waiting, both Bonnie and Jill attempt to apologize to each other, even though they both blame the fight on the other refusing to change. Bonnie finally admits that Jill was just trying to help her with the meditation, and she may have tried to reject that help, being that she is a "help rejecting complainer." She asks Jill if they could try meditation again, and Jill agrees, even promising Bonnie four hours in her Jacuzzi in exchange for her patience!

After her talk with Jill, Bonnie decides to go back to seeing Trevor. When she gets there, she's surprised to see a real estate agent handing out flyers in the waiting room. Apparently, Trevor's ready to throw in the towel. He's shocked to see that Bonnie's come back and even more shocked when Bonnie gifts him the exact AT&T snow-globe Sandra stole. (She found it on eBay, possibly being sold by Sandra herself!) Bonnie apologizes and admits that Trevor has actually helped her so she plans to stick with him.

Tammy and Chef Rudy go on a date, where they share their dreams and heartbreaks ("Did you always want to be goddess slash carpenter?), and then spend the rest of the date shoving their tongues down each others' throats. At work, the next day, Chef Rudy and Tammy both gush about each other to Christy, who's still pretty disgusted by the whole thing. So when Tammy admits that she has to break up with him, Christy's thrilled, if very bewildered. Tammy's decided she's not ready to settle down yet, and apparently, Chef Rudy is "the kind of guy you marry." Now Christy's really confused. Poor Chef Rudy doesn't take this too well, and his screams of despair can be heard throughout the kitchen! ("Nothing has any meaning anymore!")

Random Thoughts:
-Chef Rudy wanted to be a dancer? And he was eliminated from the first round of Top Chef? I'm only laughing a little bit...

-Bonnie's insult to Trevor about his outfit ("What's with the get-up? You and Beaver Cleaver going hunting for bullfrogs?") was hilarious!

-I find it very appropriate that Trevor had a panic room installed when he started seeing Bonnie!

-Best lines go to Trevor when Bonnie says she lit a candle, wrote a note to her younger self, and burned it - "That's not psychology Bonnie. That's witchcraft." and Rudy to Christy, when he and Tammy are hate-flirting - "Would you please return this woman to whatever Home Depot parking lot you found her in?"

Do you think Bonnie's finally making some progress? Were you surprised to see Tammy and Chef Rudy hook up? Let me know below!

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