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Legacies - You Can't Save Them All - Review

This week on Legacies, Kai visits the school and compels Dorian to kidnap Landon. He convinces Alyssa to do a spell that will collapse the prison world. Meanwhile Dark!Josie and Alaric rescue Lizzie. They fix her up with the help of Jade, who has her humanity back thanks to Josie (seriously, it’s that easy. Would’ve been nice to know when Elena and Caroline needed it). Dark!Josie prepares a spell to leave the prison world but someone has to stay behind. Alaric was going to do in at first but Sebastian took his place. They all return (with the exception of wolf dude) and Sebastian dies in the prison world. Hope was forced to choose between saving the Saltzmans and saving Landon. She chose the former. Dorian saves Landon from the golden arrow by finding a loophole in the compulsion and jumping in front of it. He almost dies but Landon suddenly grows wings and saves him. Ted was around… doing stuff (seriously, how does anyone consider this guy a better villain than Kai?). Alaric kills Kai. Josie thought the dark magic was gone but turns out that’s not true (duh!). Oh, and Rafael is back. 

That was disappointing: I must admit, this could be referring to the entire episode. Because I was incredibly disappointed by it and the writing choices that were made. But I’m actually talking about Kai’s storyline this week. Or should I say, lack thereof? Sure, he was the villain this week. But his plan was weak. Kai is finally free after all those years and this is what he decides to do? I figured he’d have hopped on a plane to get revenge on Bonnie. Or that he would’ve swung by Damon’s house. No, instead he hangs out with a bunch of teenagers to do… I’m still not sure what his motivation was here. Killing everyone in the prison world? He could’ve done that while he was there. And then he gets killed off in one of the worst ways I’ve seen so far in this universe. At least Katherine went out swinging (the first time, Stefan kind of had her arms pinned the second time). Kai was just tied up, unable to fight back when Alaric decapitated him. I mean, it was basically an execution. But from what I’ve seen Alaric likes being judge, jury and executioner these days. 

Did I miss something? Did Hope lose her tribrid status and become a full-blown witch? Honey, you have fangs, use them. Am I the only one who wanted her to bite Kai during their fight? For one, it would’ve been a better way for him to go than decapitation. You know, I think we’ve only seen Hope mention her wolf side twice during the duration of this show. I really wish we could see her explore this side of her more. This is what Hayley passed on to her but it’s almost as if she doesn’t like that part of herself. And considering how it was activated, that might be the case. I noticed it when she was talking to Alyssa about having someone’s death on your conscience. I’ve talked a lot about Hope’s guilt for her involvement in her parents’ deaths but she rarely talks about the guy in the church. At the time, on The Originals, there wasn’t much time to think about it with the Hollow slowly killing her. But I’m not sure if she ever fully processed it. So far, we’ve seen Hope turn into a wolf when she needed to, but never when she wanted to. And I don’t think she should become a vampire until this issue is addressed. 

The fans are gonna be pissed: I must say, Lizzie and Sebastian’s storyline did not how I expected it to. Not even close. Is it me or did the writers just give up? That’s what it felt like. I thought they were building towards something. And sure, last week wasn’t great for them, but I figured that was the next hurdle in their story. I didn’t think it would end this week. But it clearly did. Lizzie still remembered him when the ascendant broke so he didn’t go to Malivore. And I’m frankly disappointed that Lizzie survived the crash without becoming a heretic. But I guess, with The Merge not happening for a few more years, that this would be way too soon. But I do expect to see it for at least one of the twins at some point. 

Enter Josie’s new love interest: You know, part of what’s great about shipping something is discovering it for yourself. Slowly seeing something between two characters. Dear writers, you really don’t have to be that obvious. It kind of ruins it. They really were laying it on thick with Josie and Jade at the end of the episode. I feel like someone needs to explain slow burn to the writers. A quick glance here, a quick touch there. Hold off on the long glances until at least 4 episodes in. It feels more natural that way. 
This may as well happen: So, fiery wings… That we had seen no indication of at all in recent episodes. You can’t just throw something like this at us, you have to hint at it first. They did the same thing with the hovering. You get that Landon went from earthbound, to superman hovering to flying with fiery wings in just 3 episodes, right? How about you dial down on the relationship stuff (because there’s a lot of it) and actually develop your species instead? Also, if you announce someone’s death by prophecy, you have to follow through. The twist with Dorian was not cool. And even he made it through alive. 

Best quotes: Kai: “Oh, Rick and I go way back. I was at his wedding. Brought quite the gift.” 
Kaleb: “Hey, leave him alone.” Jed: “Or what? You’ll sing me to death?” 
Kai: “Given all we’ve been through, this feels a little anticlimactic.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again 4(?) weeks from now for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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