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Chicago Fire - A Chicago Welcome - Review: 'Classic 51'

On this episode of Chicago Fire, Boden and Severide once again tangled with Jerry Gorsch, Cruz and Foster squabbled over roommate boundaries, Mouch and Hermann got on each other's nerves and finally, Casey and Brett went the extra mile for a fire victim. Let's Discuss!

Ugh, Gorsch

There is a special place in you know where for Jerry Gorsch after what he try to pull this episode. Gorsch buttering up the house with a new Truck 81, and then feigning support for Boden's plan to get every CFD firefighter an extra set of turnout gear because of carcinogen risks for his own financial gain was despicable. This action proves Boden right, that Gorsch didn't have the stuff to be an actual smoke eater, because no firefighter worth their salt would cook up the plan Gorsch did.

The other element that Severide uncovered was that the company Gorsch tried to use had never made certified turn out gear, so not only was Gorsch attempting to steal funds Grissom had frozen, he was willing to put many lives at risk to do it. Gorsch tangled with the wrong guys because Severide smelled a rat from the beginning and was able to prove it, thus resulting in the overdue firing of the little weasel. The cherry on top of this story from my point of view is that Boden's vision was realized in the end, and the CFD will be getting extra turn outs.... So thanks Gorsch, you once again backhandedly helped the CFD.

The Foster/Cruz conflict just rubbed me wrong from every angle. First of all, Joe being creepy on the couch while Emily bid adieu to her date was the first indication that this bit would be annoying. Joe seems to be telegraphing he may not be ready for marriage. Him looking forward to a party he apparently wasn't invited to so he could gawk at all the singles mingling instead of spending time with Chloe says a lot. I think my reaction to this disaster storyline was akin Severide's when Joe tried to get him to join and the LT looked bewildered at his behavior and questioned what he was doing.

Now let's talk about Emily, why does she think it is okay to just assume she can kick her roommates out for the night without even asking for their input? Perhaps that is why she can't find stable housing, because she's difficult to live with. While I had many problems with Joe's behavior, I see where he was confused. All she said she was that she was having a party, so why wouldn't Joe think he was invited? It is good they made up, but this arrangement seems doomed and so does Joe's engagement.

Showing Up
The two kindest hearts in house 51 belong to Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. The story of Larsons was just so heartbreaking, they had finally pursued Gail's dream of living in Chicago and it ended before they got a chance to begin. Mr. Larson losing the love of his life and possibly his cat was where guardian angels Matt and Sylvie came in. I knew from the moment that he mentioned Dusty the cat, that Brett would find him and it was nice to have Casey join her. Their support of Mr. Larson is no surprise, but it never gets old when the show orchestrates moments like the one at the conclusion of the episode. Seeing Mr. Larson's face when everyone showed up was just beautiful, and it kept with the theme of the episode, that Chicago is a special city. These moments never get stale, even after eight seasons.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Brett and Casey spending meaningful time together this episode. If this is a relationship that may go further, it is important to lay the foundation of genuine friendship outside the house and them being the ones Gabby left behind. When Brett bent Casey's ear about the situation with her birth mom, it felt like she was letting go of weight she was keeping inside. Casey of course is no stranger to complex family issues so he seems like perfect person for her to confide in. Hopefully this isn't a one-off of them hanging out and the show continues to find ways to have them share screen time, but next time I hope it isn't anything they've dovetailed from a call they both were on.... Let them just hang.

Odds And Ends:
* Is anyone else over Hermann's constant whining about being undervalued? His fit about the new Truck 81 was probably why no one asks him for his input, be a professional and calmly ask why engine 51 wasn't replaced as well. Additionally, Mouch being extra and rubbing the truck in Hermann's face at every turn wasn't funny, it was annoying. He made his choices in his career and said he was content never advancing, so he should act like it. These two men may be the elder statesmen of the house, but they hardly act like it.

* Tuesday and Dusty on the couch was just adorable!

* The human chain felt anti-climactic especially since they used that shot for the preview of the episode. I get and respect that they wanted to play into 'Chicago shows up for each other', but the hill could've been steeper to up the stakes.

That is it for me! Let me know your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

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