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Legacies - This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies - Review

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This week on Legacies, a very ugly monster infiltrates the school and gets everyone to say really mean things to each other. Which, of course, ruins Coven Day. Emma returns, supposedly for the Coven Day, but really to help Alaric deal with Sebastian. We get to see how Alyssa grew up through flashbacks. She was kind of a pain in the ass and had her memory wiped. After Josie made everyone remember Hope, it also returned Alyssa’s memories. A very upset Alyssa puts Alaric, Lizzie, and Josie in a prison world. The same prison world that also houses Kai and a recently added Sebastian. The hourglass thingy was placed into a different prison world. Hope and Landon had a fight. Wade is a fairy. Hope attacks Alyssa. 

Penelope 2.0? The similarities between Alyssa and Penelope are pretty obvious. And I’m actually pissed that they just replaced here like that. Since the writers would never have two mean girls (especially ones who are so similar) on the show at the same time, I guess this doesn’t bode well for a possible return for Penelope (what? I miss her). Anyway, Alyssa does have a very different backstory. Everyone was pretty vague about what happened to her parents, but it was clear that Alyssa was somehow responsible. This can’t really be held against her, she was just a kid. But that can do something to a person. I’m not saying she’s my new favorite, far from it. But I don’t hate her either, expect many of you do. She has a right to be pissed. As educators, you’re supposed to help kids. And when one causes issues you help them through it. That’s not what Alaric and Emma did. No, they found a magical solution. But Alyssa’s issues have nothing to do with magic, it just makes things a bit more intense. I have to admit, I’m not all that against what she did to Alaric. I just think she should’ve left Josie and Lizzie out of it. 

You have some explaining to do: Alaric, what the hell is wrong with you? On what planet is it okay to send kids, no matter the trouble they cause, to a prison world? What the ****?! Am I the only one who is completely disgusted by this? Just expel them or something. Also, there’s a dangerous lunatic in that prison world. The same one that killed Alaric’s wife, what is wrong with this man? Okay, rant over. I’ve had issues before with Alaric’s way of running the school. The lack of competent teachers, the fact that not once has anyone ever mentioned what these kids are supposed to do after they graduate, the animal blood thing… I could go on. But this really takes the cake. I don’t know how Alaric was raised, but imprisonment is not a viable punishment for kids who cause trouble. Nor is erasing their memories. Alyssa may have consented but she didn’t really have much of a choice. She was an orphan, she had nowhere to go. And she didn’t even know that she’d be sent to a prison world rather than back into the real world. And then there’s Sebastian. This I might actually understand, from Alaric’s POV. He thinks Sebastian is extremely dangerous and a threat to Lizzie. I would’ve put him back in the coffin. Or locked him up the way they did the Salvatore brother or Elena when they were out of control. But I guess if you really wanted to make sure he couldn’t escape, a prison world would be a solution. One small problem with that, though. Alaric put Sebastian, who he thinks is a psychopath in the same world as Kai, an actual psychopath. There’s no way that could backfire, right? 

We’re in for a show: Lizzie was under the impression that Sebastian dumped her. Why? Because her father told her he left. Now that she knows that’s not the case, I have a feeling we’ll see Lizzie’s anger in a way we never have before. She only just went through something similar with MG who convinced her that Sebastian wasn’t real. And now this? And from her own father this time. He wanted to keep the two of them apart, he may have just pushed them together. He should’ve just told her the truth. She already knew Sebastian was trouble. I think she might’ve been okay with him staying in there for the time being. Now, though. Better get the popcorn ready. 

Good for him: So, Wade is a fairy. Alright. I have to admit, when he stood on that stage and said he was a witch, my first thought was “really?”. But apparently, he was “misdiagnosed”. It was kind of awesome to see him take center stage. Especially after getting his ass kicked all season. But it does make me wonder, how many of the other kids have been “misdiagnosed”. Until Landon arrived, the kids were either witches, vampires, werewolves or all of the above. Only when Landon arrived did they start to question it. At least that’s what I assume. We haven’t really seen anything else at the school. But it does open the door to more species, and not just as a one-episode-thing. I hope Wade doesn’t disappear back into the background. I want to see the fairy species get more developed. And give me my witch origin story already. 
The missing: While you may think that this will be about Rafael, you are wrong. I actually want to talk about Ethan and Maya. It wasn’t until their mother mentioned them that I realized we haven’t seen them in ages. I thought they would be featured a lot more this season. We could use a (teenage) human element. And I did quite like them. But I guess it’s not that easy since they are in a different school. Perhaps another town event? 

Not over: So putting that hourglass thingy in a prison world was way too easy. There’s no way that thing is staying put. What if, to escape the prison world Alaric and the twins are currently in, they have to destroy it and end up destroying the one they built as well. It would put the hourglass back into play, as well as Kai, who we have yet to see. I doubt he’s still tied to that chair in the karaoke bar. But I thought I read that we wouldn’t see him until episode 12. Which means we might not see him in the prison world, but perhaps after Alaric and the twins return? And could you imagine if he got his hands on that hourglass? Who needs Ted when you have Malachai Parker? 

Best quotes: Alyssa: “It couldn’t be worse than this.” Hope: “I don’t know. Being alone in a room with you? As your roommate, that sounds like hell.” 
Hope: “Lizzie, Lizzie, something’s wrong.” Lizzie: “I will tell you what is wrong, okay. That hair, that shirt. Oh, okay. I see you have a point there.” 
Lizzie: “We are three badass witches and one moderately competent bird.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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