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Young Sheldon - Hobbitses, Physicses and a Ball with Zip - Review

With Dr. Sturgis still at the hospital, Mary keeps worrying about Sheldon’s mental health. Her son doesn’t have any hobbies apart from science. He doesn’t really have friends either. That Sheldon is currently completely obsessed with solving a mathematical problem only fuels her concern. He doesn’t eat, he doesn’t sleep. His life consists of science and science only. Mary decides to talk to him, shares her fears and asks if he would consider taking a step back from science. Surprisingly, Sheldon actually understands where she is coming from. He is aware that Dr. Sturgis‘ mental health issues have a lot to do with the fact that he is a genius. While he is a brilliant scientist he cannot deal with simple things everyday life throws at him. Just like Sheldon.

To distract the boy, Meemaw tries to find Sheldon a new hobby. She introduces him to aerobics, bingo, and bowling. Sheldon gives all of it a chance but he soon notices that even while playing bingo or rolling a bowling ball toward the pins, he still keeps using science to calculate probability. So Sheldon does what he usually does when he needs advice– he looks for help in the library. Talking to the librarian makes him realize what it is he needs to do to stop his brian from focusing on science only: reading fantasy novels. The opposite of fact is fiction and there is nothing more fictional than a fantasy novel. He starts reading The Lord of the Rings and instantly forgets all about science. Instead, he becomes obsessed with the book and its inconsistent timeline. He talks to everyone about it who would listen and also to the ones who really do not want to listen. In lieu of his usual science projects, he is now working on "rectifying the inconsistent timeline in Lord of the Rings“ . However, it is without avail. He just cannot seem to figure it out. His failure to fix the timeline drives him even crazier and makes him realize that science might actually keep him saner than fantasy fiction.

When Missy voices her desire to learn how to play baseball we all knew immediately that it was about a boy. She wants to impress him by learning how to throw a ball and by dropping some facts about famous baseball players. George is happy to teach her and actually enjoys spending some more time with his daughter.
When the boy Missy likes turns out to be an idiot who is in love with another girl Missy is heartbroken. George is somewhat overwhelmed with the situation and offers to go and get Mary but Missy prefers his presence. Even though he usually tries to avoid any and all drama, Papa Cooper handles the situation surprisingly well. In the end, father and daughter keep playing ball just for the sake of spending time together

How are you all liking season 3 so far?

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