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Space Force - Noah Emmerich, Fred Willard & Jessica St. Clair Join Netflix Cast

Noah Emmerich (The Americans) is taking a comedic turn with a role opposite Steve Carell in Space Force, Netflix’s new workplace comedy from the former Office star and The Office developer/EP Greg Daniels. Emmerich is among a trio of recurring cast additions, along with Fred Willard (Modern Family) and Jessica St. Clair (Playing House).

Emmerich plays Kick Grabaston, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, Mark’s (Carell) old boss and internal rival. Resentful that Space Force is not under his command, Kick takes every opportunity to dominate and undermine Mark.

Willard plays Fred Naird, Mark’s (Carell) father. Sharp as a tack but frail, Fred is caring for his senile wife and starting to make bad decisions, such as crawling under his house to check the pipes without telling anyone.

St. Clair plays Kelly King, a forthright civilian contractor helping Mark (Carell) build the new base in Colorado. She hates incompetence and children for the same reason.