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Supergirl - Event Horizon - Review : Truth Hurts

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Supergirl 501
Contains Spoilers

Supergirl certainly wasn’t pulling any punches as Season 5 kicked off last night with the episode Event Horizon.
The start of the episode is a little confusing, Lena is punching Supergirl, did she solar flare while saving that bus full of children? No, wait it’s just a simulation, Lena has been working on some impressive Tech including an A. I. Lena states she trusts technology more than people to her new A. I Friend, What could possibly go wrong there!

In the very clinical looking Noonan’s, Kara and J'onn wonder why everyone looks like they have been zombified it's the same tech, we witnessed Lena using earlier for the simulations. Poor Papa J’onn J'onzz though they were Aliens. They are testing out virtual menus and can even check there media too. No more looking at phones but it would seem not more engaging with anyone. When it was said Supergirl would be doing its own version of 'Black Mirror' they weren’t wrong . Kelly Olsen is about to start a new job using the same tech for people with Neurological disorders, I feel it could have far-reaching consequences for all as the series progresses.

At CATCO Kara spots a mysterious woman in James' office she introduces herself as the new owner of CATCO, Andrea Roja’s (Julie Gonzalo)CEO of Obsidian NorthTech, owner of the building and the impress sliver eye virtual reality device Lena has and the company Kelly is going to start working for. No surprise she is another old buddy of Lena’s from her boarding school days (she certainly had an interesting group of friends).
Kara goes to speak to Lena not believing Andrea because her best friend would tell her if she sold the company, wouldn't she? We all see the irony there.

Lena smooths things over with Kara and explains she needed to free up some capital for a new venture, she is annoyed Andrea made the announcement before they had lunch where she was going to tell Kara.
I wondered if Lena was lying until she later confronted Andrea telling her she needs to stick to her plan. I can see Lena's Luthor roots showing. It’s the first time we have seen Lena and Kara together, and after Kara’s earlier conversation with Alex, we know Kara hasn’t been able to tell Lena the truth about her being Supergirl even though she stated she would do so at the end of last season.
Before Kara and Lena can talk duty calls as something is up at the local museum that houses Kryptonian artifacts. It's not everyday Supergirl gets to fight a T- Rex and from behind the scenes photos, we know Melissa Benoist had a lot of fun doing it. J’onn arrives to see if she needs a hand and finds he can’t go near the monster, who is clearly a shapeshifter. In fact, it gives J’onn Jon'zz a psychic headache.

The tech that was stolen is Kal-El’s pod and has enough arsenal in it to build a bomb. Supergirl’s cape which has stood the test of most things seems to be susceptible to a T-rex mauling and is left in a mess. If you remeber the cape helps the aerodynamics of flight a fact Brainy is concerned about and vows to repair the suit.

At CATCO Andrea’s plans for CATCO MEDIA are more about getting clicks, viewership is down she feels CATCO is stuck in the past and has little concern for than hard-hitting journalism. When a new hire William Day (Staz Nair) a well-known journalist from the UK ruffles Kara’s feathers she gives it to Andrea straight.
Andrea isn’t too popular with Lena either for jumping the gun with her announcement. Lena like Lex clearly has a plan and with a promise of a big story leak from Lena it has you wondering is she about to expose to all that Kara Danvers is Supergirl.

While Lena is plotting, Supergirl and her friends have there own problems like who is morphing into dinosaurs and stealing deadly alien tech. The DEO and Brainy manage to track down the pod but not before someone has used it to open a portal to the phantom zone, they all walk into a trap. Kara believes she is the target due to her Mother sending prisoners there but it’s a skeleton from J’onn’s closet that wants revenge, the strange thing is he can’t remember how he caught the villain known as Midnight before.

With things changing at CATCO James once again seems to be a character without a purpose. Deposed from being Editor in Chief he wonders where his future lies and turns to sister Kelly for advice. Of courses, she can’t speak out against her new boss but wants James to do what is right for him. However, Andrea is an astute businesswoman and has them all in a contract that could finish his reporting career if he leaves.

Kara last season became the reporter Cat Grant always knew she could be and has won a Pulzier for her piece exposing the President. Tonight she gets her award but when she sees Lena backstage at the event its time for a heart to heart and in turn gives us the most emotional scene of the episode. Kara’s heart breaks as she tells Lena she was scared to tell her and didn’t want to lose Lena as a friend or hurt her. Lena seems to debate sending the file to Andrea and it appears as if she understands Kara’s reasoning and forgives her. It's not long before, Midnight the entity who came through the Phantom Zone, appears again. Supergirl changes into her new suit for the first time and it's in front of Lena. Brainy has attached it to her glasses, so no more shirt ripping needed but she needs to be careful taking off the glasses... Lena seems in awe of her best friend's transformation to the girl of steel, has everything really been forgiven?. Supergirl is in awe of her new suit as she gets pants.

There has been a lot of debate since the new suit was revealed at SDCC, personally, I love the fact the suit has had an upgrade it was long overdue, and she gets pants, more practical than the skirt (also warmer given they film in Vancouver’s winter months).

As Supergirl, Brainy, J’onn, Guardian, and Dreamer face off against Midnight the best line of the episode goes to Alex who Alex rushes in saying ‘How do you guys change so fast’.

Brainy manages to put Midnight back in the zone with ease given her deadly skills but not before J’onn gets sucked into a vortex she had created.
He is soon rescued by Supergirl and they are all left to wonder who brought Midnight through.

Andrea is unhappy she never got her file from Lena and I wonder if there will be a bit of rivalry there, for comic fans will also know Andrea Roja’s is also Acrata. Will she be Supergirl’s ally? And does Lena know of her secret identity too? All questions I am sure will be answered in time.

James quits Catco not liking the direction Andrea is taking it in which is no surprise and clearly is walking away from journalism. We all know Mechad Brooks who plays James Olsen is leaving the show so I guess this is the start of his departure.

Supergirl drops in on Lena to give her a gift of a super watch, just press the button and she will be there, but poor Lena is still licking her wounds and while she didn’t expose Kara’s secret, she may use Supergirl for her own gains.

J’onn finds an unexpected visitor at his office, the unknown shapeshifter we saw earlier is his brother, remember Monitor found him at the end of last season, J’onn has no recollection of him. They can’t seem to get close to each other and you can only guess some type of memory removal was involved.

All in all this episode was a solid start to the season, light, fun while setting things up nicely and giving us a hint where this season is heading. It also answered the open question from last season of will Kara tell Lena.
Lena clearly has a plan and I can’t see it ending well for either of them as Melissa Benoist said in an interview ‘this season is a fight for Lena’s Soul’. The fact Supergirl gave her the watch and changed in front of Lena she thinks everything is ok so I fear heartbreak for all involved down the line.
It was also nice to see Brainy and Nia getting closer and the fact Brainy still is holding back because of what happened previously in the series when he became full brainiac and betrayed her.
Alex has her feet firmly back as director Danvers at the DEO and we were treated to a sweet Danvers sister scene in the coffee shop. However, fans want Alex to find her happily ever after but sadly the Kelly and Alex pairing is lacking in chemistry and perhaps should have stayed in the friend's zone.
J'onn's brother reveals there are more secrets in J'onn's past and a potential nemesis for the season.

What were your thoughts on the season opener?

Please post below in the comments

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