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Big Little Lies - She Knows - Review: Mary Louise's All Around

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"People file for bankruptcy all the time. Some even go on to become President."

In this episode we continue on the path of learning just how far Mary Louise is willing to go to turn everyone else's life upside down, I'm not sure it's 100 % intentional, I think we all know a Mary Louise from somewhere and they usually seem to have good intentions in theory, whether that is something worth having in your life... well, that's a different matter all together. Mary Louise goes to a family lawyer to explore taking the kids from Celeste and when the kids' mother brings home a one night stand and doesn’t even remember he’s there when the kids show up doesn’t really help, her whole thing with Ambien seems like something that should be revisited.

The whole pumpkin carving party was awesome, firstly, it’s nice when we get to see glimpses of the new normal, and it was the first time we actually got to see how Renata fits in with the group, it’s funny how different they are and they still manage to be there for each other. But Renata is also hilarious, I mean there were some great things on season one, but the humorous side we’re getting from her this season is just pure gold.

And then Mary Louise walks in, she continues to intrude in their lives in every way, including moving into Jane's building, something people might be used to form a mother but gets a little bit weird when it’s your rapist’s mother. Celeste takes her aside to explain perhaps it’s not the best idea to invade Perry’s victim’s life, but when Mary Louise implies Perry might have cheated with more than one woman. Celeste slaps her, which was a long time coming, but then it was kinda hilarious, if perverse, when she asked if that’s what they called foreplay.

Renata continues to grapple with her new situation and though in this episode that storyline didn't really advance much they did manage to show her rethinking her whole life, and also it allowed for one pretty sweet Trump burn. Bankruptcy court just brings the point in for Renata and she explains why she married Gordon and how she sees now it was a huge mistake, she seemed keen on staying before, but perhaps this changes things.

Ed and Madeline continue to struggle with their marriage and he asks her why she didn’t try to fix the issues in the relationship instead of cheating, but she says the issues were with her, not them. Tensions remain high and, at Ammabella’s disco party, Ed and Nathan almost go to blows. You have to wonder what's truly going on there, I imagine Bonnie is pretty relaxed about that stuff but I would worry that there's another reason Ed gets so under Nathan's skin, and so easily. Madeline is not having a good time either and the fact that everyone seems to be blaming her for having the idea to lie about Perry’s death isn’t really helping.

Also, at the party, Jane dances with Cory and for a moment she seems to be able to breathe and feel comfortable in a man’s arms but then he moves his hand and it all comes rushing back, luckily she tells him about what happened to her and he seems to handle it well. But then it all comes crashing down when Bonnie's mom has a vision of her daughter drowning and has a stroke.

"People are never really gone. Cause they live on in the hearts of those they leave behind."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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