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Big Little Lies - Kill Me - Review: Trust

"This whole planet is inhabited by nutfucks."

Celeste continues her mind-numbing escapades and though by now we know they came back to bite her, it was a pretty obvious progression. Of course, the fact that in the middle of her grief she has to be immersed in a legal battle for her kids doesn't really help, someone with true compassion would find a way to help without making things worse. Which is why Mary Louise's good intentions don't seem all that compassioned, besides, we already know what happens to kids when they're raised by her so perhaps giving her another shot is a lot more dangerous. And I have a feeling this will be where Celeste might have to go to defend her claim to the boys.

Ziggy is getting bullied at school and Max and Josh come to defend him but then the three of them end up sending the bully to the hospital. Jane and Celeste are horrified of course but they do take a chance to get the kids together, and it just shows how everyone can be so many things at once, just because these kids have such sweet moments with their mothers, it doesn't mean they can't be violent, and it sure doesn't guarantee they won't become monsters when they're older. I do love how this show puts that in perspective so often, the overall question is always, how well do you really know people and what they're capable of.

Renata is excluded from the women in power spread, which does make sense, and the full weight of her situations starts dawning on her, one by one, things she took for granted are being taken away, and I do wonder where they're going with this, it feels like something that's a little bit relegated this season, and it needs to come full circle at some point. After all, the characters' evolution and examination are the highlights of this show, and it feels like some opportunities are being wasted with Laura Dern.

Ed and Madeline go to the couple’s workshop and they both hate it but it does bring up an interesting conversation, Ed says he knows he was the practical choice, that after Nathan she just wanted someone stable, but then she went and became unstable, and she says perhaps she was trying to be the destroyer and not the destroyee, for once, but she says she'll never make that mistake again and that she loves him more than she has ever loved anyone. I have to say, I’m sorry but I just don’t see it, there’s nothing about these two together that’s inspiring in any way.

Jane is also struggling with letting Corey in, she tries to go further with him but she realizes she’s not ready yet and you can tell it frustrates her. This scene had pretty much zero dialogue and it was so intense, Shailene Woodley seems to be underrated often and it's a shame because every time she gets one of this scene you can just see and feel everything she's feeling. I do hope Jane gets help at some point because this pain doesn't seem sustainable and she truly does deserve to be happy.

We're also learning more about Bonnie, which is interesting, and it paints a bigger picture of why she reacted the way she did, something that's made even clearer in the next episode. Here we learn she blames her father for not protecting her from her mom’s abuse but he says he did what he thought was best, which was just trying to keep the peace as much as he could. Then, Elizabeth asks Bonnie to kill her and I have to say I didn’t see it coming.

After that, we get a pretty intense montage where Tori is seducing Ed and Bonnie goes over to the Police Station, probably thinking about confessing, only to find out Corey leaving, and she thinks he might be an undercover cop. And though later we learn that's not the case, it's no surprise this shakes her confidence in him. After everything she went through, she finds a decent guy willing to be there for her, and at the first sign of doubt, she thinks it's because it's his job. I'm glad it was just a supposition, though, cause that would've been truly devastating for her.

"We can protect you."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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