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2019 Character Cup - Round 4

27 Jul 2019

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Welcome to round 4. A big thanks to Rn for our 2019CC poster! It looks fantastic!

What started as 64 characters is now done to 8. Like last year, round 3 knocked out most of the female competitors with Villanelle, Kate Beckett, Fallon Carrington, The Doctor, Jessica Jones, Arya Stark, Sara Lance, and Clarke Griffin all leaving the contest. Again, several polls went down to the wire with 3 shows each separated by 1%. Here’s hoping that today’s polls are as exciting. In our prediction contest, Luana still holds the lead with 39 correct predictions. Way to go! If you are just joining us, the rules can be found in the links below. Please respect the one vote per person per poll rule.

In exciting news, our mini-contest begins today. Woo hoo! If you no longer have a character in the contest, hopefully one of your one-season favorites is competing. The rules work just the same as the regular Cup. Two shows will go head-to-head in the polls for around 24 hours. The one with the most votes proceeds to the next round. One vote per person per poll. Happy voting!

Round 1A / Round 1B / Round 1C / Round 1D
Round 2A / Round 2B
Sweet Sixteen

TV Talk Topic:

TV Talk Topic: One Hit Wonders

In round 4, the TV Talk Topic is always connected to the mini-contest, so what are your favorite one-season shows and why? Do you like series where the show is designed to only have one season? What makes some one-season shows stick in the public’s memory longer than shows with more seasons? (Thanks Amber for the mini-contest suggestion that inspired this topic.)

Prediction Contest Leaderboard and Brackets: