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Big Little Lies - What Have They Done? - Review: The Monterey Five

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"Why is it the prettier something is, the more dangerous?"

Big Little Lies is back in all its glory, the structure of the story is different this time, there’s no real mystery, but we get to see the aftermath of Perry’s death, and these characters are so wonderful we still can’t keep our eyes off the screen, this time it’s more about the exploration of human nature and how people react to trauma, but that is still something definitely worth watching.

We pick up with the five women grappling with what they went through by the end of season one. And for Celeste it gets even harder given the fact she has to deal with Perry’s mom, Mary Louise, played by none other than the wondrous Meryl Streep, and she’s definitely a force of nature, I wonder how much we’ll learn about Perry’s past and his upbringing through her.

They’re all dealing with the trauma in different ways, Bonnie seems to be isolating herself, Madeline is as extra as ever, and maybe a little more on edge, same as Renata, but Celeste can’t seem to shake off her walking on eggshells habit just yet, yes the biggest threat, Perry, is gone, but there’s still so much that could go wrong. And the nightmares bring her back to her therapist who tells her she has to stop blaming herself and start living again.

Mary Louise is one of those women who say everything sweetly but they’re always looking to pry and hurt. She does this with Madelaine, trying to get a reaction out of her regarding Perry’s death but it turns out so entertaining you can’t hate her for it.

Nathan is definitely still an asshole, he asks for Ed’s help with Bonnie, but he says if he knew this was what he was signing up for he’d still be with Madelaine, and Ed tells him he’s definitely going about it the wrong way. Maddie tries to get to her but Bonnie can’t deal with being unable to be open with the people she loves.

Abigail is still trouble for her parents, of course, and it seems like she’s never understood. Madeline clearly has some frustration over not having attended college herself which is why she’s so hell-bent in Abby going, she insists without college she’ll have no life which definitely sets some red flags about the way she feels about her own life.

Jane has a coworker that just might be a new love interest, but he calls her attention to the fact people are calling her and the others The Monterey Five as if they were some sort of secret society or a murderous cult.

The dinner scene was intense, the way she screamed, the look on Celeste and the kids’ faces. But then she won me over in a second when she went to Celeste after her nightmare and asked who they were planning to kill together, looks like she’d be open to a wonderful Thelma and Louise situation, maybe that’s where her name comes from.

"Who are we planning to kill?"

What did you think about this? Was a second season worth it? I look forward to your comments.

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