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Riverdale - The Dark Secret of Harvest House & Survive the Night - Review: "Crazy Ending"

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Riverdale's third season has come to an end. It will be remembered as one of the craziest seasons of the show, till yet. But let's summarize what happened. In the first episode, "The Dark Secret of Harvest House" Edgar pushes Betty to face her dark side. We find out that he hypnotizes the people in the Farm in order to make them feel pain and, consequently, following him as a savior. She also learns that Kevin and Fangs have undergone surgery. The situation is not easy.

Jughead finds Ethel, who is hiding in a bunker and they are led to the Black Hood. Archie is still after Hiram and he is planning to get him arrested when he will make a move at the town. During one of a boxing match, which this time Archie has set up, the FBI arrests him.

In the meanwhile, Betty finds out that The Farm sells their victims' organs to the market. She tells Cheryl and she saves Toni before she gets in the surgery. She is taken away by the guards. Kevin, craziest than ever, instead of helping Betty, sends her in the operation room. At the police station, Ethel reveals to Jug that Gargoyle King's identity is Jason Blossom and plot twist: he is not in his casket. This episode was nonsense, but entertaining. I have to say I missed this kind of rhythm.

The second episode "Survive the Night", Penelope buys Betty, yes, I am actually writing this, from Edgar and she wakes up at the Thorn Hill Hunting Lodge. She reveals to the gang that she is the mastermind of the game and Chic is the Gargoyle King. Yes, Chic. From Season 2. He is back, and I didn't see that coming, completely unpredictable. Alice discovers Edgar's plan for ascension and asks Cheryl to help her save the babies. She is not leaving because she wants to save Polly. Apparently, her intelligence is back. 

Then Penelope kills Hal, the farm is destroyed, Hermione is arrested and Cheryl takes Jason’s body home: just a series of crazy ordinary events. Betty and Jughead meet their Charles, who is alive and also... an FBI agent. Alice reveals she was undercover at the Farm.

The episode ends with a mind-blowing flashforward: Archie, Betty, and Veronica are covered in blood in the woods. They are burning Jughead’s hat and Betty wants them to go their separate ways, so they don’t get caught. Is Jug dead? How to Get Away with Murder - Riverdale's edition?

I really enjoyed this season finale. And you? What do you think of these two episodes and of the third season?

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