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Empire - My Fate Cries Out & The Roughest Day - Review

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Empire has come to an end, and it has been renewed for a final cycle. Season six will close the Lyons story. But let's summarize what happened in the last two episodes of the show's fifth season.

In "My Fate Cries Out", Lucious is still depressed and in pain because of Andre's health. He is involved in a car accident and starts having visions of the numerous people who he has killed or has witnessed dying in the past: Bunkie, Shyne, and Joseph, his father.

Andre feels scared for his future and wants to make the most of his last days: he lays down three notes to Cookie, Hakeem and Jamal. He also goes to a Rollerblade rink with his mother and the two share a tender moment. Meanwhile, the Federal police froze Empire's bank accounts and Andre, Becky and Giselle try to organize a concert with the help of Kingsley in order to get money. Hakeem and Tiana sing with Sevyn Streeter and Ty Dolla Sign.

Teri reveals to Cookie that they are having a child but still she wants to keep it a secret from the oldest Lyon sibling. The episode ends with Andre who is having dinner with his father. Cookie reads the note and runs to him and tells him the truth about her son. Andre falls on the floor. I really enjoyed this episode and how they are finally properly developing the character of Andre. I was really hoping that Andre was not in the casket, but let's see what happens in the season finale.

In the second episode, "The Roughest Day", Andre's life is in the balance. The doctors struggle to revive him, but at the last moment, he has a pulse.

Cookie and Lucious have a big fight because of Andre. Cookie blames her husband. Kingsley tries to comfort his father and the two spend the day together. Andre buys a ring and proposes to Teri. The two have a private ceremony at the hospital chapel along with their family. These Empire's weddings were really emotional.

In an unexpected twist, Kingsley goes crazy because he doesn't feel recognized by his father and he shoots himself. Lucious discovers that Kingsley is the only one that can save Andre and they start the process of his heart surgery. Cookie talks to Tracy, who is clearly shocked and in grief, but the heart surgery goes alright and they share a heart-to-heart conversation. It was a Deus Ex Machina, but I liked how the writers evolved Kingsley's character. Still, it was predictable. 

Becky decides to start their own record label together that is cosigned with Empire. In the end, Kingsley is the one in the coffin and the feds talk to Lucious and show him pictures of Cookie's affair with Damon. Scared of Damon and the possible collaboration he is having with the police, Lucious decides to escape and asks Thirsty to look over his boys and the company.

Lucious asks Cookie to leave with him, but she realizes that she needs a break. She lies and tells him she had sex with Damon, thus ending their relationship. Will the finale season reunite the couple for good? Cookie and Lucious will be remembered as the most complex and complicated marriage in the last decade's TV.

All in all, this was a juicy and gripping finale, clearly, not one of the best Empire's ending, but better than the rest of the season. It was emotional and intense and I liked it. Despite the craziness surrounding Smollet's case, I hope Jamal will return for the final season, or at least, the series finale. This show deserves to have a perfect ending.

What do you think of "My Fate Cries Out" and the season finale? Did you enjoy Empire's Season 5?

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