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Lucifer - Season 4 Preview - Lucifer being cancelled was the best thing for the show, Season 4 on Netflix proves it.

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Lucifer being cancelled was the best thing for the show, Season 4 on Netflix proves it....

At the time it may not have felt like it, but after seeing Lucifer on Netflix it makes you wish it had been on the streaming service from day 1. Roughly 1 year ago I wrote an article talking about "5 ways to save Lucifer ", a show that I believed didn't deserve to be cancelled. From that article I ended up helping get Tom Ellis to a Comic Con,  interviewing him on stage, interacting with the fandom, and meeting more cast and crew . Through all of these events I saw something happen, a fanbase and a show becoming more like a family and I've been lucky to become a part of it.

Speaking & meeting the cast,crew and fans alike, there is one thing that everyone I have spoken to have in common, a love and passion for the show that not many shows can claim. This passion will be the key to Lucifer continuing for years to come. This passion is evident in Season 4, making it the best season to date.

Still the same, yet somehow different

Longer episodes and a shorter season have made the storytelling better, concise and more exciting to watch. The same formula is in place that made us all love the show, but improved. The extra run times have given the writers more time to develop the characters in every episode, giving every character a chance to shine. This leads to better character development and better arcs for the characters throughout the season.

From episode 1 you can tell the producers have more confidence to take risks with the show in both looks and the material they are covering. This may be down to having the support of Netflix and allowing the show to take a darker tone but keeping the heart and humour from seasons 1-3. It could have been easy for the show to just stick to the same show/formula it was on FOX but the move to Netflix has really added an element to the show that has always been needed. Visually and tonally the show has moved up to the next level. The Lucifer and Chloe dynamic that is a fan favourite is handled in the right way that keeps it interesting but also builds on the relationship and love they have for each other. 

Kevin Alejandro and Aimee Garcia have been given darker stories this season and they do not disappoint, both have really been given a chance to shine and constantly steal the scenes they are in. With longer episode lengths their characters are given the time they needed unlike Season 3. D.B Woodside, Rachael Harris and Lesley-Ann Brandt have a great chemistry on screen and bring some light to a much darker season, even with an exciting storyline that will be a game changer for the show. New additions of Inbar Lavi (who you can't help but fall in love with) and Graham McTavish stand out against an already stellar cast and add some fresh blood to an established show. Tom Ellis takes full advantage of this move to Netflix using both his charm, darkness, charisma and butt to make us love Lucifer more than ever. The true star of Season 4 however is Lauren German. Every episode her performance will have you on an emotional roller-coaster as Chloe tries to deal with a world she thought she knew, and finding out the truth about her friends from heaven and hell.

My Final Thoughts

This season has been a year long battle and the show comes out stronger because of it. Both cast and crew have given the fans everything they could ask for both on screen and off, and for that they should all be applauded.

Lucifer Season 4 has plenty of previews out there online all singing its praises and going into more detail, and that's not really my style. However, I will leave you with my final thought and then back to my more fun(?) way of previewing a season. 

The only thing that will be worse than Season 4 being cancelled, will be the wait for Season 5 after seeing the amazing job the producers, cast and crew have achieved with this new season on Netflix. 

Season 4 Review in GIF's

Badly Described Episode Synopsis (1-6)

Episode 1

Guy is a bit of a creep while his partner takes a vacation without telling anyone, doesn't even send friends a postcard. Character is upset because a small person doesn't want to hug them. Another man puts his hand on another guys chest and thanks him.

Episode 2

Woman gets a bit wet so everyone has to talk about it. Even the words lady shower is used in the episode. Someone who should be behind the camera steps in front of it. A character pushes a big chopper against someone and another gives someone a big surprise.

Episode 3

Knife shopping just became more interesting. People get a bit angry and give hugs with fists. Lots of betrayal and shouting and tears. Two priests and a devil in a room and it's not the start of a joke.

Episode 4

We see a guys nuts, a favour is repaid and a deal is made. An ex-girlfriend comes back to have lots of fun. A forensic scientist is naughty. A girl bites her lip while a bar will get a big insurance pay out.

Episode 5

A postman delivers a package. Someone is tortured by a hug. A sandwhich is the most important thing in the room and a character talks really fast. A certain character smells better than everyone else.

Episode 6

Work colleague wears wrong pants to work. We see a girls jugs as someone completes their bucket list. A bit of metal makes someone bleed and all hell breaks lose.

Thank you all for joining us on our 7 Days of hell, I hope you all enjoyed a slightly different way of previewing a returning show. Tomorrow we watch, then we work on season 5 #5aveLucifer

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