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Lucifer - Season 4 Preview - Day 6

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To celebrate the return of Lucifer on Netflix on May 8th we have decided  to have "7 Days of Hell". That's right, it's going to be 7 days of hell waiting for season 4 to return to our screens but lets try and make the journey a little bit easier. Everyday we will be posting teasers, episode previews and character profiles ready for Lucifer to Rise.

Don't forget we will be posting games on our dedicated Lucifer news twitter feed at @STVLucifer and we will be posting a full review after May 8th.

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7 Days of Hell - Day 6 Preview

Episode 6 out of context

Start of Episode 6 reaction in GIF's

By the end of Episode 6 reaction in GIF's

Episode 6 Favourite Quotes

"Please put some clothes on, we are professionals"

"I leave town for two seconds and you fifty shades of betray me"

One Sentence Review - Episode 6

I love fun episodes of Lucifer, you really get to see the ........wait.........this just went...........oh s**t......

Character Profile - Chloe Decker

Chloe Decker, she knows. All these years have built up to this moment. We all want to know how she will react to the devil face, but you won't see her immediate reaction from the finale of Season 3. But don't despair both the creators and Lauren have handled Chloe's reaction to the truth perfectly and it will have a huge impact on the first half of the season. From the first 6 episodes I've seen Lauren German is the star of season 4.

Character Profile - Lucifer

So the Devil is back. But does Lucifer accept his newly returned devil face? Like most of the characters (and this seems to be a theme) all characters are battling two versions of themselves. Is he a good man or a bad man? This is the main conflict for Lucifer in Season 4. With the return of Eve is she the one tempting him to eat the forbidden fruit? Tom Ellis oozes his usual charm and will make it hard to look him in the eye knowing I've looked him in the butt (on multiple occurrences).

Check back tomorrow for our final day of hell as we wait for Lucifer to rise on Netflix on May 8th!

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