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Grey`s Anatomy - What I Did For Love - Review: "Just The Way I Like It"

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The Grey`s Anatomy-verse xover event wasn`t much of an event more as a sporadic cameo by various characters on both sides. Nevertheless, it helped in building up the Station 19 ratings. The Jesse Williams directed outing was well paced, had solid character moments and was, all in all, a very enjoyable outing.

The single worst decision Grey`s Anatomy`s team could do after this season wraps is not making Schmitt a series regular. Jake Bolleli`s Schmitt turned into a very capable messy surgeon. I love how confident and reliable he became. Certainly the best part of the cross over scenes. The way Nico treated Schmitt though UGH! Never was the fan of forced relationship drama, still, this is the type of behavior I would expect from someone like Nico. He is very self-conscious with major walls surrounding him, so turning into a passive-aggressive douche was a path I could see for his character. Don`t see Nico staying beyond this season so I am open for Schmidt to find happiness somewhere else. On the other hand, keeping Linc around wouldn`t be the worst idea either. His speech to Schmidt was great.

Maggie`s interaction with the Station 19 Chief Ripley was another very benefactory interaction during this outing. The two of them had solid chemistry and the development it provided for Maggie`s struggling character was much needed. I won`t ever be a true Jaggie shipper but as long they keep them low-key I am fine with them happening.

I`ve become a true sucker for Teddy-Tom scenes. The two of them are just so phenomenal together. The chemistry between Teddy and Tom is just beyond levels and the writing for them is so smooth and a pleasure to watch. Is there a possibility that they will break Tom`s heart, most certainly but I will enjoy their relationship while it lasts, cause Tom knows how to charm your socks off.

Owen, meanwhile, continues to be the mess he was always destined to be. While he got certain progress over the previous episodes, the writers seemingly can`t leave him be. Isn`t being a father enough for him? Can`t he just for a while develop without pushing the boundaries of his female relationships. The way he positions himself with those women and how manipulative he gets is really annoying. Amelia getting all googly eyes on a sentence from Owen bugged me as well. If you love someone, you love him with all his faults and if that is the writer`s choice go there be there. These pushes and pulls certainly unnecessary after all these years, of pushing and pulling between those two.

The hero of this week`s episode was certainly Meredith Grey. The way she fought for that little girl was simply inspiring. Will it seemingly have consequences, yes. Over this long season, I was hoping for a big Meredith centric storyline and this might be just it. Putting Elly`s name on that form was so selfless and brave, I was just "THAT`S MY GIRL!". Richard going all Daddy Bear on Mer`s ass was just precious screen time. The two of them are so great together and the way they talk to each is extraordinary and you feel the mileage on their relationship. The "I Love you" from DeLuca I won`t even touch. Just no.

Another breakthrough during this episode happened for Jo. She got back to work, made a mistake and broke to her core during it. Does this all sound good? Not really. But seeing her care for something is just an advance in her story. Using Ben to comfort her was a smart move, they were fairly close back in the day and him being there for her felt fitting.

My heart went out to Alex as well. His coping mechanisms are at his limit and despite his good will to give Jo her space it is getting tougher with each day. Him seeking comfort with Bailey was really sweet. Grey`s is at its strongest when they build on their core relationships. so every time Mer, Bailey, Alex and Richard interact the episode just gets better by a mile.

Only two more episodes left this season. It seems unbelievable that we are already at the end of the road. The next episode looks intense and Grey´s always delivers during their finales. So we certainly have something to look forward to.

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