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For The People - Moral Suasion - Review: "U Can`t Cut The String"

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The real beauty of For The People is their ability to give either character the spotlight and that actors ability to carry the episode out on their own shoulders. So in this week`s episode, Jasmin Savoy Brown took the episode and let Allison rule all over us. “Moral Suasion” was written by Chelsea Grate and directed by Valerie Weiss.

In another heartbreaking case of social injustice, the For The People writers pulled out all the stops and made me whimp by the time I have finished this outing. The connection between Allison and Rodney was right there, it was just one of those perfect moments when you click with somebody.
Their small talk about Project Runway, the getting to know each other it all felt authentic and natural. Jasmin was mesmerizing, she had a special glow this episode, she was motivated, excited, she waited for such a juicy storyline for the whole season and she brought her A game. She fought like never before and all her fighting eventually was about to pay off when faith decided otherwise. Rodney couldn`t take what his life has turned into and the insecurity of his future so he took his life. My opinions on suicide change from time to time, I often find it as a selfish option but with Rodney, I felt it why? I understood it and while disappointed I got it, I`ve related to his pain and that is the most important thing a show can do these days.

The introduction of Allison`s parents wasn`t smooth, but their reaction felt reasonable. She only called them up for money. That was a bad move, yet shows how far Allison`s desperation went. Her final speech to Rodney`s aunt was impeccable, so well written and smoothly executed. So much power and emotion.

Otherwise pairing Allison up with Leonard and Ted gave refreshing results. Allison had great momentum with both characters and the energy building up during their scenes just made it an even more captivating hour of television.

To balance out the dark shadow of Allison`s story, the writers hilariously put Judge Byrne on Jury duty. Vondie Curtis-Hall made me laugh my ass off during his scenes, his comedic timing, his facial expressions, and interactions with the other Jury members were on point and brought me to my knees. All around it was great seeing this so serious person that is on a sort of pedestal cause of his moral integrity be down and simple with all those regular folks. I am not saying Byrne presents him as someone better than other people he just carries this integrity that makes him stand out from others.

The trial itself was another hilarious event. From the useless defense attorney to the prosecutor using a pointer they just charmed a smile on my face. Byrne interfering with the trial as much as he could be executed smoothly and with a major dose of Judge charm. The scene with Seth and Kate meeting Byrne in the coffee shop was hilarious. Ben Rappaport is just so perfectly awkward as Seth and it played well into Byrne`s hands. The way Byrne later depicted the trial and the image the prosecutor tried to portray in the jury members head was smart and executed with surgical precision. We definitely need more of Byrne out of the courtroom, he is just that good. Let`s hope he exits the courtroom in the next season (fingers crossed for that).

The secondary plot revolving around Sandra finding out about Roger and Jill`s relationship was a bit draggy. But overly I think the writers just didn`t want us to forget it so it could play out in the coming episodes.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of For The People? And the second season in general? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and keep your fingers crossed for a season renewal.

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