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Charmed - The Replacment & Source Material - Double Review

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Charmed returned from it`s March break with two strong outings, pushing the story forward and giving all the characters some deserving progress.

The Replacment

An initially slow outing turned into one of the shows best outings as the story picked up with several strong reveals and story developments. As earlier said I do enjoy the writers use spells and more active magic in comparison to what the sister during the original did. It is just a good refresher seeing the girls use this whole spectrum of magic, with immobilizing spells, offensive spells and seeing the writers introduce different types of magic.

In a major switch of scenery, Galvin finally returned from his quest and brought a lot of drama along with him. Galvin brought the necessary artifacts so he could help Macy get rid of her demon side. Macy firm change of mind did not only surprise Galvin but also her sisters and newly appointed whitelighter, Tessa. Yet, Galvin was the proper boyfriend and let Macy make her choice until he saw what dark magic really can do. The change of mind Galvin had felt organic and reasonable. Two precious lives were lost during this Ibiku possession. While Macy`s accepting her demon side was a great story, to begin with, Macy`s reluctance is growing to be an issue and keep her as a potential Source host.

The break up between Macy and Galvin was really emotional and acted very well from both, Darius and Madeleine acted very well and chemistry finally was there. Not sure how long this distance will last but I am starting to appreciate where they came and makes me wonder to see where they will end up.

The show went full circle on Maggie`s story. A slightly underdeveloped reveal finally got the attention it deserved. The emotional toll that the reveal that happened a bunch of episodes ago finally hit close to home. Maggie`s way of looking at herself profoundly changed as she had the option to use her unknown heritage to her advantage. It was a nice introspective and gave Maggie as a character more space to grow. But besides growing as a human being, Maggie grew as a witch. Maggie being open to listen and work with Tessa showed just how different she was from her sisters and how wide open her heart is.

She saw Tessa for who she is. Maggie looked beyond her pride and her emotions for Harry and did what was right for her and her mission and that was asking for Tessa`s help. Chloe Briges` Tessa was very rough around the edges but an interesting character generally. Her pushing back against the sisters' boundaries and being more proactive than cuddling created space for some tension but Tessa was there to help. She was smart enough to pick her own battles and decide when she should go all badass and when she should keep the ball low and recharge.

Mel meanwhile was helping with all the stories and push a lot against Tessa. And while I loved Mel being benchy towards Tessa in the same way she was towards Harry initially, think it was a bit over the top, just like in the pilot. On the other hand, Mel and Niko`s scenes felt more natural and relatable, until the reveal scene. That was one pushy minute in my life I won`t get back. Fiona extinguish Sarcana was something I didn`t really anticipate, I saw her being Cray-cray a mile away but thought she was in the business of building an army not killing it off.

Source Material

Episode 19 of Charmed`s freshman run explored Fiona`s madness to a whole new level. Leah Pipes really went the extra mile and brought up a side of Fiona the Charmed ones should be afraid of. The way she played around with Harry and the Sarcana was a great way of showing how devious and how careless Fiona is and how important all of that will be down the line.

Fiona`s grand plan to destroy magic felt so right. She was tortured and mishandled for over a decade and all cause she was born with powerful magic, cause everyone else made a path she never wanted to go. Bringing up the Origin Dagger was a nice touch and combining the source of good and evil magic into one, too many "people" are after the same stuff and it should climax pretty well during the season finale. The face-off between Fiona and the sisters was a bit of a letdown. I wanted it to be bigger, better, splashier. Not to mention how Tessa went down. Wasn`t her biggest fan still she deserved more. It felt pretty convenient for her to die at that moment.

The girls being reunited with Harry felt just right. Them saying goodbye to Tessa and having breakfast together was heartwarming. They are truly a family and I want them to stay together forever.

The writers did a good job in balancing out the personal stories the Charmed ones go through with them facing off against Fiona in the middest of it. It really hurt to see Macy that heartbroken. The break up really put a strain on her, but also made her more reckless in using her demon magic. Galvin being cold ice to Macy certainly didn`t help. I do understand Galvin`s reasoning but doesn`t make his character any more tolerable despite being completely reasonable. Macy`s pain as she pushed Galvin away was another heartbreaker. Madeleine is just so emotional and sells the pain Macy is experiencing so well. She never opened up to someone the way she did to Galvin and him turning his back was just destroying her from inside, pushing her further to the dark side.

Mel and Niko were a lot more fun on screen, now that Niko knows the truth. Mel tried to play it cool and don`t get attached to Niko. Yet Niko was crawling up and down Mel`s skin finding a way to be in that life of her. Mel`s attempt to block Niko out were unsuccessful, but to be honest she didn`t really want to cause if she wanted she could`ve found a way. The show going back to the spell Mel and her sisters cast on Niko should be interesting and I rather think Niko`s reaction will be more positive than negative.

Maggie and Parker went through a rough one again as Alistair was making his moves to get his son on his side. I was a bit torn by these developments as Alistair was into the Maggie-Parker pairing or did he only go for it cause he wanted for Parker`s heartbreak to be bigger and the pull of evil be stronger. Hunter taking Maggie`s place in that heartbreaking conversation was just a brilliant touch from the writers. Nick and Sarah delivered great scenes during this outing. their chemistry is really working so well and I felt for both characters as they demonic faith was playing with their lives. The story and how it is going down does have a lot similarities to Phoebe and Cole, yet it is different from an emotional and story standpoint. Will Parker turn Source right away? Unlikely, would be too easy.

As the season draws to an end some big characters are crossing roads. Alistair, Fiona, Hunter, Charity, the sisters and even the Elders are out to play and I have no proper idea how this season will unveil.

What are your thoughts about the last two outings? What are your expectations ahead of the final three episodes with all these reveals? Sound of in the comment section below and share your thoughts. Till the next episode airs. . .

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