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What We Do In The Shadows - Animal Control - Review: "They've stolen Laszlo!"

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Returning home from feeding, Nadja and Laszlo have different ideas about what’s kinky. Nadja’s in the mood, but Laszlo’s simply in the mood to keep eating. While Laszlo hypnotizes his neighbor, Nadja leaves, bored by what’s happening. She misses the moment Phil’s wife comes home and beats the crap out of Laszlo, who is in bat form. Guillermo and Nandor don’t miss it though – they’re watching through binoculars and reacting.

Cue opening credits.

Nandor, Guillermo, and Colin rush off to help Laszlo. The guys get to the neighbors in time to see animal control leaving. With Bat!Laszlo.
Nadja, unaware of this drama, is off watching her ex-lover Gregor, who almost gets decapitated by a boom barrier. And, yes, she’s still struggling with his name. Jeff.

We spend half our time this week watching Nadja cringe through a date with an all-round incompetent Jeff, and the other half watching the guys fumble through rescuing Laszlo from animal control.
Nandor’s first attempt at rescuing Laszlo just results in a completely different, non-vampire bat (that's possibly infected with rabies) freed.
The date night at the carnival turns sour pretty fast for Nadja. When Jeff fails at shooting a bow and arrow she begins to lose her cool. With her patience gone, she hypnotizes him to remember his past lives. And he does. Jeff, it seems, is actually Gregor after all. Never doubt Nadja.
We watch as Jeff relives each life, Nadja moving him on to the next one right before his death in each past life. Including the life where he was
Back at the animal shelter, Laszlo is trying to hypnotize the animals into opening their cages and freeing him. This is not working. He’s interrupted by the animal control worker bringing in a dog. Nandor’s second big plan was to turn himself into a dog and rescue Laszlo. It only ends with Nandor also locked in a cage, and Laszlo no closer to freedom.

Guillermo does the only smart thing anyone has done all night and phones Nadja. She leaves Jeff, who’s in the middle of a nervous breakdown after having all these past lives revealed to him, and goes to help Laszlo. Because even though their marriage has dull moments, he is still her husband.
Nadja simply asks the receptionist for the door code, punches it in, and rescues the guys.

While Jeff, babbling like a crazy person, is hauled away by the police (likely for a psych eval), Laszlo is running away from all the animals he’s just freed...

Ungrateful bastards.

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