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Jane the Virgin - Chapter Eighty-Four - Review

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Jane the Virgin “Chapter Eighty-Four” was written by Valentina L Garza and Deidre Shaw and was directed by Brad Silberling. Once again, the episode brings in real world concerns while still delivering the romance and humor we expect. The episode takes up both the gender and racial parity that actors are calling for in Hollywood, and I loved that they didn’t pit them against one another. But I’m sure everyone also wants to talk about the fact that Michael/Jason (Brett Dier) gets his memory back at the end of this episode!

The episode begins with our usual flashback – this time to the three things that have made Jane (Gina Rodriguez) what she is – Telenovelas, Catholicism, and being an only child – super romantic, super faithful, and super bossy! Jason has decided to come courtin’ rather than sign the divorce papers and our alternate title card was Jane the Virgin Courted – complete with cartoon cowboy!

We don’t have to wait long to find out what the bomb was that River (Brooke Shields) dropped on Xo (Andrea Navedo). River is being paid twice as much as Rogelio (Jaime Camil)! I loved that while Rogelio is clearly upset, the other women take a beat to appreciate a woman actually getting ahead for a change. It’s also hilarious when Rogelio is turned on by Xo’s name dropping to convince him. I want to take a beat once again to acknowledge Navedo really committing to the cancer storyline and making sure that we see it’s very non-glamorous side. She’s sick and she continues to look sick in an industry that rewards youth and beauty, especially for women.

I also really liked that both River and Rogelio had terrific arguments for why they deserved the salaries. River points out that she’s the big name in the US – she’s why the show got made. I loved the Narrator (Anthony Mendez) jumping in with #5050by2020 to support her. However, this telenovela is really Rogelio’s baby – it’s his culture, his story, and he’s worked on it for four years. Rogelio also does his research on pay parity and it makes him wonder why he is so desperate for validation from a country that doesn’t seem to value or accept him. Camil is wonderful in this scene.

When Rogelio insists on working out his anger, he ends up kicking River in the head and paralyzing half her face. We know he’s not a monster and he does feel legitimately sorry – but it’s also hilarious as this is the third time he’s gotten River injured – after getting her bitten by a wolf and burning off her eyebrows! River, however, doesn’t turn against Rogelio this time. Instead, she shows back up to work, insisting they simply shoot her non-paralyzed side – and she’s going to stand up for Rogelio! Rogelio even gives her her due for her performance.

Rogelio reports to Xo that River did go to the network and he will be getting equal pay. River had given Xo’s number to the entire crew because Xo is the Rogelio-whisperer. Xo tells Rogelio that she isn’t going to answer calls from set anymore, however, because it was keeping Rogelio from confiding in her – and she wants to continue to be real life co-presidents!

Meanwhile, Jane is having trouble with all her relationships! Mateo (Elias Janssen) is having trouble with Anna (Mia Allen) and Ellie (Ella Allan), which in turn causes friction between Jane and Petra (Yael Grobglas). I love when we get Jane/Petra storylines! The two furiously exchange parenting articles over email – which Petra cheating by having to get her assistant to do most of the work! In the end, they do decide on a course of action, which leads to a couple great scenes inside the neutral space of a tent – in Petra’s apartment – with a talking stick. And did anyone think it was a good idea to give kids with anger issues a stick????

The session does bear fruit as Mateo reveals that he always feels left out. Petra insists that some people are always left out. Jane at first thinks that Petra is referring to Rafael (Justin Baldoni) not being around enough, so she sends him to spend time with the girls. However, a second session in the tent with just Jane and Petra uncovers the real problem. Petra is feeling like Jane has left her out! The two have a heart-warming heart-to-heart – love them both in this scene! Jane tells Petra that she feels like they are sisters and they hug and make up.

Petra asks about Jason, and Jane confides that she was afraid that when he put his arms around her she’d feel something because they were soulmates. Petra tells her that he’s not the same. She tells her that if Jane didn’t feel anything she has to let him go – he has a life in Montana now, and Jane shouldn’t risk what she has. And that leads us into Petra having lost JR. Jane tells Petra to “accidentally” butt dial JR. If she texts back, Petra will know there’s still hope – and JR does text back!

Jane is also having trouble – understandably – with Rafael when Jason insists that Jane has to go on one date with him before he’ll sign the divorce papers. He seems innocent enough – though a bit creepy when he keeps proposing various options to Jane. However, when Rafael confronts him, Jason is almost sinister. He tells Rafael that he looked into his history. Jane is his wife, and Rafael tried to steal her from him, but she still chose him!

In the end, Jane agrees to go fishing with Jason. He has ground rules – she has to smile, there’s no mentioning Michael, and the date isn’t over until she catches a fish. Jason attempts to get to know Jane. He asks her what she likes to do – reading and talking. Jason likes hunting and riding. He asks about camping, and Jane has to mention Michael to say that she liked camping with him. Jason ends up with his arms around Jane in order to show her how to fish. Instead of it ending romantically, it ends with Jane jumping up and tipping them both out into the water! But she does catch her fish and end the date.

After talking to Petra, Jane goes to Jason and tells him to leave or not, she’s getting back to her own life. Jason tells her that he gets it. He’s accepted that they are very different, and he’s already bought a bus ticket back to Montana. Jane and Rafael even discuss the possibility of having a sibling for Mateo in the future by adoption – and Rafael is open to it.

Jane also discusses the difference between a soul and a soulmate with Alba (Ivonne Coll). As always, she has some wise words for Jane. She tells her that souls and soulmates are different – the soul is God’s creation while the soulmate is the creation of telenovelas – which brings us nicely back to the beginning of the episode.

Jason drops by with the divorce papers – and brings Jane a fishing rod – it’s a nice metaphor really. Jason was fishing for love and Jane was fishing for her feelings. There’s also the biblical significance – if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you feed him for life. Jane tells Jason that he’s a good person who deserves to be happy. Jason admits that he believes that now because he knows a person like Jane loved him. Jane gives him back the fishing rod – she’s caught her fish with Rafael.

However, after hugging him goodbye, Jane shuts the door – and Jason catches something else when the fishing rod knocks plaster down on his head – he catches his memories! And Brett Dier reminded me of why I fell in love with Michael in the first place. Dier has done a wonderful job creating a new character in Jason that I didn’t like. I loved the parallel to how Michael and Jane met and their snow metaphor. Michael is back! What will they all do???? This was just another great episode – what did you think? And what do you think Michael should do? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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