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Turn Up Charlie - Season 1 - Advanced Preview: "Brit Humor & a great Cast"

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Idris Elba, Piper Perabo and Netflix sounds like a perfect combo but is it? Netflix newest entry into its streaming-verse has a lot of things going for it but just as many going against it.

Turn Up Charlie is an 8 episode half-hour dramedy that isn`t a real showstopper. I know this isn`t a promising way to start a preview but that are the facts. Turn Up Charlie can be a guilty pleasure and a swift pallet cleanser in between shows but I am not sure you will remember this show existed a month or two after you wrapped the show. Still, besides a lot some bland jokes and a whole lot of pacing issues the show is based on great chemistry between Idris` Charlie and newcomer Frankie Hervey`s Gabrielle. The two of the hit it off right of the bat and keep the show upfloat through its 8 episode run. Charlie is former washed up DJ who instead of getting the gig of his life gets a treat of his life after his best mater returns from USA with wife, successful DJ and child, the before mentioned Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a lot of work as she is smart and can handle anyone at any point. She goes through nannies like we go through binges. It is unbelievable how well the young Frankie delivers these lines and the reaction of her surroundings are a batch of jaws dropped. With Charlie being chill enough he gets the gig as Gabrielle`s Manny. The two of them sharing great scenes and its the most memorable part of the show.

The show thoroughly explores where Gabrielle´s behavior comes from and how money can`t be a patch that you cover a Volcano with. Gabs parents are trying everything to fix the damage they caused with them being career chasers instead of being parents. They didn`t manage to time share it so it comes around to hunt them.

Otherwise, the show does a great job in portraying Piper`s Sara, a struggling working mom who tries her best to get the best of both worlds. Piper is sharp in the role and Sara`s road of self-discovery is another good thing about this show. They found a way to incorporate the successful woman and mom storyline without it feeling forced and pushy.

The show gets a bit confusing towards the end but storywise peaks towards the end of the episode when all the stories collide into one. There are a couple of dick jocks Idris just couldn`t let just be as he is also the executive and protagonist. Those felt weird and unnecessary.

That`s a wrap guys. I couldn`t reveal much but hope this preview gave you a clue what to expect coming tomorrow morning. Drop your thoughts about this upcoming Netflix series in the comment section below.

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