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Supergirl - Stand and Deliver - Review : Stand up and be counted

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Supergirl 414

Supergirl certainly isn’t easing up on the pace at all this season. Whereas last year I felt it was lacking during the middle of the season I cannot say this about season 4. After the Super friend’s vs Elite face off from last week, this last episode picked up with the Superfriends on the trial of the Elite members. While I feel the pace slows just a little, we are given a very politically charged episode from start to finish with characters questioning where they stand in the new structure of things. It also gave us one of the most shocking finales’ and a character’s life hanging in the balance.

Like I mentioned above Supergirl and her posse are on the trail of the Elite and a hungry Menagerie becomes their first find. I did like Supergirl telling Dreamer to dial it back she is all gung-ho and you will find she barely gets out the suit. A huge contrast from before.

Ben Lockwood is still in Manchester’s sights and Menagerie after J’onn going all scary red eyes on her reveals the Elites plans. Supergirl stops them killing Lockwood, (yes it sucks being the good guy and you have to save everyone). The Hat, Morai, Moi for short and Manchester get away before the Superfriends can catch them.

James might still be smarting over his recent break up with Lena but he is also on the trail of some black books at L Corp and questions former employee Eve Teschmacher about them. Eve assures him its nothing to worry about. Returning to Lena she doesn’t get a chance to address it as Lena is all work given the edge of things after Ben Lockwood’s attack. Colonel Hayley is as well but Lena has refused human trials until the serum is ready a fact Hayley isn’t happy about.

Supergirl can’t find the Elite it would seem the Hat has them hidden in the fifth dimension. J’onn seems to become more frustrated. They deliver their captive, Menagerie to the DEO where Alex learns of her new assignment to protect Ben Lockwood, someone she despises.
Lockwood doesn’t endure himself further as at his press conference he states he wants to repeal the Alien Amnesty act set up by President Marsden. Lockwood informs the press there will be a rally tomorrow.

At the DEO Hayley instructs Agent Dox, Brainy to find an American Alien who has orchestrated a forum online for a march against Ben Lockwood’s rally. Brainy is finding it difficult to locate him which is no surprise later in the episode that he is, in fact, American Alien!

Dreamer and J’onn join forces to search for the Elite and are shocked when they find his location. Manchester’s angle now seems blurred and even his associates aren’t convinced by his actions. This is discussed during a trip to the Super’s fortress of solitude. The Elite knew of its location by a tip Hat got from another dimension buddy whom Supergirl has encountered. How did they get past the dwarf stars key you wonder; The Hat’s hat is really like Hermonie Granger's bag from Harry Potter you never know what he is going to pull out of it next?

Alex is tested when she is assigned to protect Ben Lockwood after an attempt on his life by Manchester and his crew at the start of the episode. Sisterly advice is needed and once again Kara is there for Alex, after all, how could she refuse pop stickers. I did note she almost tried to avoid her, leading back to her conversation about giving Alex space and also because she wanted to find Manchester. This Alex not knowing she is Supergirl is interesting, but I want 100% Danvers sisters back.

The Hat and Moi leave Manchester in the Fortress they both are fighting for all, but Manchester seems to be on a revenge quest. We all know this, so why is the Hat shocked this seemed a bit of a weak point like I stated they blurred Manchester ‘s intent. He isn’t a vigilante out for Alien rights but is out to kill Ben Lockwood who murdered his Fiancée. He will do this by any means necessary, his taunting of J’onn again where are they heading with this. J’onn clearly has walked away from his peaceful path after punching Manchester last week.

The battle at the Fortress is short lived as Manchester seems to kill himself going in the room which he knew a beast was in. Too easy, yes, I thought it was ridiculous they all believed he was dead. The Hat remember!

Brainy like Agent Danvers is convinced to protect the march while he tries to make an argument about successful marches. The women’s march etc., Hayley brings up just as many that have ended in bloodshed. Later when he reveals to Kara he is American Alien he asks to walk with them not protect them.

It takes seeing Ben Lockwood’s aide heckling the marchers to realize because Supergirl is a hero they don’t see her as an alien refugee, but she is. Covering her suit, she walks at the front of the march along with Brainy and Nia Nal (yes, the finally got dreamer out of her suit)

James encourages a young reporter to not be afraid to attend the rally and report on it as good journalism can reach millions. He goes along as his photographer.

You have a march heading to rally where Ben Lockwood is using the tools, we all have become so familiar with fear. Inciting the anger in people to attain his goal. Of course, there are a few Children of Liberty members there too.

Manchester is back, let's be honest no one believed he was dead and with some Tech he accrued in the Fortress he starts a riot. I was almost expecting 'I predict a riot' to play at this point. Let's remember Manchester's back story is he used to cause riots at football matches, this seems a bit tame by comparison as he multiples himself causing confusion with some tech, that he took from the fortress.

Alex strong arms Lockwood out the room for his own safety as things heat up. Supergirl, Dreamer, and Brainy try and stop people from getting hurt as well as a quick capture of the Hat. J’onn goes after Manchester but a cloaked innocent suffers. Manchester really is pushing J’onn.

As people get pushed, shoved and knocked over James gets pictures of Aliens helping humans and vice versa as the haunting tune 'Mad World' plays in the background. A truly wonderful scene.
Alex, Brainy, and Supergirl look at each other, we see more than one of the crowds has had a change of heart.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I am sure we can all recall iconic images that made us think differently about a situation. James has accomplished this, and the Alien Amnesty act seems safe for now.

We also get to see a certain amount of fairness from Colonel Hayley and like Alex and Brainy we are confused as she is indeed confounding.

Once again, we are treated to lovely Danvers sister scene where they discuss the events of the day.

The shocking final scene has had the internet buzzing, its almost as good as who shot JR as we only see a gun as James is shot in the back and left for dead at the end of the episode. ( Who shot JR is a reference to the Tv series Dallas in the '80s)

Rally’s to gain favor to push a bill? Digressing and repelling acts carried out. Rings very true to current events and I am certain this was the whole episodes angle. They said this season would reflect the current political climate and it certainly does.

A powerful thought-provoking episode, it is indeed a mad world right now.

So, what were your thoughts on the episode?

Who shot James and why?

Please post in the comments below.

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