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This Is Us - The Waiting Room - Review: Putting Up With The Pearsons + Poll

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"We've got this, right?"

As the name would indicate, this whole episode focusses on the hospital waiting room while the Pearson family awaits to hears news about Kate and her baby. And boy, are tensions high, the doctor wants them to go freshen up and says he'll call them if anything happens, but they are willing to stay for as long as it takes, and be a pain in their ass, Kevin even suggests he has the means to take her somewhere better if needed.

Randall is being a bit of a controlling ass, and Kevin is being just an ass, everyone is worried about him but they can only handle one crisis at a time. He says he didn't fully fall off the wagon since he didn't go back to the pills so he doesn't seem to be ready to hold himself accountable for the time being. Especially since he continues drinking vodka in a water bottle while they're waiting, and I have to say I knew it as soon ansa he brought in the water bottle.

Beth and Zoe bond over the complicated Pearson brothers, Beth says she wouldn't judge Zoe if she left but she's surprised when her cousin says she's inclined to stay, giver her history of running the shock in Beth's face is understandable, great acting there. Later, Zoe takes a sip from Kevin's bottle and though she says nothing to him it doesn't look like she's so on board after that, especially since that knowledge taints the sweet moment where Kevin says he couldn't do it without her, whether it means recovery or waiting to hear about Kate.

Maddison comes in with doughnuts but Kevin rudely kicks her out, she sticks around though and when Miguel goes to the bathroom they have a nice conversation. She tells him about Kate's birth plan which was adorable, and he says being on the outside is hard but she'll find a way to be there for Kate, which she understands as going to get a Ruth Bade Ginsburg doll from the apartment so he'd be surrounded by strong women from the beginning. I have to say I find it odd that no one was willing to stick up for Madison, she's been there for Kate every time, I know they're not great at letting people in but it makes no sense they would just kick her out like that.

Was I the only one who thought Rebecca with her comments seemed a little high? Her kids think she's not eating, leading to a sweet scene wi9th Beth, and then we're led to believe she's just focusing on small stuff so she doesn't let her mind go to dark places but I wonder if something's already wrong, especially given what we've seen in the flashforwards. When Randall and Kevin's arguing gets too loud and personal, Rebecca stops them, she starts recalling the night they spent at the hospital when Jack died, she says the house burning down didn't matter because they were all okay, and she tells them to put every other concern away, that the only thing that matters at the moment is Kate and the baby.

Luckily Toby comes in, he says they had to do an emergency c-section, that Kate is okay but the baby is in an incubator for the time being. And then we see an adorable scene with the new parents meeting their baby boy. Kate talks to Jack, she introduces him to his grandson and asks that he look over him, and I have to say props to the casting here because for a moment I truly saw teenage Kate there, asking her dad for some help no matter her reservations.

What did you think of the episode? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the poll.

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