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The SpoilerTV 2019 Pilot Casting Newsreel - Part 2

Hey everyone, welcome to Part 2, there are roughly 130 castings on Part 1 of the Casting Newsreel so I thought it was time to start a brand new post.

As per usual, I'll try my best to update as fast as possible, some days it might be slower, please understand but always feel free to submit something you really want posted and we'll do our best to post. Additionally, if you want to read more about the series for a new casting additional please always click the link directly below the info to Deadline etc's full article for the full article.

Full details on pilot plots and castings for all pilots are available in the 2019 Full SpoilerTV Pilot Watch Spreadsheet.

neXT - Jason Butler Harner to Co-Star in FOX AI Drama Pilot
Harner will play Ted LeBlanc, a corporate executive at a tech company, Paul's (Slattery) somewhat narrow-minded younger brother.

Alive - Ryan Phillippe to Star; Katrina Law & Aaron Staton to Co-Star in CBS' Frankenstein Cop Drama Pilot
Phillippe will play Escher, a San Francisco police investigator who was presumed dead after an attack and destructive fire at his home. Six months later, he shockingly reappears and is reunited with his wife, Elizabeth (Law). But something has changed. A shadow has fallen across his sunny disposition, and he's haunted by visions of the case he was working on when he died. He and Elizabeth will seek answers about who shot and abducted him, and what was done to him.

Law will play Elizabeth Lavenza, a pathologist/medical examiner who is stunned when her husband (Phillippe) returns from the dead and though she's thrilled to have him back, she knows there's a secret behind his disappearance, his reappearance and his new personality – and she thinks she knows exactly who's responsible.

Staton will play Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant, slightly odd and driven – perhaps obsessed – scientist who is working on a secret, cutting-edge project. On the run from an ethics board in China, Victor is back in the U.S. where he works in a lab and is very involved in whatever it is that's going on with Escher (Phillippe). He's also Escher's wife's (Law) ex.

neXT - John Slattery to Star in FOX AI Drama Pilot
Slattery will play Paul Leblanc. He's extremely intelligent. People think he may be a sociopath but he's really just a narcissist with money instead of social graces.

Lincoln - Ramses Jimenez, Brooke Lyons & Roslyn Ruff Join NBC's The Bone Collector Adaptation Police Drama Pilot
Jimenez will play Eric Ortiz, an NYPD detective and Sellitto's (Imperioli) new partners.

Lyons will play Kate, an invaluable addition to the investigative team.

Ruff will play Claire, Lincoln's caregiver.

Lovestruck - Steve Kazee to Star in FOX Dramedy Pilot
Kazee will play Alex Fletcher, a charming, caring and earnest music journalist who has a way with words and loves music.

Jane The Novela - Remy Hii to Star; Ivonne Coll, Benito Martinez & Holland Roden Join The CW's Jane The Virgin Spinoff Pilot
Hii will play Luen, Estela's sweet, dependable, long-term boyfriend. When the life he's planned for himself and Estela is threatened by Felix, Luen will stop at nothing to win back the woman he loves.

Coll will play Camila, Estela's adoptive mother. Camila would do anything to protect her daughter and the life they have built, even lie to her.

Martinez will play Raul, the winery's enigmatic riddler. Nobody knows Napa's terroir like he does – he specializes in collecting dirt on everyone.

Roden will play Sienna, Felix's not-so-regular sister who is determined to save the world, one endangered animal at a time; hopefully using her family's moolah.

The Us Project - Elizabeth Alderfer & David Walton Join CBS Comedy Pilot
Alderfer will play Morgan, a self-described ""bailer"" who has drifted from job to job and now in her 30s, is experiencing alarm bells about getting serious about life. She's concerned that her current job at a ""click-hungry"" website is making the world worse, and that her jiujitsu-crazed boyfriend (Young) may not be the one. Then she meets Kevin (Walton), and the next decade of her life is transformed.

Walton will play Kevin, a recently divorced father of two teenage girls (Vanessa and Laura Marano). Normally secure and loyal, Kevin is still heartsick over his ex – though he won't admit it – and has been adrift since the split. Then he meets Morgan, and their tangled romantic relationship begins.

To Whom It May Concern - Raymond Ablack, Michael Cassidy, Taylor Dearden & Ana Villafañe Join CBS Comedy Pilot
Ablack will play Tanner, the high school best friend. Loves Kate (Heelan) and the corner pierogi shop they run together, but does hope someday she'll relent to his white picket fence aspirations. When not creating pierogi fillings like White Chocolate Chicken Parm, he spends the rest of his day watching random male grooming and lifestyle YouTube videos in his never-ending pursuit of becoming the bon vivant of the Pittsburgh pierogi scene.

Cassidy will play Kellen. Everything about Kellen just works. Always cool, calm and collected. The clothes. The cool hair. Has a mortgage, HAS BEEN TO FRANCE. He went to high school, college and interned with Evan at the factory. Good-natured, he genuinely wants to help Evan even though Evan clearly has perceived him as a rival.

Dearden will play Croz. Playfully sardonic, Croz has been living her best life since coming out in college. As Evan's co-worker and wing-lady, she's on the frontlines, night and day, encouraging him to follow suit.

Villafañe will play Lea Carter, an elementary school English teacher, who's breezy and cool – like the Pittsburgh weather never is. Life decisions have always come easily, but when she reconnects with Evan and friends, she wonders for the first time if there's more out there. The ever-smitten Evan has hoped that means him… since 9th grade.

Lilah Richcreek Joins Untitled Leslie Odom Jr. ABC Comedy Pilot
Richcreek plays Angela, Hope's spirited and flirtatious assistant.

Lovestruck (aka Untitled FOX Tom Kapinos Dramedy) - Rachel Bilson to Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Bilson will play the bride, Daisy Valentine. A 'bolt of pure sunshine,' she's sweet, thoughtful, assertive, has deep soulful eyes, and works in music education.

Bluff City Law - MaameYaa Boafo Joins NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Boafo will play Briana Logan, a private investigator who works for Elijah's firm.

Courthouse - Marg Helgenberger Joins CBS Legal Drama Pilot
Helgenberger will play Judge Judith who broke the glass ceiling by becoming one of the rare female judges in California. Originally a progressive voice from the bench, over time she has become an entrenched member of the judicial establishment. As Supervising Judge, Judith is a powerful and influential figure who oversees Lola's transition to judge — and through that relationship, she will rediscover her passion for justice.

Nancy Drew - Alvina August Joins The CW Pilot
August will play Detective Karen Hunt, an ambitious police detective who had a close friendship with Nancy's late mother. Karen has a protective attitude towards Nancy (McMann), who tends to get in hot water while pursuing her various investigations.

Adam & Eve - Ryan Hansen to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Adam & Eve follows one couple, Adam (Hansen) and Eve (Annable) at three stages of their relationship — young and passionate, middle-aged with kids and navigating retirement. It's a comedy about the big questions: What makes a marriage last? Do people ever really change? And, after 40 years together, why can't we pick a place for dinner without it turning into a whole, you know, "thing"?

Heart of Life - Jessica Stroup Joins ABC Drama Pilot Inspired by John Mayer Song
Stroup will play Alexandra Reid, Wes' (Dave Annable) sister, one of the two sets of adult siblings.

Tommy - Joseph Lyle Taylor & David Fierro Join CBS LAPD Drama Pilot
Taylor will play Dudik, Buddy's (Fierro) deputy, Treat "The Dude" Dudik, the somewhat dim, brutal, blindly loyal fixer who always returns to his master's side for another kick.

Fierro will play Buddy, the brilliant, manipulative Mayor of Los Angeles, who becomes a rival for power with Abigail "Tommy" Thomas (Falco), the city's first female police chief.

Jane the Novela - Hunter Parrish to Co-Star in The CW's Jane the Virgin Spinoff Pilot
Parrish will play Felix, Napa's most eligible bachelor and heir apparent to his family's winery. Though Felix's future looks bright, he is tortured by the secrets of his past.

Prism - Joe Tippett & Alex Neustaedter Join NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Tippett will play Lucius King, Rachel's second chair.

Neustaedter will play Michael Jamison. Hard to tell if he's a bit unstable or just masterfully playing everyone.

Woman Up - Bryce Charles & Tate Moore Join ABC Comedy Pilot
Moore will play young Liz (Ellis).

Charles will play young Phoebe (Newsome).

Nana - Ben Lawson to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot in Recasting Replacing Josh Cooke
Nana centers on Alex (Lawson), a fire chief in Indianapolis and an obsessive dad, who after the death of his wife, is forced to invite his brash and bawdy mother-in-law – Nana (Sagal) – into his home to help raise the two granddaughters she barely knows.

The recasting was made after the pilot's table read which triggered a substantial reworking of the script. Sagal as the title character was very well received, a number of other elements underwent changes, including the male lead character Alex.

neXT - Michael Mosley Joins FOX AI Drama Pilot
Mosley will play CM, a Southern ex-con hacker with a genius IQ who works at the FBI cybercrime division.

Nancy Drew - Freddie Prinze Jr. to Star in The CW Pilot
Prinze will play Nancy's dad, Carson Drew, a dynamic attorney who has become estranged from Nancy following the recent death of his beloved wife. But his attempts to reconnect with his daughter run aground when Nancy's murder investigation reveals unsettling secrets from Carson's own past.

Emergence - Zabryna Guevara Joins NBC Mystery Drama Pilot
Guevara will play Abby, a pediatrician who is a longtime friend of Jo.

Patty's Auto - Jonathan Sadowski Joins FOX Comedy Pilot
Sadowski will play Bill, the crass, tough owner of the Muffler Men auto repair shop across the street from Patty's Auto. Despite his fierce competition with Patty, the two are more alike than different and are therefore drawn to each other.

The Baker And The Beauty - David Del Rio Joins ABC Romantic Comedy Drama Pilot
Del Rio will play Mateo Garcia, Daniel's younger brother.

Until The Wedding - Christian Borle Joins ABC Romantic Drama Pilot
Borle will play Miles, Adrienne's charming, highly accomplished brother and stay-at-home dad.

Deputy - Bex Taylor-Klaus Joins FOX Drama Pilot in Recasting Replacing Jasmine Kaur
The recasting of Jasmine Kaur with Taylor-Klaus, who identifies as gender non-binary was made at the table read.

Taylor-Klaus will play Deputy Breanna Bishop, the smartly dressed, sarcastic, "quietly badass" driver in charge of newly appointed Sheriff Hollister's security detail.

Prodigal Son - Halston Sage Joins FOX Police Drama Pilot
Sage will play Ainsley, Bright's younger sister, a successful TV journalist with a good sense of humor. Younger and more normal(ish) than Bright, they have a good relationship, but she's an emotional spark plug.

Lincoln - Courtney Grosbeck Joins NBC's The Bone Collector Adaptation Police Drama Pilot
Grosbeck will play Rae Sachs, Amelia's kid sister, stalked and tormented by the serial killer.

Lincoln - Arielle Kebbel to Star in NBC's The Bone Collector Adaptation Police Drama Pilot
Kebbel will play Amelia Sachs, extremely bright and can hold her own in any situation. Lincoln forms a unique partnership with Amelia Sachs (Kebbel), a young beat cop who helps him hunt the deadly mastermind while also taking on the most high-profile cases in the NYPD.

Deniz Akdeniz Joins ABC's Untitled Hannah Simone Comedy Pilot
Akdeniz will play Jack. Vain and manicured, yet hip-hop, Jack lives in a townhouse next door to his parents and drives a BMW. He looks up to his big sister Hannah (Simone) but can't believe she hasn't figured out that success equals getting paid.

Boris McGiver & Tyla Harris Join Untitled ABC Hank Steinberg & 50 Cent Drama Pilot
McGiver will play DA Maskins, who's running a campaign to unseat the current Attorney General, and who happens to be married to Kate (Indira Varma), the prison warden.

Harris will portray Jasmine, Aaron's (Pinnock) daughter.

The Republic of Sarah - Daniel Ings & Annie Funke Join CBS Drama Pilot
Ings will play Danny. After enduring a difficult childhood at the hands of his mother, Danny returns to his hometown as the harbinger of its demise. A mining company lawyer tasked with negotiating the acquisition of Morrisville's newly discovered mineral resource, Danny must confront the faces of his troubled past… including his sister, Sarah (Drew), and her best friend, Corinne (Funke)… Danny’s ""one that got away.""

Funke will play Corinne, Sarah's devoted, bubbly best friend. Like Sarah, Corinne is a teacher in the town and possesses warmth, wit, and savvy. But Corinne is also the only person in town who truly understands the truth of Sarah's relationship with her mother and the complicated past with Sarah's brother, Danny (Ings).

Glamorous - Peyton List & Susan Santiago Join The CW's Gender Non-Conforming Pilot
List will play AlyssaSays, an over-the-top YouTube personality with a competitive edge who finds an unexpected home at the same cosmetics firm as Marco.

Santiago will pay Julia, a no-nonsense lawyer who has raised her son in a loving and supportive environment where he's always been held to the highest of standards. As her son leaves the nest for the first time, Julia fights to keep him on the ambitious (if colorless) path in life she is absolutely certain is best for him.

Mary Stuart Masterson to Co-Star in Untitled ABC Hank Steinberg & 50 Cent Drama Pilot
Masterson will play Anya. Hard-charging, intelligent, politically savvy but take-no-prisoners, Anya is the Brooklyn District Attorney. Married to Kate, they share two kids. Anya is running for re-election, and Kate's support of Aaron will make that very complicated for her.

Lincoln - Michael Imperioli to Star in NBC's The Bone Collector Adaptation Police Drama Pilot
Imperioli will play Rick Sellitto, an NYPD detective and Lincoln's partner.

Perfect Harmony - Geno Segers & Rizwan Manji Join NBC Church Choir Comedy Pilot
Segers will play Shep Rollins. Rugged and strong, he is the youngest of six enormous brothers.

Manji will play Reverand Jax. He was not born in the U.S. but has a lifelong love affair with American pop culture.

Prodigal Son - Tom Payne to Star in FOX Police Drama Pilot in Recasting Replacing Finn Jones
The decision was made after the pilot's table read earlier this week where Finn Jones exited over creative differences.

Malcolm Bright (Payne), who has a gift. He knows how killers think, how their minds work. Why? His father Martin Whitly (Sheen) was one of the worst — a notorious serial killer called “The Surgeon.” That’s why Bright is the best criminal psychologist around; murder is the family business.

Mo McRae to Co-Star in Untitled Annie Weisman and Jason Katims FOX Drama Pilot
McRae will play Tim, Edie's (Echikunwoke) husband and fellow attorney.

Hailey Kilgore Joins Untitled Leslie Odom Jr. ABC Comedy Pilot
Kilgore will play Lisa, Omari's (Odom) biological daughter.

Until The Wedding - Christian Coulson Joins ABC Romantic Drama Pilot
Coulson will play James, Will's (Stahl-David) sexy international friend and an investor in Nick's (Trent Garrett) restaurant and Will's plus one at the wedding.

neXT - Gerardo Celasco Joins FOX AI Drama Pilot
Celasco will play the blue collar tough guy Ty Salazar, who is Shea's loving husband.

Bluff City Law - Jayne Atkinson Joins NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Atkinson will play Della Bedford, a warm-hearted but incredibly shrewd and wise lawyer in Elijah's firm.

Stumptown - Camryn Manheim Joins ABC P.I. Drama Pilot
Manheim will play Lieutenant Roberta Volk, Hoffman's (Ealy) superior officer on the Portland Police Department, who has a no-nonsense, big city vibe. Her path crosses with Dex (Smulders) when she supervises Hoffman's investigation into a kidnapping case.

Under the Bridge - Justin Kirk to Star in CBS Medical Drama Pilot
Kirk will play Michael, a charming, affable ""natural leader who loves the limelight"" and just happens to be one of the top cardiothoracic surgeons in the state. Michael is a real mover and shaker in the private practice he founded some years back with his and Caitlin's best friends, Dan, Charlie and Ameni. Always the class clown, Michael is learning that his irreverent and sometimes inappropriate behavior have landed him in hot water, and the hospital they are aligned with wants him booted out.

New York Undercover - MC Lyte, Otmara Marrero, Toby Sandeman, Anna Enger & Octavio Pizano Join ABC Reboot Pilot
Lyte plays Lt. April Freeman, a hard-driving boss with a genius IQ.

Marrero plays Melissa Ortiz, a fiery young detective who blends well undercover.

Sandeman plays Nat Gilmore, charismatic with an easy smile and a quick fuse.

Enger plays Lisa Kim, an ambitious climber.

Pizano plays Moses Hernandez, an eager beaver with a hero complex.

Geniuses - Tisha Campbell-Martin to Co-Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Campbell-Martin plays Rita, a mother of three and a casino pit boss. She's Cay's (Lawson) closest friend at work.

Deputy - Siena Goines, Jasmine Kaur & Shane Paul McGhie Join FOX Drama Pilot
Goines will play Deputy Rachel Quinn. Practical, meticulous and a workaholic, this clever detective pieces together details overlooked by others, and does so quickly.

Kaur will play Deputy Breanna Bishop. Smartly dressed and sarcastic, this ""quietly badass"" driver is in charge of newly appointed Sheriff Hollister's security detail.

McGhie will play Deputy Joseph Blair. Bright-eyed and buzz-cut, this whippet-slender young man is the son of Hollister's old partner.

Courthouse - J. Alex Brinson Joins CBS Legal Drama Pilot
Brinson will play Luke. Wholesome, generous and hardworking, Luke is a bailiff by day and law student by night, determined to move up in the world by becoming a lawyer.

Under the Bridge - Reggie Lee Joins CBS Medical Drama Pilot
Lee will play Charlie, the neurologist in the practice, and Michael and Caitlin's close friend since med school.

Joy Bryant to Co-Star in Untitled ABC Hank Steinberg & 50 Cent Drama Pilot
Bryant will play Marie, Aaron's ex-wife. She is intelligent, fiercely protective of her 17-year-old daughter Jasmine and carries the heavy burden of still loving the man she's divorced. Marie is in an impossible situation, believing that Aaron never will get out of prison and yet having to try to move on with life.

Stumptown - Michael Ealy & Mark Webber to Star in ABC P.I. Drama Pilot
Ealy will play Miles Hoffman, a detective with the Portland Police Department who is looking for escaped convict Samuel Kane — who's probably going to pay a visit to Grey McConnell (Webber) any day now.

Webber will play Grey McConnell, Dex's best friend. He has an unrequited crush on her. He's been renovating an old-fashioned brew pub into a modern-sleek mixology joint and has hired Dex's brother as his sole employee.

Nana - Bill Bellamy Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Bellamy will play Burke, Alex's enthusiastic co-worker. This firefighter isn't the brightest bulb, but he's a great pal and sounding board for Alex. He was so eager to rescue a cat in a tree and get a taste of some ""real action"" that he accidentally crashed into another engine at the scene.

Holly Chou to Star; Cindy Cheung, Stephen Park, Kelly Hu, Helen Hong, Ki Hong Lee, Ashley Park and John Gemberling Join ABC's Untitled Jessica Gao Comedy Pilot
The untitled comedy is about Janet Zhao (Chou), a first generation Chinese-American woman who struggles to set healthy boundaries with her crazy, exhausting family. When her wealthy grandmother dies and names Janet the sole inheritor, she suddenly finds herself the unwilling new matriarch of the family she’s spent her life trying to keep at arm's length.

Cheung plays Kathy, Park plays Robert, Hu plays Auntie Amy, Hong plays Auntie Linda, Ki Hong Lee plays Franklin, Park plays Winnie, and Gemberling plays Gene.

Emergence - Donald Faison to Co-Star in NBC Mystery Drama Pilot
Faison will play Alex, Jo's (Tollman) recently divorced husband and the father of their daughter.

Triangle - Edwin Hodge & Mallory Jansen Join ABC's Bermuda Triangle Drama Pilot
Hodge will play Ulysses

Jansen will play Grace.

Until The Wedding - Michael David-Stahl, Trent Garrett, Liza Colon-Zayas, Juani Feliz, Vered Blonstein and Michael Benjamin Washington Join ABC Romantic Drama Pilot
Stahl-David will play Will, Adrienne's (Thirlby) ex and an incredible surgeon.

Garrett will play Nick.

Colon-Zayas will play Nancy, Danny (Bonilla) and Laura's (Thirlby) mother.

Feliz will play Isabel.

Bronstein will play Laura, Danny's (Bonilla) sister.

Washington will play Sam, Miles' (TBD) husband.

Alexis Fields Joins Untitled Leslie Odom Jr. ABC Comedy Pilot
Fields will play Nikkina.

The Beauty And The Baker - Michelle Veintimilla Joins ABC Romantic Comedy Drama Pilot
Veintimilla will play Vanessa.

Stumptown - Adrian Martinez Joins ABC P.I. Drama Pilot
Martinez will play Tookie.

United We Fall - Jason Michael Snow Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Snow will play Gary, Bill's (TBD) super-cool, cosmopolitan, glamorous brother.

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