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The SpoilerTV 2019 Pilot Casting Newsreel - Part 1

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Hi everyone, below you will find all the casting announcements for the new pilot season. We'll try our best to keep this updated with all new casting as quickly as possible. If you find any that aren't posted, please do submit them in, anything from last year will likely have been added to the daily newsreel which you should also visit once in a while. Also, I recommend clicking the links to Deadline etc if you want more information (e.g. series synopsis) as I always link everything back so that function is there. I try to keep it to character descriptions for the castings so this article doesn't fill up too quickly.

Full details on pilot plots and castings for all pilots are available in the 2019 Full SpoilerTV Pilot Watch Spreadsheet.

Filthy Rich - David Denman & Olivia Macklin Join FOX Drama Pilot
Denman will play Reverend Paul Luke Thomas, the beloved, popular, influential and ambitious minister at the Sunshine Network.

Macklin will play Becky Monroe, Eric Monroe's (Cott) prim, snooty wife.

Prodigal Son - Keiko Agena Joins FOX Police Drama Pilot
Agena will play Edrisa, the slightly off-center coroner working with the NYPD detective team. She is thrilled by her work, and she is both smitten and fascinated with Bright.

Bluff City Law - Stony Blyden Joins NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Blyden will play Emerson, a tech-savvy assistant and paralegal at the law firm.

Carol's Second Act - Jean-Luc Bilodeau to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Bilodeau will play Daniel Kutcher, a Harvard-educated first-year resident.

The Hypnotist's Love Story - Juliet Rylance to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Rylance plays Ellen, a passionate and talented hypnotherapist who has helped countless clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, but who has never managed to achieve her own goal of finding lasting romance. That is, until Patrick (Canto) came along…

Under the Bridge - Sarayu Blue to Co-Star in CBS Medical Drama Pilot
Blue will play Ameni, an OB with a sub-specialty in high-risk pregnancies, Ameni is opinionated, relentlessly passionate and enjoys a good fight. A wind-up toy who never slows down, you can get Ameni going on any subject in about three seconds flat, but her positions are wildly inconsistent which is what makes her so much fun. When the hospital places an ultimatum on the private practice she shares with her best friends, Ameni decides to vote Michael out which causes a rift between her and Cait (Morrison).

Courthouse - Wilson Bethel Joins CBS Legal Drama Pilot
Bethel will play Mark, a roguish, highly successful Deputy District Attorney whose best friend and colleague Lola (TBD) has been just been appointed a judge. Never great with boundaries, Mark struggles with the personal and professional changes in their relationship.

The Republic of Sarah - Kimberly Guerrero to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Guerrero will play Mary, a self-reliant badass whose steady support has made her the strong maternal figure in Sarah's life that Sarah always wished her own mother would be. When Morrisville declares its independence, Mary becomes part of the group that governs the new nation, which forces her to "play with others" in a way that's both unfamiliar and uncomfortable for a lone wolf like her.

Prodigal Son - Finn Jones to Star in FOX Police Drama Pilot
Finn Jones plays intelligent but deeply damaged, Malcolm, who has a self-deprecating sense of humor and a surprising level of compassion. He knows how killers think, how their minds work. Why? His father Martin Whitly (Sheen) was one of the worst — a notorious serial killer called "The Surgeon." That's why Bright is the best criminal psychologist around; murder is the family business.

Indira Varma to Star in Untitled ABC Hank Steinberg & 50 Cent Drama Pilot
Varma plays Kate, a self-made woman. Confident, tough, progressive but pragmatic. Kate is the warden of the Pennsylvania prison where Aaron is incarcerated. She's a hard-charger with aspirations to reform the prison system and advance her own career in the process. She shares two kids with her wife, Anya. Anya's running for Attorney General and Kate's championing of Aaron will put them into conflict.

The Us Project - Laura & Vanessa Marano Join CBS Comedy Pilot
Laura Marano will play Nell, the older daughter of Kevin and Holly (TBD), Nell is a teenager and the leader of the two daughters.

Vanessa Marano will play Jen, Kevin and Holly's younger daughter who idolizes her older sister Nell so much, she pretends they're twins.

Council Of Dads - Michael O'Neill, Steven Silver, Emjay Anthony and Thalia Tran Join NBC Drama Pilot
O'Neill will play Larry Malvern, a calming presence who is used to being in charge.

Silver will play Evan, a smart, caring young man with a great sense of humor who has been taking care of his sick mother.

Anthony will play Theo Perry, Scott's son who thinks the world is against him and that he can't do anything.

Tran will play Charlotte Perry, Robin and Scott's daughter.

Our House - Malcolm Barrett to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Barrett will play Shawn, a kind-hearted and open-minded "super dad" who, along with his wife Bridget, is committed to raising his children in a home where emotions can be shared freely (i.e. the opposite of how Bridget was raised). Shawn recently moved his family from California to Rockland County New York, where he now lives and works as a therapist out of his wife's family home. With his old school in-laws and wife's siblings back in the picture, Shawn finds his patience fading fast. He's always wanted to be closer to Bridget's family, but this may be closer than he bargained for.

Heart of Life - Dave Annable to Star in ABC Drama Pilot Inspired by John Mayer Song
Annable will play Wesley "Wes" Reid, the brother in one of the two sets of adult siblings.

The Republic Of Sarah - Kirsten Nelson & James Lesure Join CBS Drama Pilot
Nelson will play Francine, Morrisville's sheriff. Unflappable and resolute, Francine lives her life according to old-school principles of honor and duty and isn't afraid to speak her mind when she feels those principles are being ignored. She is an important member of Sarah's new government, but that position becomes imperiled when her illicit romance with a married Morrisville citizen goes public.

Lesure will play Tim, an aloof banker who splits his time between Wall Street and a rustic getaway in New Hampshire. Tim always has been the smartest and most powerful guy in any Morrisville room, until the town chooses – against his advice – to put its faith in Sarah and her plan for independence. Tim quickly becomes a thorn in Sarah's side as he fights to stop her and her new nation.

Sunnyside - Kiran Deol, Moses Storm, Diana Maria Riva, Samba Schutte, Poppy Liu, Joel Kim Booster and Tudor Petrut to Co-Star in NBC Immigrant Comedy Pilot
Sunnyside centers on former New York City Councilman Garrett Shah (Kal Penn) who finds his calling when faced with seven recent immigrants — five of them played by immigrant actors — in need of his help and in search of the American Dream.

The seven recent immigrants are Jin Hao, played by Korean-born Joel Kim Booster; Mallory, played by UK-born Kiran Deol; Mei Lin, played by Chinese-born Poppy Liu; Drzen, played by Romanian-born Tudor Petrut; Hakim, played by African-born Samba Schutte; Griselda, played by Diana Maria Riva; and Brady, played by Moses Storm.

Prodigal Son - Bellamy Young to Star in FOX Police Drama Pilot
Young will play Bright's mother, Jessica Whitly, an elegant WASPy New Yorker who wields sarcasm like a samurai sword. As the wife of a serial killer, she is a disgraced member of high society, but she refuses to hide from her truth, and she wishes her son would follow suit.

Broke - Natasha Leggero to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Leggero plays Elizabeth, Jackie's (Perrette) refined and slightly snobby older sister who married Miguel (Camil), a wonderful and wealthy man, and moved to Mexico City. However, she and her husband have burned through Miguel's trust fund and now, without money or prospects, the two have landed on Jackie's doorstep, in need of a place to live. Despite the slightly elitist mentality, Elizabeth is a loving woman who hasn't entirely forgotten her humble roots.

Richard Lovely - Thomas Lennon to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Lennon plays Richard Lovely, the disgruntled author of the best-selling children's book series, "Mr. Mouse." He doesn't hate children, but rather just everything about them. After a publicity fiasco involving an unexpectedly savvy 9-year-old kid, Mr. Mouse appears in Richard's real life as he is forced into an unlikely father/son relationship that will change his life forever.

Heart of Life - Harry Shum Jr. & Katie Findlay to Star in ABC Drama Pilot Inspired by John Mayer Song
Inspired by the John Mayer song of the same name, Heart of Life follows two sets of adult siblings from wildly different worlds who discover they're related and must reassess everything they thought they knew about their shared father. As they explore the mystery of their separate childhoods, they'll experience the difficulty in overcoming the sins of the past, and learn the joys of reuniting with long-lost family.

Shum and Findlay will play siblings Brendan and Sydney Winter.

Nancy Drew - Maddison Jaizani & Alex Saxon Join The CW Pilot
Jaizani will play Bess, a refined young woman whose wealthy background sets her apart from Nancy – but when they both become suspects in the same murder, Bess proves to be a spirited ally in the search for the real killer, all the while doing whatever it takes to keep her own dark secrets hidden.

Saxon will play Ace, a charming dishwasher with a philosophical bent; his provocative insights on the murder investigation will lead Nancy to conclude that there's much more to this supposed burnout than meets the eye.

Deputy - Yara Martinez & Brian Van Holt to Co-Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Martinez will play Hollister's wife, Dr. Paula Reyes, a trauma surgeon. Strong-willed yet sensitive, she's a good match for her husband.

Van Holt will play Deputy Cade Walker. A former Marine who served in Afghanistan, 8 years sober, Cade works MAJORS — ""the Delta Force of the LASD."" Tough, with a highly developed gallows humor.

Kelly Jenrette to Star in Untitled Leslie Odom Jr. ABC Comedy Pilot
The show revolves around Omari (Odom Jr.) & Hope (Jenrette) who together run a modern ministry and share an even more eclectic and chaotic home life with a combined four children.

Nicholas Pinnock to Star in Untitled ABC Hank Steinberg & 50 Cent Drama Pilot
Pinnock plays Aaron, who had it all–thriving night-club owner, lovely wife and daughter–but he lost it all nine years ago when he was unjustly accused of drug dealing and thrown into prison, winding up with a life sentence when he wouldn't plea bargain. Having put himself through online law school, passed the bar and gotten a sponsorship from a high profile judge, Aaron is now ready to practice law himself. He wants to focus on inmates like himself who have been unjustly accused and to somehow get his own conviction overturned.

The Hypnotist's Love Story - Jane Seymour to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Seymour will play Anne, Ellen's mother, a stylish, independent single mother by choice who is confounded by her daughter's longing for traditional romance.

Like Magic - French Stewart & Mike Lane Join NBC Comedy Pilot
Stewart will play Val Evans, a mentalist/illusionist who's been the biggest act at the Magic Palace for the past few years.

Lane will play Anthony, Holly's best friend from middle school who's also a magician.

Filthy Rich - Steve Harris & Melia Kreiling to Co-Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Harris will play Franklin Lee, the Monroe family lawyer and a suit at the Sunshine Network.

Kreiling will play Ginger Sweet, a beautiful and fierce woman with business savvy, who grew up dirt poor in Vegas.

Jane the Novela - Marcia Cross to Co-Star in The CW's Jane the Virgin Anthology Spinoff Pilot
Jane the Novela mirrors the setup of the original series. It follows a driven, imaginative twenty-something Latina woman (Lopez) who is torn between her boyfriend, Luen, and Felix, a handsome, rich guy. Felix co-owns a winery with his manipulative and glamorous mother Renata (Cross) who will stop at nothing to secure her son’s legacy, even if it means standing in the way of his happiness.

Carol's Second Act - Kyle MacLachlan to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
MacLachlan will play Dr. Frost. Handsome, affable and accomplished, he is the Senior Attending Physician on the ward (as well as the Department Chair) and thinks he's funnier than he is. Considerably more empathetic than Dr. Maya (Ito Aghayere), Dr. Frost takes an immediate shine to Carol.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Peter Gallagher & John Clarence Stewart Join NBC Musical Dramedy Pilot
Gallagher will play Mitch, Zoey's father.

Stewart will play Simon, a marketing exec at Zoey's tech company.

Broke (aka Untitled Jaime Camil/Jennie Snyder Urman Project) - Pauley Perrette to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Perrette plays Jackie, a tough, sharp-witted, loving but struggling single mom with a 9-year-old son. The manager of a bar, Jackie is feisty, not easily cowed, sometimes hot-headed, the kind of woman who knows her way around a tool box and an acetylene torch. She's not thrilled when her snobby rich sister and husband suddenly show up on her doorstep, but she comes to remember how much she loves her sister and learns to appreciate them both in her life.

Filthy Rich - Gerald McRaney to Star in FOX Drama Pilot
McRaney will play Eugene Monroe. An extremely southern, charming, charismatic man, he is Margaret's (Cattrall) husband, one half of the Christian powerhouse couple that runs the Sunshine Network.

The Lost Boys - Rio Mangini & Del Zamora Join The CW Pilot
Mangini will play, Sam, Michael's younger brother, whose high level of literacy is matched by an equally high level of snark. He seems to be the only one not enchanted by Santa Carla — a sentiment he shares with a pair of local girls, the Frog Sisters.

Zamora will play Frank Garcia, Lucy's father, a cantankerous old hippie who owns a beloved local bed and breakfast. In spite of his laid-back appearance, he's a strict disciplinarian who probably knows more about the dark side of town than he cares to tell.

To Whom It May Concern - Michael Angarano & Briga Heelan to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Angarano will play Evan, a modern George Bailey-type and Pittsburgh diehard who has never left the city limits. The amiable Evan once had sky high hopes for his future, but now finds himself working Quality Control at a ketchup factory and flying aimlessly through his golden late twenties. He seeks that something and/or someone to give him a much necessitated kick in the ass, and that beacon of hope is about to arrive.

Heelan will play Kate, the entrepreneurial co-owner of the city's coolest pierogi shop. A free spirit and product of divorce, Kate wittingly questions almost everything and doesn't want to be tied down by the shackles of conventional domestic norms. She and Evan (Angarano) have been best friends since college and he introduced her to the love of her life

The Beauty And The Baker - Victor Rasuk to Star in ABC Romantic Comedy Drama Pilot
Rasuk plays Daniel, the eldest son of a very tight-knight and loving immigrant family. Honest, grounded, comfortable in his own skin, Daniel's future is all mapped out for him. He'll inherit the family bakery, marry his long-time girlfriend, and have a really nice life. But are those things what he really wants?

The Republic of Sarah - Sarah Drew to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Drew will play Sarah Cooper, the titular beating heart of The Republic of Sarah. She's a quintessential New Englander: sharply intelligent, fiercely loyal, and always willing to lend a hand. She's hesitant to step into the spotlight at first, but her quiet strength and innate leadership begin to flourish after external forces threaten her community and her way of life.

Prism - Sara Rue Joins NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Rue will play Alexis Boden. She's ambitious and views the trial as her "Serial" opportunity.

Evil - Aasif Mandvi to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Mandvi will play Ben, a carpenter who was recruited for David's (Colter) team early on. Ben has a deep skepticism about all things supernatural. He is a genius at uncovering the organic reasons behind reported ""hauntings,"" but there may be things outside his understanding that will rattle his belief system.

Lincoln - Russell Hornsby to Star in NBC's The Bone Collector Adaptation Police Drama Pilot
Lincoln follows legendary forensic criminologist Lincoln Rhyme (Hornsby), who was seriously injured during his hunt for the diabolic serial killer known as the Bone Collector. Called back into action when the killer re-emerges, Lincoln forms a unique partnership with Amelia Sachs, a young beat cop who helps him hunt the deadly mastermind while also taking on the most high-profile cases in the NYPD. Lincoln Rhyme is a New York City police detective and maverick obsessed with taking down the serial killer known as the Bone Collector.

Prodigal Son - Michael Sheen to Star in FOX Police Drama Pilot
Sheen will play Martin Whitly, an intelligent, wealthy, charismatic man who also happens to be a predatory sociopath that murdered more than 20 people. Martin was once a devoted family man and successful cardiothoracic surgeon with high-profile patients.

Richard Lovely - Nicole Sun Joins FOX Comedy Pilot
Sun will play Lindsay, Richard's kind, beautiful neighbor. She's a newly divorced mom still adjusting to life as a single parent.

The Unicorn - Walton Goggins to Star in CBS Single-Camera Comedy Pilot
Goggins will play a devoted father to two adolescent girls. He's a big-hearted open-book of a guy, but without his wife, he's finding himself at sea. When his friends persuade him to start dating again, he discovers to his shock that he's kind of a hot commodity — if only he knew what the heck he was doing.

The Hypnotist's Love Story - Adan Canto to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Canto will play Patrick, a devoted single father — warm, romantic, charismatic and quite possibly the one Ellen's been waiting for. But he also lives with the stalker secret. Patrick longs for his relationship with Ellen to work but fears this new relationship can’t withstand the pressure of the unseen woman who's always out there, always watching.

Uninsured - Fran Drescher to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Drescher will play Linda, a mother and grandmother who loves her kids and grandkids as much as she loves reminding people she's from Brooklyn.

Perfect Harmony (aka Untitled NBC Church Choir Comedy) - Tymberlee Hill Joins NBC Comedy Pilot
Hill will play Adams Adams, the richest woman in town, and a force of nature who is the undisputed star of the choir, partly because everyone's afraid of her.

The Republic Of Sarah - Carlos Leal & Jonathan Slavin Join CBS Drama Pilot
Leal will play Luis, an artist who moved to Morrisville from Miami to find a quiet place to paint. He had settled into rural life nicely — before his world was turned upside down by the arrival of his 14-year-old daughter, Maya (TBD). Luis has a lot to learn when it comes to raising a teenage girl, but he gets plenty of help from Sarah (TBD) along the way.

Slavin will play Eugene, a brilliant, bizarre librarian who is a resident of this small New Hampshire town. Eugene's hummingbird energy and encyclopedic knowledge of sociopolitical minutiae make him an invaluable asset to Sarah and her team as the brand-new government of Morrisville gets up and running.

United We Fall - Jane Curtin to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Curtin will play Bill's extremely judgmental mother, who went through a health scare two years ago. Bill and Jo did the right thing and took her in, then Sandy miraculously recovered and never left. Sandy doesn't understand the challenges of modern parenting, yet she weighs in on everything that Bill and Jo do to let them know it's wrong. The only thing that's great for Bill is that Sandy will criticize Jo in a way he agrees with but is too scared to admit. On the other hand, Sandy will criticize Bill in a way Jo agrees with, and that sucks for Bill.

The Baker And The Beauty - Nathalie Kelley to Star in ABC Romantic Comedy Drama Pilot
Kelley plays Noa Hollander, an international superstar recognized all over the world and one of the most famous and desired women on Earth. Noa was a young heiress, who turned her modeling career into a fashion empire and now is making the jump to acting. She has all the qualities you'd expect to find in an international superstar: She's fickle, guarded, entitled — but underneath all that, there is a real warmth to her. She's a woman with a lot of love to give but no real idea how to do that.

Emily Osment to Star in Untitled Annie Weisman and Jason Katims FOX Drama Pilot
Osment plays Roxy, a feisty, unfiltered & impulsive, irrepressible "compact spark plug of a woman." She is a former Olympic gymnast who is now a "Sports Legend of Yesteryear."

Carol's Second Act - Bonnie Dennison & Ito Aghayere Join CBS Comedy Pilot
Dennison plays Jenny, Carol's big-hearted daughter who became a pharmaceutical rep because, as a pretty and charming young woman, it's an easy job. Jenny loves and is supportive of Carol, and her practical and outgoing demeanor is a buoyant counterpoint to Carol's neurotic medical colleagues.

Aghayere plays Dr. Maya, the Chief Resident in charge of Carol and the other three interns. A type-A, high-achieving disciplinarian, Dr. Maya is all business. She's instantly annoyed because Carol is a chatty maverick who hates authority — and Dr. Maya and her authority are not up for debate.

Emergence - Owain Yeoman Joins NBC Mystery Drama Pilot
Yeoman will play Benny, an investigative reporter for Reuters.

Until The Wedding - Britt Lower to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Lower will play Naomi, Adrienne's roommate and best friend. Defiantly single, defiant in general — there's nothing Naomi loves more than a good fight. Smart, uncensored, very funny, Naomi's an up- and-coming writer with a new book of essays that's getting serious traction. Though Naomi would say anything to anyone, there are very few people she truly lets in. A fiercely loyal friend, Naomi would go to the end of Earth for the people she loves.

neXt - Fernanda Andrade & Aaron Moten Join FOX AI Drama Pilot
Andrade will play Shea, an FBI agent with the cybercrime division. Shea has overcome a troubled, sometimes violent past in her home country to become the youngest agent to run her own cyber division.

Moten will play Ben, described as a straight-laced, buttoned-up hard worker. Boring to the point of being interesting, he works with Shea at the FBI cyber crime division.

Like Magic - Freddie Stroma & Hayley Magnus Join NBC Comedy Pilot
Stroma will play Jake, the overworked entertainment director of the Magic Palace.

Magnus will play Penny, who forges a bond with Holly as the only two female performers.

Prism - Chloe Wepper, David Alpay & Brooke Smith Join NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Wepper plays Sophie Regen, a recent law school graduate who worships Rachel.

Alpay plays Jay Kershaw, a therapist who's kind of messed up.

Smith plays Bec Jamison, the hard-living and tough mother of the accused.

Until The Wedding - E.J. Bonilla to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Bonilla plays Danny Garcia, a serious mensch, warm, funny, wears his heart on his sleeve. He's not afraid to say what he thinks or express emotion. He's the kind of guy who was born 40, and then had to shoulder a lot of responsibility growing up. Super-smart and tech savvy, Danny came from nothing. He built an online fraud detection company that's about to go public, but he's a family guy first. He's a romantic, and madly in love with his girlfriend Adrienne. Things get complicated when Adrienne's ex-boyfriend shows up on the weekend Danny plans to propose.

Evil - Michael Emerson to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Emerson will play Townsend, a seemingly kind and trustworthy man with a twinkle in his eye and an appealing manner. But outward appearances couldn't be more deceiving. An expert witness for the defense in a mass-murder case, Townsend actually might be an agent of evil who spurs his followers to acts of unspeakable violence and murder.

Until The Wedding - Olivia Thirlby to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Thirlby plays Adrienne, the one all her friends go to first for advice. She's super empathic and warm with a biting sense of humor. Idealistic, ambitious and really smart, Adrienne has an especially high EQ. She's a highly skilled psychologist who's sometimes better at taking care of other people than she is of herself. A trauma specialist, who's still a little commitment-phobic after a terrible breakup with a fellow do-gooder she met in Kenya two years ago. She regrouped back home in New York and fell in love with a stable, menschy guy. When the fellow do-gooder makes an unexpected reappearance at the moment the mensch is about to propose, Adrienne is thrown for a loop and her world goes topsy turvy.

The Baker And The Beauty - Carlos Gomez, Lisa Vidal, Dan Bucatinsky & Belissa Escobedo Join ABC Romantic Comedy Drama Pilot
Gomez plays Santiago Garcia, the patriarch of the family.

Vidal plays Mari Garcia, the matriarch of the family.

Butinsky plays Lewis, Noa's manager and Handler.

Escobedo plays Natalie, the youngest child in the family.

The Lost Boys - Sarah Hay, Cheyenne Haynes & Haley Tju Join The CW Pilot
Hay will play Mollie. Turned into a vampire by David, Mollie has become her maker's rival for leadership of the vampire gang. She travels in a small pack with her eternally 8-year-old son, Laddie, and a guardian, Hiram, who's there to make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble.

Haynes and Tju will portray the Frog Sisters, Liza and Cassie, respectively. Sharp, cool and lightly Goth, the Frog Sisters are teenage locals who work at Santa Carla's comic-book store. Until Sam arrives, they think they're the only ones aware of the darkness in this town.

Bluff City Law - Barry Sloane & Michael Luwoye to Co-Star in NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Sloane will play Jake Reilly, a smart and confident lawyer who works for Elijah.

Luwoye will play Anthony Little, a fantastic lawyer who is also the warm-hearted father of three daughters.

Patty's Auto - Kyla Pratt Joins FOX Comedy Pilot
Pratt will play Tiny, Patty's younger sister by a different father. The opposite of Patty, Tiny wears her heart on her sleeve. She gives manicures at the nail station inside the shop, and she gets frustrated with Patty for treating her like a kid, even when she acts like one.

Timothy Hutton to Star in Untitled Annie Weisman and Jason Katims FOX Drama Pilot
Hutton's handsome, charming & brilliant Dr. Leon Bechley is a distinguished & highly respected fertility specialist.

Tommy - Adelaide Clemens to Co-Star in CBS LAPD Drama Pilot
Clemens will play Blake. As the Press Secretary for the Chief of Police (Falco), Blake focuses less on substance than on how things look. Polished, confident, whip smart and hard-working, Blake worked as Press Secretary for the previous Chief of Police, whom she tolerated in exchange for ample appreciation of her efforts. By comparison, she's uneasy with the new Chief, who doesn't know her – or, as far as she can tell, like her.

neXT - Eve Harlow Joins FOX AI Drama Pilot
Harlow will play Gina. Easy to offend, a bit of a nerd and ultra woke, she works at the FBI cybercrime division.

Tommy - Russell G. Jones & Olivia Lucy Phillip Join CBS LAPD Drama Pilot
Jones will play Looper. Phlegmatic but sharp as a tack, Looper is the Chief of Staff, whose job is to keep the trains running while the new Chief of Police performs the political aspects of the job. Part of Tommy's inner team, Looper proves to be instinctual and insightful, a good cop with good instincts and the ability to keep his mouth shut.

Phillip will play Kate. She's Tommy's daughter, who seems to be everything her mother is not: soft where her mother is hard, quiet where she is commanding; deep down, however, she's just as stubborn. A school psychologist who is married to an engineer and the mother of 8-year-old Luna, Kate lives in L.A. and is estranged from her mother, whom she resents for putting her career before her child.

Deputy - Stephen Dorff to Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Deputy centers on Deputy Bill Hollister (Dorff), a career lawman who's very comfortable kicking down doors and utterly lost in a staff meeting. But when the LA County Sheriff drops dead, Bill becomes acting sheriff of Los Angeles County, in charge of 10,000 sworn deputies policing a modern Wild West.

Adam & Eve - Odette Annable to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Adam & Eve follows one couple, Adam and Eve (Annable) at three stages of their relationship — young and passionate, middle-aged with kids, and navigating retirement. It's a comedy about the big questions: What makes a marriage last? Do people ever really change? And, after 40 years together, why can't we pick a place for dinner without it turning into a whole, you know, thing?

Genius - Jason Biggs to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Biggs plays Mike, the dad. Affable and enthusiastic. Not dumb, but definitely not cerebral.

Alanna Ubach Joins ABC's Untitled Hannah Simone Comedy Pilot
Ubach will play Susan, the family's closest friend, filled with confidence and booze, always over-the-top. Susan can be counted on to say exactly the wrong thing at all times.

The Us Project (aka The Story of Us) - Parker Young Joins CBS Comedy Pilot
Young will play Jared, Morgan's (TBD) live-in boyfriend. A new jiu-jitsu fanatic, Jared practices constantly in order to excel at his first amateur tournament that's quickly approaching and which he has no chance of winning. Jared lives on a diet of corn fungus smoothies, and occasionally wears a strange ""elevation mask"" to increase lung capacity and oxygen efficiency — but it also makes him look like Bane. Though he has sweet qualities, Jared appears to be unaware that his eccentric enthusiasms are driving Morgan away from him.

Triangle - Mike Vogel to Star in ABC's Bermuda Triangle Drama Pilot
Vogel will play the central character David Roman whose life has always been a bit of a rollercoaster. He's an orphan who bounced between foster homes growing up. Now hoping to begin a new life with his daughter, Natalie and fiancé Alex, their tropical vacation is interrupted by a violent storm which capsizes their boat and lands them in a strange land filled with danger, mystery, and no way home.

Emergence - Alexa Skye Swinton to Star; Robert Bailey Jr, Clancy Brown and Ashley Aufderheide Join NBC Mystery Drama Pilot
Swinton plays Piper, a young child who is found near the site of a mysterious accident with no memory of what has happened. She is intelligent, curious and a bit mysterious. 

Bailey Jr. plays Chris, an industrious police officer

Aufderheide plays Jo's teenage daughter Bree who is strong-willed with a sense of humor.

Brown plays Jo's father Ed, a retired firefighter with a great sense of humor.

Tommy - Michael Chernus to Co-Star in CBS LAPD Drama Pilot
Chernus will play Ken. Rumpled, insecure, smart, wry, and a little self-deprecating, Ken is the speechwriter for L.A.'s incoming and first female Chief of Police, Tommy (Falco). Ken's job is to channel his boss' inner life and get it all on paper, which is put to the test immediately when tasked to write her swearing in speech without ever having met her.

Jane Leeves to Co-Star in ABC's Untitled Hannah Simone Comedy Pilot
Leeves' plays Caroline who is New Age-y with a fondness for crystals and meditation, the type who "really wants to know your sign." She is effusive, warm, a bit batty and flamboyant, but well-meaning. She stuns her grown children by announcing she and Sid are divorced and she has fallen in love with someone new… herself.

Woman Up - Mary Elizabeth Ellis & Tawny Newsome to Star; Kym Whitley, Gabrielle Elyse & Abby Quinn Join ABC Comedy Pilot;
Ellis will play Liz and Newsome is Phoebe, two former teen moms who worked their asses off to see their daughters all the way through high school graduation. And now at 35, they're ready to make up for the youth they never had.

Whitley will play Phoebe's mom Edna. Elyse will play Phoebe's daughter Angela, and Quinn will play Liz's daughter Grace.

New York Undercover - Luna Lauren Velez to Reprise Role in ABC Reboot Pilot
Velez will reprise her role as Nina Moreno. Moreno has retired as a detective but still has ties to the unit.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Mary Steenburgen to Co-Star in NBC Musical Dramedy Pilot
Steenburgen will play Maggie. As Zoey's mother, she is trying to put her best foot forward and keep her family intact.

Megalyn Echikunwoke to Star in Untitled Annie Weisman and Jason Katims FOX Drama Pilot
Echikunwoke will play one of the two sisters, Edie, a successful criminal defense attorney who is partners in both work and life with her husband. Despite her desire for stability, she's dissatisfied with her marriage and can't seem to scratch the itch.

Council of Dads - Clive Standen to Co-Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Standen plays Anthony Lavelle. One of Scott's oldest friends, Anthony is a chef and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Frankenstein - Saidah Arrika Ekulona to Co-Star in CBS Police Drama Pilot
Ekulona plays Capt. Mills, who is in charge at a crime scene and everywhere she goes, intelligent, decisive, tough but not without compassion or humor. Mills is Escher's boss with the San Francisco Police Department. Like his other friends and family, she's stunned when he returns six months after he was presumed dead in an attack at his home.

Brittany Snow to Star in Untitled Annie Weisman and Jason Katims FOX Drama Pilot
Only child Julia Bechley (Snow) has her life turned upside down when it's revealed that her father, a pioneering Nobel Prize-winning fertility doctor, used his own sperm to conceive dozens of children over the course of his career. Reeling from this explosive revelation, Julia discovers two new sisters — her former best friend and an ex-Olympic athlete. Against all odds, the women attempt to form an untraditional family and lean on each other as they grapple with their own identity crises.

Richard Roxburgh, Usman Ally & Madeline Wise Join Untitled FOX Tom Kapinos Dramedy Pilot
Roxburgh will play Nigel Valentine Lily's (MacDowell) ex-husband, a legendary British rock-star who tries to save the world through music and has a weakness for supermodels.

Wise will play the quirky and pessimistic Poppy, the exceedingly blunt daughter of Nigel and Lily.

Ally will play Julian, a roguish doctor who doesn't act like one.

Stumptown - Cobie Smulders to Star in ABC P.I. Drama Pilot
Smulders stars as Dex Parios. A whip-smart, hard-luck heroine you can't help but get behind. Once a decorated Military Intelligence officer overseas, Dex is now back home in Portland, Oregon, unable to hold down a steady job, spinning her wheels, running up gambling debts, waiting for trouble to catch up with her.

Filthy Rich - Aubrey Dollar, Benjamin Aguilar, Corey Cott & Mark L. Young Join FOX Drama Pilot
Dollar plays Margaret's daughter Rose Monroe, a sarcastic but kind-hearted clothing designer who yearns to be real and find her own voice apart from her family.

Cott plays her brother Eric Monroe. Married with two kids, he's the Senior VP of Operations at the conservative Christian Sunshine Network, which was created by his powerhouse parents.

Aguilar plays Antonio Rivera, a tattooed, up-and-coming boxer and single dad who finds himself wondering if a life with his new family in New Orleans might be the best thing for his toddler.

Young plays Jason Conley, an attractive, loyal young man who runs a weed business at a ranch in Colorado.

Bluff City Law - Jimmy Smits to Star in NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Smits will play Elijah, a legendary defense lawyer from Tennessee who is well-known to all in the Memphis community.

Filthy Rich - Kim Cattrall to Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Cattrall will play Margaret Monroe, the star of a hugely popular lifestyle TV show and the creator of a conservative TV network that she runs with her husband.

Will Greenberg Joins Untitled NBC Church Choir Comedy Pilot
Greenberg will play Wayne, Ginny's (Anna Camp) ex-husband.

New York Undercover - Malik Yoba to Reprise Role in ABC Reboot Pilot
Yoba will reprise his role as J.C. Williams from the original series. Williams is now overseeing the unit and the next generation of detectives.

Nana - Josh Cooke to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Cooke will play Alex, a fire chief in Indianapolis who is a newly widowed single father of two girls. It's clear that he is in over his head with the girls, but he is reluctant to hire help and can't imagine letting a stranger look after his children. Overly protective and a bit controlling, the last thing he wants is to welcome his late wife's chaotic, disruptive and inappropriate mother, Nana (Katey Sagal), into the home. After seeing Nana interacting with the girls, he's forced to reconsider his stance; she might be exactly what the family needs in the face of their recent loss.

Geniuses - Maggie Lawson to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Lawson will play Cay, the mom and clear boss of the family. A true Jersey girl, she can be tough and blunt when she needs to be. She's intuitive with a strong nose for BS, which is a useful skill at her job as a pit boss at an Atlantic City casino.

Batwoman - Elizabeth Anweis Joins The CW Pilot
Anweis will play Catherine Hamilton-Kane, Kate Kane's (Rose) step-mother. Catherine made her fortune as a savvy, bullheaded defense contractor, and all those billions position her as one of Gotham's most powerful residents. For Catherine, it's a matter of the bottom line: Batwoman is bad for business.

Prodigal Son - Lou Diamond Phillips, Aurora Perrineau & Frank Harts to Co-Star in FOX Police Drama Pilot
Phillips will play Gil, a recent widower who is a little old school, Gil is a tough, experienced NYPD detective who brings Bright onto his team to help find a copycat killer. Gil is confident about Bright’s abilities, and they have a pseudo father/son relationship.

Perrineau will play Dani. Headstrong, courageous and experienced, Dani is a Bronx-born NYPD detective and former addict who works with JT and Gil. Although Dani is initially suspicious of Bright's presence on their team, she grows impressed with his work and develops a soft spot for him.

Harts will play JT, a NYPD detective who works with Gil and Dani. He is baffled by Bright's eccentricities as a forensic profiler, and he wonders if Bright is a psychopath himself. Growing up, his friends were more like future criminals than future cops.

Patty's Auto - Carra Patterson to Star; Sarah Levy & Paola Lázaro to Co-Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Patterson stars as Patty Stewart. She grew up poor, raised by a single mother now she's the respected, intimidating owner of Patty's Auto, and she has made it her mission to empower her female employees.

Levy will play Jenna. Vulnerable and insecure, Jenna is a service technician who is the most likely employee to be caught crying while working under a car. In the throes of a divorce, she strives to keep her two young sons on the straight and narrow.

Lazaro will play Liza, a service technician from Puerto Rico who works hard and parties harder. She gets asked out a lot by male customers, but Liza's perfect man is a woman.

Uninsured - Adam Pally & Abby Elliott to Star; Jessy Hodges & Amer Padha-Chatel Join NBC Comedy Pilot
Pally plays Dave, Rebecca's husband, a natural hype man with a good heart.

Elliott plays Rebecca, a super mom who longs for the kind of order she can never achieve in a chaotic household.

Hodges plays Joanna, Dave's edgy younger sister.

Chadha-Patel plays Aram, Dave's business partner who is fast talking and always trying to make a deal.

Nancy Drew - Tunji Kasim to Star in The CW Pilot
Kasim will play the male lead, Ned "Nick" Nickerson, Nancy's secret flame. Nick is a former high school athlete with a mysterious past, who should be on full scholarship to a top university. Instead, he's working as a car mechanic when he winds up a suspect in the murder along with Nancy — leading her to uncover a shocking motive from his past. But whether Nick's a victim of circumstance or something far more sinister remains to be seen.

Glamorous - Brooke Shields to Star; Jade Payton Joins The CW Pilot
Shields, a former model herself, will play Madolyn, a former supermodel who is no stranger to the covers of Vogue or the runways of Milan, Madolyn is the founder and CEO of one of the industry's most respected and sophisticated cosmetics company. A canny businesswoman and entrepreneur, Madolyn is at the top of the game and will stop at nothing to stay there, including making a strategic hire to be her eyes and ears within the company.

Payton will portray Venetia, an ambitious young clotheshorse who serves as the trusted personal assistant to former supermodel turned entrepreneur Madolyn (Shields). Venetia is cool, smart and savvy – and deeply connected with Chicago's queer community and nightlife, with her finger on the pulse of who and what is happening in the underground scene.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Skylar Astin & Alex Newell to Co-Star in NBC Musical Dramedy Pilot
Astin will play Max. Zoey's co-worker and best friend who is funny and has an indie vibe.

Newell is Mo, Zoey's neighbor who is easygoing, open-minded and cool.

Andie MacDowell & Kathleen Turner to Star in Untitled FOX Tom Kapinos Dramedy Pilot
MacDowell will play Lily, the bitter, fiery supermodel meets '80's video vixen and and the ex-wife of British rock star, Nigel Valentine.

Turner will play Grace, the blunt, tactless, and the judgmental mother of Alex Fletcher.

Like Magic - Rory O'Malley Joins NBC Comedy Pilot
O'Malley will play Michael V., one half of a magician team who perform at the club. He's usually more quiet than his partner, Michael B.

Courthouse - Jessica Camacho Joins CBS Legal Drama Pilot
Camacho will play Emily Lopez-Berarro, a tough and determined public defender who is undaunted in her efforts to prove her clients' innocence.

Prism - Ramon Rodriguez to Star in NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Rodriguez will play hard-hitting prosecutor Eduarto Guaty.

Happy Accident - Jessie Pinnick & Elliot Knight Join ABC Comedy Pilot
Pinnick will play Samantha "Sammy" Bennett, the baby of the family and a tomboy.

Knight is Kenan, Sherri's son, who has a need for control and order.

Batwoman - Dougray Scott to Star in The CW Pilot
Scott will play Jacob Kane, a former military colonel with a chip on his shoulder for Batman, Jacob Kane now commands Gotham’s private security firm The Crows, and has made it his mission to protect his city better than the Dark Knight ever could. But it's only a matter of time before his unwavering disdain for vigilantes puts him at odds with Gotham’s new caped crusader… who also happens to be his own daughter.

Under The Bridge - David Ajala to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Ajala will play Dan, a gorgeous, dry and somewhat broken man who "works hard for everything, except sex. That comes easily." Back in the day, he hoped that Kate would wind up with him, but she married his best friend, Michael (TBD), instead. When Dan votes to separate Michael from their medical practice, Michael considers it a personal betrayal. Only Dan knows the real reason: that in order to protect his best friend, he must be willing to sacrifice their relationship.

Like Magic - Jee Young Han to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Like Magic follows Holly (Han), an optimistic young woman pursuing her dreams in the mysterious world of the Magic Palace. Holly is a little nerdy and awkward, but she's also so genuine and friendly that she can be charming.

Evil - Mike Colter to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Colter will play Dacosta, tasked by the Church to assess unexplained phenomena to see if there is a supernatural or scientific explanation.

Richard Lovely - Wendie Malick to Co-Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Malick will play Richard's mother, Alana. Alana loves her son very much but perhaps will always love herself a little bit more. Okay, a lot more.

The Emperor Of Malibu - Ken Jeong to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Jeong plays Gerry who is shocked when he learns that his son, Auggie, plans to marry a Californian woman he has been dating for two years without telling his parents. Gerry brings the whole family to Los Angeles to see if they can persuade Auggie to re-think his engagement.

The Hypnotist's Love Story - Liza Lapira Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Lapira will play Julie, Ellen's impish best friend who owns a dress shop.

Bluff City Law - Caitlin McGee to Star in NBC Legal Drama Pilot
McGee will play Sydney, a hotshot lawyer from Memphis who gives up her corporate in-house job to work with her father on cases that she believes can actually make a difference in the world.

Evil - Katja Herbers to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Herbers will play Kristen Benoist, a forensic psychologist who joins forces with two men hired by the church to assess reported cases of unexplained phenomena.

Tommy (aka Nancy) - Edie Falco to Star in CBS LAPD Drama Pilot
Falco stars as Abigail "Tommy" Thomas. With a New Yorker's gift for being tough and sarcastic while remaining likable, Tommy — as she likes to be called — loves being a cop more than anything and is a former high-ranking NYPD officer who's just been hired as the first female Chief of Police for the LAPD. In her new role, Tommy uses her unflinching honesty and hardball tactics to navigate the social, political and national security issues that converge with enforcing the law.

Council Of Dads - Sarah Wayne Callies to Star; Michele Weaver, J. August Richards & Blue Chapman to Co-Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Callies will play Robin Perry. An OB/GYN, the mother/stepmother to four children ranging in age from 7 to 21. She's also pregnant.

Weaver will play the eldest child Luly Perry whom Scott had before he met Robin. A talented writer, she is focused on her future and waiting to hear if she'll get an important internship at a prominent publication in New York City.

Blue Chapman will play one of the kids, JJ Perry. A sweet child who is adored by his family and has a wonderful relationship with his parents.

Richards will play Dr. Oliver Post, an esteemed oncologist and surgeon who is Scott's doctor and part of the Council.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Jane Levy to Star in NBC Musical Dramedy Pilot
Levy will play Zoey. A socially awkward, smart, charming, type-A whip-smart coder with a nervous energy and an impressive ability to talk a lot.

Prism - Mykelti Williamson to Co-Star in NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Williamson will play Judge Henley.

Prism - Malin Akerman to Star in NBC Legal Drama Pilot
Akerman will play Rachel Lewis. An Erin Brockovich force of nature, Rachel is as empathetic as she is ruthless and a brilliantly passionate public defender.

Emergence - Allison Tolman to Star in NBC Mystery Drama Pilot
Tolman plays Jo, the police chief on Long Island's Peconic Bay. Newly divorced from Alex, Jo lives with her 14-year-old daughter, Bree, and her ex-firefighter father, Ed.

Anna Camp to Star in Untitled NBC Church Choir Comedy Pilot
Camp will play Ginny, a waitress and divorced mother. Ginny plays the piano for the church and is the de facto director of the choir.

Happy Accident - Kether Donohue to Co-Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Donohue will play Danielle Bennett, Bud's (Walsh) middle child. Danielle is a single mother who is emotionally sloppy, neurotic, dedicated to her neofeminist politics to the point of self-defeating exhaustion.

Happy Accident - Vanessa Williams to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Williams will play Sheri, the lounge singer, a gorgeous diva with no money who had a regional hit in the late '80s but acts like she's performing at Lincoln Center every night. Her son is the most important thing in her life — but her career is a close second.

Happy Accident - JoAnna Garcia Swisher to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Swisher will play Eleanor Bennett, a professor at Pitt who is also Bud's (Walsh) oldest daughter.

NYPD Blue - Ashley Thomas to Co-Star in ABC Sequel Pilot
Thomas will play Detective Chris Gamble, another detective in the precinct.

NYPD Blue - Rick Gomez to Co-Star in ABC Sequel Pilot
Detective with the 15th Precinct, Pettibone (Gomez) is studying law at night with the goal of passing the bar one day. Although he hasn't passed it yet, he's aggressive enough to be already drumming up clients by passing out his business card.

NYPD Blue - Fabien Frankel to Star in ABC Sequel Pilot
Frankel will play Theo (Frankel), the son of Dennis Franz's Detective Andy Sipowicz character from the original series, who tries to earn his detective shield and work in the 15th squad while investigating his father's murder. Theo, like his father, is a hard-drinking, hard-headed and quick-witted cop.

Happy Accident - Matt Walsh to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Happy Accident centers around two Pittsburgh families — a father, Bud (Walsh), with three adult daughters, and a hotel lounge singer with her med student son — who are forced together after a decades-old secret is revealed.

NYPD Blue - Kim Delaney & Bill Brochtrup to Reprise Roles in ABC Sequel Pilot
Kim Delaney will reprise her role as Det. Diane Russell while Bill Brochtrup will reprise his role as PPA John Irvin. They join previously announced lead Alona Tal.

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