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The Orville - Identity Pt. 2 - Review

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The Orville concluded it's 'Identity' two-parter with a thrilling and uncharacteristically serious, save for a mildly amusing pee joke, episode.

For a show that had up until this point a fine balance of humour and drama each week, it is refreshing to get what we got with 'Identity,' a heavily dramatic, action-packed episode with little to no humour at all and, in contrast, some serious moments like the poor red shirt guy getting spaced after Captain Mercer dared to rebel against his captors.

I loved seeing the involvement of the Krill in the eventual battle. It is natural that with a new evil race emerging in the Kaylons that we would see the Krill's role evolving away from being the primary foe. Prior to the airing of the episode I had a sneaking suspicion we would see the Krill helping Earth considering how much assistance Earth would need in defeating the massive armada of Kaylon fleets, and right now there is no other race introduced thus far in the show that is both well armed and well developed as a species within the narrative.

It was great seeing the two races working together, though I feel it was a missed opportunity to bring Teleya back into the fold. Her helping Ed convince the Krill to side with the humans would have provided a nice character moment in an episode that did not have much of it, outside of Isaac, though I'm sure they are saving it for the upcoming episode this week, having read the synopsis of Ed negotiating with the Krill.

Nevertheless, 'Identity pt.2' was exciting through and through. The battle itself was invigorating and done really well in terms of the special effects. There was something real rousing about seeing Lt. Scott in a krill warship yahooing his way around the battlefield. We really got to see the character's craft in terms of flight and battle in this scene, a stark contrast to the goofy dunce we are using to seeing on the ship.

The action within the Orville was done well too. It was good to see a side character in Yapphit having a role to play as he slimed through the tunnels to retrieve a firearm in the weapons room for Bortus to shoot down the guards. Yapphit should have got more weapons to arm the whole crew! I'm sure they had enough people to take back the ship, but then we wouldn't have got Isaac's act of self-sacrifice, so, can't complain there.

Speaking of Isaac, it was predictable that he would somehow redeem himself, or at least, begin on his path to redemption by helping the Orville, and he eventually did in that moment of sacrifice. I still find Claire kid's to be super annoying, especially the youngest one and even when he is just standing there, so it took away from the emotions of Isaac's sacrifice.

What did get me was Claire's speech with Isaac at the end of the episode about how it takes time to forgive, but she can begin on the path to forgiving him, as that is what being human is about. I thought that was very profound and delivered well by actress Penny Jerald.

The Orville has really taken itself to a new level after this two-parter. The battle scene was exceptional, and the story has allowed Isaac, a character growing stale, to evolve. In terms of tone, The Orville continues to surprise and in the most positive way, showing they can provide thrilling action as effectively as they have with humour and drama.


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