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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - He Said, She Said - Review

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was such an important episode and great episode. The episode tackled a very serious topic but still managed to stay funny.

Jake and Amy took on the case of a sexual assault. Keri, an investment banker, came forward about co-worker Seth. After interviews, Jake and Amy find out that he tried to take off her clothes and in self-defence she hit him with a golf club which resulted in him getting his “dong broken”. After a series of interviews Amy urges Keri to press chargers however, she is criticised for this by Rosa. Even though Rosa is a feminist, she is also being realistic, and, in the end, it is Keri’s word against Seth’s. There is no evidence; Keri could lose her job and reputation. Keri decides that she doesn’t want to press charges and will take the money offered by the company. But Amy manages to convince Keri not to take the money and carry on with the case. After interviews with Seth’s co-workers in the office, each of them say the same thing about him; he has never been inappropriate and no one has anything bad to say about him. Jake and Amy definitely think that the lawyer has something to do with it. Keri ends up being terminated and Amy work day and night for 3 days to help find something otherwise Keri will lose everything.

Amy then tells Jake her own story. When she was just a rookie in her old precinct her Captain became her mentor and helped her get to detective. He then asked her out to dinner and tried to kiss her, he told Amy that he believed her deserved something for getting Amy her career. Amy transferred to the 99 after that. Jake assures Amy that they will not give up on the case. One of Keri’s co-workers comes forward with a text chain which shows Seth describing what happened in the same way as Keri. They got him, and the DA will press charges. Keri’s career did end in that company, but she tells Amy that she is proud of herself for not letting him get away with it. Keri coming forward also made another one of her co-workers come forward with a statement.

Meanwhile, Holt finds out that the Disco Strangler is dead however, he refuses to believe that he is. A van carrying the serial killer crashed, the driver survived but the killer was said to be killed. But Holt doesn’t believe it. He keeps searching for evidence to prove that he is not, and he ends up being right. The Disco strangler is alive. Holt gets everyone that he can involved to find the Disco Strangler and they do eventually find him however, catching him does not go down like Holt imagined. But we find out that the Disco Strangler seduced the driver (eww) and escaped. The scene between Holt and the Strangler shouting was pretty hilarious and it was definitely a great idea to bring back the Disco Strangler.

Other Notes
-The montage of different way in which women get harassed was great in showing just a few ways in which this happens far too often to many women.
-Both Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz were amazing in this episode.
-The episode was directed by Stephanie Beatriz and she done the most fantastic job.

Overall, the episode was a very well written and directed episode which dealt with a very serious topic but was still funny. I loved the episode and I hope that we see even more episodes like this in the future.

I apologise for the lack of reviews lately, I have been very busy with university recently. Hopefully, I'll be able to review every episode from now on.

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