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Single Parents - Summer of Miggy - Review

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Need a refresher? You can read my recap of the last episode here.

Miggy is having something of a mid-life (quarter-life?) crisis and feels like he's losing touch with who he used to be. He wants to retrieve the momentum of his glory days and hold a big house party to remind him of his epic "summer of Miggy".

But the party doesn't live up to his expectations. All Miggy really wants to do is talk about Jack but the young crowd around him, including a girl he's been flirting with named KBS, could care less about Jack almost learning how to walk. Initially Miggy even bans the other parents from showing up since he doesn't want them to ruin the vibe but then changes his tune when Poppy and Douglas arrive and he realizes they're the people he truly gets along with now.

 (ABC/Ron Tom)
The party isn't a total bust though, Douglas finally lets go and has some fun playing beer pong! Something he enjoys even more than the fabled potatoes from a fundraiser he was going to attend (with Poppy as his date I might add).

While Miggy is trying to relive his yesteryear, Will drops the kids off at Angie's when he gets called in to emergency cover for one of the weathermen. Only he doesn't realize Rory was tagging along with him, hidden behind the bulk toilet paper in his backseat.

After watching a boxset of Aaron Sorkin shows, Rory is all hyped up on the idea of scandal, intrigue and fast-talking in the hallowed halls of broadcast but when it turns out it's not as juicy as the Sorkin-verse lead him to believe, he stirs up some trouble for Will by mistakenly revealing to his boss he once called her a hard-ass. (There is a fun homage to Sorkin's long-take walk-and-talks with Rory and Tracy in this episode).

(ABC/Ron Tom) 
Will reconciles with Tracy and gets his chance to do a prime-time weatherman slot and as Rory points out, could it be the real story was a love story all along? It would appear sparks are flying between Will and his boss.

Meanwhile, Angie's night with Owen gets ruined as she's forced into babysitting duties but Owen isn't willing to let that get in the way. He wants to meet Graham and meet Graham he does.

Acting on "pure animal instinct", Graham punches him right in the face! Luckily the night improves from there, with the two bonding over their shared love of succulents, (Owen is a plant bro like Graham!) But then Owen nails Graham in the face with a baseball during a game of catch. Guess they're even?

Angie and Graham talk about how this is new territory for them, the best they can do is take it one step at a time and see how things go but given we later see the two boys making terrariums together, it would seem Owen may just be in it for the long haul.

Graham thinks so since he asks if they plan on getting married. Cue awkward silence!

Favorite Lines

Will: Tracy Freeze is already riding me really hard because of all my pronunciation slip-ups like when I botched "thunder".
Angie: It is really weird how you call it "thundle".

Poppy: You never tried fun?
Douglas: Well, there's a game on my phone where you try to make squares.

Tracey: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick out tonight's murders.

Graham: Is he okay? I thought my strongest muscle was my heart, but apparently, it's my right bicep.

Angie: All right, we just need to find some dude stuff for you guys to bond over. I mean, how about mowing grass?
Graham: We don't have a lawnmower.
Angie: Uh, what about Pac-Man? Gossiping at the barbershop? Uh, putting food inside another food?
Emma: Have you met a man before?
Angie: Um, help me out here. Googling "boobs"?
Sophie: Okay, gendering things might be outdated, but you are really bad at it.
Owen: Angie, can I talk to you for a second over by the toaster?
Angie: Oh! Toaster! Hot stuff! Toast? Bread? Boxers or briefs?

KBS: I really like how you yelled at everyone like that. I got daddy issues. I was into it.

Will: [After seeing Jack walking and tumbling.] You're right, it is like me after two glasses of wine.

Graham: [About Angie] She's a black thumb. I don't know how, but she once killed a fake plant.

A new episode of Single Parents airs March 13th on ABC.

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