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For The People - This Is America - Review: "Cases That Matter" + POLL

Cases that matter! For The People`s second season is on fire and delivering amazing stories one after the other. I didn`t expect the show to surpass the quality of stories they`ve told in season one, but somehow they are succeeding and in all its glory became ABC`s most quality drama on air.

Before digging into the masterful performance Anna Deavere Smith`s Tina let`s talk about Kate getting her mojo back. Susannah Flood is definitely the breakout star of this show as her performances are always so delicate and deep. Pushing her into this insecure space with where she has to come out and fight for her spot between the prosecutors was both hilarious and powerful. Kate and Seth`s scenes were perfect, their friendship (and it really is one) is such a strong foundation for the show to build up and give both characters proper development. The writing feels really authentic and the balance between their respective positions within their friendship feel real.

Kate`s power and determination to convict the Bastard, who almost delivered the Perfect Murder was admirable. I love her passion and the way she interprets life and her work feels so deep but has this simple ground its build on. Her OCD-ish way of analyzing this case eventually brought her the win. It`s all about the details. A major kudos to the writers for bringing this case to the small screen, very intriguing and twisty. The lines people cross to get away with a Murder are just too peculiar.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Court House, Tina Krissman finally got the focus she deserved all along. Deportation is such a big topic at the moment, with Trump`s wall plans and violently separating kids and parents this episode just hit all the right places. The beauty of this story lays in a peaceful way of going through this topic. They extracted the violent component and just focused on the inability of accomplishing anything. The passivity, the struggle, and all the obstacles the team had to cross to with every move were unbelievably frustrating even for me as a viewer.

Anna Deavere Smith excelled in this story. Tina throughout the previous 11 episodes was a strong figure, wise with all the experience of the world, with a clear and poignant vision. And that continued this week as she put on her Mama Bear shoes and did the right thing. Protecting the kid left alone who was separated from his father in such a cruel way.

Jay being Tina`s first call is a testimony to their relationship and the despair they both experienced throughout this journey was palpable. Their conversation about America they live in with the parallels of how they remember the country, what they expect of it and where America is now were just hitting all the right spot. The writers did an amazing job with the simplicity of this scene, using just the words to tell the story of how cruel this whole situation was. The light Anna brought to this story with her performance was pure encouraging and that in all this despair there might be some light we all can grow something for a better tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on "This is America"? Vote in the Poll down below and comment in the comment section down below sharing your impressions on the latest For The People outing.

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