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Doom Patrol - Puppet Patrol - Review

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The chief is still MIA and the Doom Patrol isn't much closer to finding him then they were after discovering the strange donkey portal.

Cr. Jace Downs/Warner Bros.
Cliff investigates Caulder's study to see if there might be any hints or clues left behind and finds a photograph of the mysterious donkey in Paraguay, decades before. During a "briefing" (a term no one seems to understand except Cyborg as he's forced to explain it several times), Cyborg uses the clues Cliff found and his own intel to identify Mr. Nobody as Eric Morden, a former member of the Brotherhood of Evil.

Thus Paraguay becomes their next destination. Cyborg tries to charter a private jet for the team but his father cuts him off from STAR Labs funding, he has to figure this one out on his own, which means they all have to pile back on that rickety old bus for a terrible road trip that doesn't even get them near the vicinity of Paraguay since no one can even figure out where they're going.

Cr. Bob Mahoney/Warner Bros.
They crash at a motel and Flit, one of Jane's personas, gets tired of waiting and teleports her, Cliff, and Larry to the exact destination they needed to get to! They meet a tourist, Steve, who has been waiting for the bus to take him to Fuchtopia, the place run by evil Nazi scientist Von Fuchs, - aka the guy who created Mr. Nobody.

While there, Larry tries out the inter-dimensional chamber to see if it can finally free him of the energy being inside of him since they've been having more conflict than usual trying to battle for control of his body. It taunts him, transforming into his old lover from when he was a pilot. Throughout the episode we're treated to flashbacks from Larry's life prior to the crash that mutilated him (we get to see Matt Bomer's pretty face for a while!) Larry is unable to rid himself of the energy. It's the only thing keeping him alive, and perhaps its making a point about his past and the way he holds on to the guilt and burden of living a double life, the lies and the cheating. Will he ever really be free of his trauma and identity issues?

Cr. Bob Mahoney/Warner Bros.

Jane actually meets Von Fuchs, who is staying alive through a giant, iron lung-type mechanism. We learn through an unorthodox and super creepy puppet show exactly what happened all those years ago when Mr. Nobody created. It's essentially a rehashing of the opening scene from the pilot except now Cliff, Larry, and Jane are learning the story and about Niles involvement in shooting Von Fuchs.

Fuchs takes an interest in Jane and her 64 personas, he offers her a deal to extract them from her body but she doesn't seem interested. Perhaps because Jane is not actually the core persona! Apparently the personas were created from scientific experimentation on a little girl, a girl who the personas are all protecting. Maybe Baby Doll or the mysterious Katy?

But unlike Jane, Fuchs is a single personality dispersed in a multitude of bodies, bodies that then attack both Jane and Cliff. Luckily they're able to fend them off and kill them all with relative ease (man I love Silver Tongue), and eventually Silver Tongue does put an end to Fuchs life (it would seem though I'm not 100% sure).

Elsewhere Cliff is remorseful over the carnage he's created and it leads him to throwing away the paper he found with his daughter's phone number on it. He's not ready to face her.

With Fuchtopia out of commission, the team heads out, not much closer to finding the chief than they were before, but all of them now facing some serious identify crises. Jane does torch the lab before they leave (well her giant-sized-flaming persona does anyways).

Oh and as for Steve, he overcooked in the chamber and emerges as a weird hybrid of metahuman abilities including the head of a velociraptor on his left shoulder and an entire arm made of flora, plus a smattering of other unsavory looking skin afflictions. Might we see more of Steve in the future? I'm curious to see what happens to him now.

Back with Rita and Cyborg, who were left behind to commiserate over their luck when Flit declined to take them with her - Cyborg's father eventually bails them out and gets them the jet. But by the time they finally show up to meet up with everyone, their time at Fuchtopia has already come to an end. At least they get to ride first class back to the manor though!

A new episode of Doom Patrol titled "Cult Patrol" premieres March 8th on DC Universe.

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