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Charmed - Switches and Swords & Memento Mori - Double Review

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With each new episode Charmed improved and delivered more compelling storytelling and character progression. The latest two episodes revealed the shows biggest mystery, "Who killed Marisol?" and boy was it an amazing revelation which unfolded perfectly over the last two episodes.

Switches and Swords

Episode 15 was a well-balanced outing featuring funny and dark stories creating an interesting outing with a smasher cliffhanger. Working from the reveal of the last episode, when Maggie and Parker revealed a secret chamber under the Manor. The Vortex Verebus is a magical power source of unlimited power able to heighten the power of magical beings so that Maggie and Macy accidentally got a power boost.

The body switcheroo between Maggie and Mel was perfectly set up storywise and the actresses worked it out smoothly. The distrust between sisters grew bigger as each sister choose a side in the brewing magical war. Seeing this sweeter and softer version of Maggie in Mel`s body was hilarious. "Mel`s" scenes with Jada and Fiona, later on, were funny and created understanding on Maggie`s side for why her sister sticks so close to the Sarcana. Leah Pipes as Fiona was mysterious and dark, she is powerful, I dig it. She has this cloak of mystery and unknown surrounding her and I can`t wait to see the writers dig into her character and story. Being the keeper sounds powerful but which side is she playing really for. We saw how damaged Harry was after a month in Tartarus, and Fiona spent 10 years in that prison and seems quite fine.

Meanwhile, Mel hadn't that much fun in Maggie`s body. Maggie`s second attempt at rushing for Kappa wasn`t really Mel`s cup of tea but despite everything, she respected Maggie enough to complete the rush. I majorly eye-rolled when Mel attacked Parker for the consent cause of the neck kiss. It feels a bit hypocritical as she decided to completely change Niko`s life without even thinking of asking for Niko`s consent. Of course, it is a different situation but it does feel hypocritical. The sisters eventually walked enough in each other's shoes to strengthen their bond again and get back into each their respective bodies.

On the other side of the story, Macy had to deal with her inner demon, literally. With the help of Elder Priyanka, she tried to get to the core of her demonic side and find a cure for what she is experiencing. Madeleine Mantock was phenomenal in this hour. Macy`s inner struggle and fear were palpable. Using Medusa`s painful backstory to live through Macy`s struggle was a smart writing move. The whole Rape story on Medusa`s side was a bit too on the nose, especially cause they used my favorite Greek God to do it, but it was all in the manner of proving a point. The scene where Macy confronted Medusa was powerful and emotional, just the way I like it.

Priyanka forcing Macy to relive her mother´s death through her Evil Sight gift was shocking and paid the way for the show`s best outing of the season.

One last note regarding this episode, Lucy was a bit too much. I dig the character she is entertaining but wasn`t it all a bit too much for that matter. They overplayed it quite a bit with her quirkiness and "excitement". The writers should play it down a bit cause it got to the level where it got a bit too annoying.

Memento Mori

WOW WOW WOW! That was what I thought as this episode ended. From great writing to impeccable acting to intriguing story progression the latest Charmed outing had it all.

The complexity the writers brought to Virginia William`s Charity created a powerful story. A wicked character who got everything to lose and doesn`t choose the means to get her ways. The mind games she is played with Macy were so delicate and effective, sadly not thought through enough. How long did she think she could put up this charade? Till she bound Macy`s powers, cause her new gift was supporting her against Charity.

Madeleine Mantock was too good during this hour. Her fears, her struggle, the terror of being evil was perfectly executed. Madeline thoroughly got into the character and all the emotions Macy went through. Her scenes with Charity, Harry, Mel, and Maggie were all on point. The show has come to a really strong point were the characters are all in tune and working so well together.

A major shoutout to the director, Norman Buckley and the bts crew doing the visuals. The episode looked stunning with all the transitions between Macy`s memories and the fight sequences.

The final showdown between the sisters and Charity was powerful. The second Macy screamed out that Charity killed Marisol and that second it hit Maggie, Harry and Mel was dramatically perfect. Mel and Charity`s hand to hand combat fight was good and the three stripping Charity of her powers was another excellent moment.

Reliving Marisol`s death was heartbreaking with Valerie Cruz and Virginia Williams crafting a powerful scene, The sisters bonding during these moments of heartbreak and their mothers wish to reunite them despite everything.

I never liked Charity as a person as she seemed always so manipulated and consumed by the Elders ways, but that blind sense of right turned her into who she is. Her morality and sense of justice and what she is supposed to do pushed her to the actions she did. Is she evil? I wouldn`t say. Is she truly good? Not either.
The scene between Charity and Fiona was another powerful moment of the episode. Leah Pipes`s Fiona delivered the final punch to a crushed Charity. Another excellent scene from Leah. Excited to see this final part of the season focusing on Fiona and Alistair`s plans.

In the meantime, Alistair`s made new moves in his grand scheme as he poisoned Parker via Lucy. Conveniently Parker fainted in the bathroom half naked, how else would someone faint, right CW? And Alistair acquired a powerless Charity. But knowledge is power as well, right? Interesting moves.

That`s the wrap on my side. Excited to read your thoughts on the last two Charmed episodes. What are your expectations heading into the final 6 episodes of the season.

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