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Young Sheldon - A Math Emergency and Perky Palms - Review

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We never thought it would actually happen but it did: Sheldon’s academic performance in school is declining. Dr. Sturgis graded his paper with a lousy 95. It is the very first time Sheldon got less than 100%. He is bewildered, distraught, baffled. How did this even happen? The little smartass is convinced Dr. Sturgis made a mistake grading his paper but Sturgis assures him that no mistake was made. Sheldon was supposed to use a specific calculation method which he did not do. Instead, he used what Sturgis calls a “shortcut”. Sheldon is livid! It is not a shortcut at all. It is “a more elegant and efficient method to achieve the correct answer.” Sturgis gives Sheldon thumbs up for the effort which insults the boy even more. He does not want to be treated like a child! He wants to be treated like one of Dr. Strugis' colleagues. So, Sturgis is honest and tells him that he thinks his calculation method is stupid. Sheldon cries, Connie is pissed. Eventually, though, Sturgis realizes that Sheldon’s method is actually correct and easier than the method he himself suggested. He admits to Sheldon that he was right all along. Sheldon’s world order is restored again.

Adult Sheldon: Dr. Sturgis was a wise man. It was a learning opportunity. And when the day comes that I'm wrong, I fully plan to admit it. 

In this episode Pastor Jeff is sick with what appears to be the flu. He hands over all his responsibilities to Mary. At first, she is worried she might not but cut out for this but it turns out Mary is excellent at the Pastor’s job. She thrives in her new position. It was great to see her so excited about her work. She definitely is an asset for the church community.

How did you all like the episode?

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