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The Other Two - Chase Goes to a Premiere - Review: When in Gnome

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Need a refresher? Read my recap of The Other Two's pilot here.

Chase is at his first ever movie premiere for a little film called When in Gnome! Cary and Brooke are invited but on their way to the premiere they field an offer from the driver to lick Cary's foot for money. I mean, two hundred dollars is two hundred dollars, I guess.

Journalists and reporters are eating Chase alive out on the red carpet with questions about Israel and Palestine followed swiftly by a woman who basically forces him to become a Bagel Bites shill. Streeter's hair dye is melting from the stress.

Who knows how long Chase's fame will last. Brooke wants to take full advantage while she's there so she makes sure to get plenty of photo opportunities while she can, especially since everyone's fallen asleep during the movie. I would too if the punchline was seriously "when in gnome!" every five seconds.

Remember that fart commercial Cary auditioned for? Well he's in the final round but the ad executives want him to read the line "straighter" if possible. Also, apparently his manager is a taxi driver. That might explain why he's having such a hard time booking roles.

Brooke is struggling too. She wants to find a guy to go home with since she got fired from her job. But the first guy she meets lives in Midtown East and even the appeal of his king-sized bed isn't strong enough to make her go there. Then she runs into some women she thinks might be her own age but they're twenty years old and... retired. "Your teens are for working, you twenties are for resting." And apparently your thirties are for making a global impact. Yeah Brooke isn't cut out for that.

While milling around the party rather aimlessly, Carey meets a girl, Britlin, who is super eager to get a photo with Chase. He mentions this to Streeter on the phone, trying to figure out exactly where Chase is since he vanished, and Streeter is disappointed they hopped on a plane to Pittsburgh already for a concert. He may only have one song but the grind never stops! Also, shockingly, Britlin, is only 11 years old and she's a popular make-up tutorial guru.

Before Carey can find her again, Brooke meets her instead and casually mentions she has no place to live so Britlin invites her to sleepover at her house. Things go about as well as one would expect! First Brooke casually mentions her dad dies triggering a meltdown from Britlin and then she mentions having toys and wanting to play with them and Brooke assumes she means sex.

As for her brother, he books the commercial role and has a moment of utter confidence before being crushed by the reality of no one at the after party giving a damn about him.

Brooke calls Carey to ask for advice about the Britlin situation and he lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that she went home with an eleven-year-old girl by accident.

Eventually, Brooke winds up on Carey's couch where he doctors a Getty images watermark on one of her premiere pictures because that's what brothers do for you when you need it most.

l-r Case Walker as “Chase Dubek (ChaseDreams)”, Ken Marino as “Streeter” Photo Credit: Jon Pack


- Brooke reminds me so much of Dee Reynolds, now I wish they could somehow meet and hang out.

- "We must live every day like it's the last day Chase is famous."

- "Can you put these under Billy Eichner?"

- In order to keep Chase's Adam's apple under control, Streeter binds it up with tape to keep him looking young and fresh.

- When Britlin makes Brooke a drink she's surprised by how good it is, "Can't even taste it." Totally unaware it's orange juice and nothing else.

- "Oh my god, toys? This woman wants to have sex with me."

- Another beauty regimen for Chase? Dying his tongue. "Girls don't like a pale tongue."

- Love that Brooke is most likely bisexual and that she says it out loud.

- Brooke realizing she went home with an eleven-year-old girl, "In this climate?"

- Brooke is so psyched to brag to all her Ohio friends about her photoshopped official Getty images picture Carey makes for her and her email arrives in the middle of one girl's impassioned, broadcasted speech about the Flint water crisis.

A new episode of The Other Two titled "Chase Gets a Girlfriend" airs February 7th on Comedy Central.

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