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Speechless - F-A--FASHION 4 A--ALL - Review: Smart Dylan

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Need a refresher? Read my recap of last week's episode here.

The time has come for Fashion4All's official launch. Melanie and Maya have been practicing their slogan: Two special-needs moms making a difference in the lives of families with children with disabilities - much to the chagrin of Kenneth who doesn't understand the necessity of its lengthiness (how on earth would that fit on a keychain!?). But they intend to launch their business at a convention celebrating inventions for special needs children and their parents.

(ABC/John Fleenor) MASON COOK
Except, the community of peers they need to impress to be successful is a melting pot of Maya and Melanie's many enemies. Their arguments, overbearing, overprotective, and confrontational personalities have gotten then each into many tussle over the show's tenure - after all, the most famous rivalry perhaps was actually between them at one point. So how are they going to get all of their enemies to forgive, forget, and invest?

Kenneth and Jimmy take charge, pretending to be the founders while Maya tries to win over the SoCal reporter (one of her biggest adversaries). It works to great success until it comes time for the Q&A and the two men know nothing about Fashion4All's day-to-day.

But Maya is nothing if not infinitely charming when she wants to be, and her impassioned speech with Melanie by her side is enough to win back the crowd.

Plus, Kenneth and Jimmy finally understand their slogan! "I finally get it, it's beautiful."

Maya's weekend departure is an opportunity for JJ to tour colleges without her coddling him along the way. He even extends an invite to Ray who jumps at the chance to get rejected by college girls and hang out with his brother, leaving Dylan to her own devices.

Test results just came back at school and it turns out, Dylan's scores are the highest in the entire class! Smart Dylan has arrived in style but she isn't sure how to be smart because that's always been Ray's area of expertise. One of her teachers tries to help her confront Ray over how she feels, and its made easier by the fact he took five vodka jello shots and drunkenly slurs his support of her big brains.

Also, Ray getting drunk allows JJ to see how frustrating it can be when you try to help someone who doesn't want to accept your help. Ray wants to look out for him but JJ takes it as being as overbearing as Maya is. What he doesn't see is how happy Ray is to spend time with his brother and looking out for him is out of love more so than pity.

It's the same way JJ has to take care of Ray when he's too intoxicated to walk straight. The trip serves as a nice learning moment for both boys.

Though smart Dylan, will prove to be a problem. Something Maya and Jimmy note as she convinces Ray to jump off the roof because she learned two Latin words.



- "It's like a big claw machine. I got a me."

- Jimmy is President of the Internet and can be reached at I'm kind of tempted to see if that's a real email.

- "Hey JJ Knoxville."

- Maya: Have we wronged you? Yes. Are we sorry? Case by case.

- JJ lowers Ray into his bed using his friends claw machine-like mechanism while drunk and his response is "Hey, I'm Cirque-du-So-Ray."

- "Smart Dylan is gonna be a problem, isn't it?"

A new episode of Speechless titled "J-I– JIMMY V-A-L– VALENTINE" airs February 15th on ABC.

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