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The Big Bang Theory - The D&D Vortex - Review + POLL

If Young Sheldon knew he would be on television one day to be a guest on an episode of Prof. Proton he would probably lose it. In this episode, Sheldon and Amy were invited to be on the show’s reboot with Will Wheaton as the new Prof. Proton. They are supposed to talk about their research on super asymmetry but instead, Sheldon throws up on the show’s surprise guest: Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. Obviously, Sheldon is mortified. Of all the people that would deserve to be vomited on, Shatner is not one of them. I personally do not quite understand why Sheldon even threw up. Was it the excitement of seeing Shatner? Was he nervous because he was on television? The absence of an explanation somewhat bothered me.

After "the incident", Sheldon decides to go to Will Wheaton’s house to apologize for his sudden indisposition on the show. Will has no time for Sheldon’s jabbering as he seems to be in the middle of a game of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Sheldon can hear Will’s friends talk in the background and is convinced he has recognized the voice of William Shatner. He runs home and excitedly tells the guys about Will’s game of D & D with his celebrity friends. Unsurprisingly, Leonard, Raj and Howard are excited about the news and are determined to find out - through graph theory - who Will is playing the game with. When they check Instagram and find a picture Kevin Smith shared that was apparently taken in Will's house they are in for a rather big surprise: There is Stuart in the photo! Comic-book-store-Stuart! Will invited Stuard and not them?! What?! Why?! How?!

The guys immediately drive over to Stuart's place (well Howard's and Bernadette's place) and wait for the "traitor" to come home to confront him. He claims he spent the evening at the pharmacy. Literally, any other excuse would have been more plausible. Stuart’s ability to lie really is nonexistent. The comic book store owner eventually caves and admits he was at Will Wheaton’s house. Overwhelmed with the situation, he calls Will to drop out of his game night. It is too much pressure for him to keep a secret like that. Oh, Stuart sometimes you really are your own worst enemy.

With Stuart gone Wheaton needs another player for the game so he decides to call Leonard. The experimental physicist is beyond excited and immediately accepts the invitation. He meets Shatner, Kevin Smith, and two other guys he does not really recognize. Only when he blabs to Penny about the game, he realizes he not only met NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar but also THE Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike! Not that any of them ring any bells for Leonard but Penny sure is over the moon. She is supposed to keep it all a secret but, just like Leonard, she does not manage to stay quiet. She tells Amy and Bernie all about Manganiello which eventually leads them to visit Will to suck up to him in the hopes they will get an invitation to his game night. However, Wheaton sees right through them. As a consequence, because he was unable to keep it a secret, Will kicks Leonard out of his D&D game night. This means there now is an open seat in the game. The guys run straight to Will’s house in the hopes that he will pick one of them to fill the empty seat. Wheaton is not interested. He accuses them to only use him to get close to his famous friends.

“One of the worst things about being a celebrity is you never know if people like you for you. Well... thanks for letting me know.”

I guess he does have a point. Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard realize that as well, apologize and assure him they really do like him for who he is. Sheldon, charming as ever, assures him that they definitely do not use him because he does not consider Will a celebrity anyway.

A few days later the gang receives a picture. On it: Will, his celebrity friends, Penny, Amy and Bernie.

Leonard: We deserve that.

PS: Who of you wants to read Raj’s fanfiction mashup “Captain Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”? I sure do!

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