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Roswell, New Mexico - Don't Speak - Review

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This week on Roswell, New Mexico Isobel ended up stranded in the desert with no memory of how she got there. Her husband had enough and dropped off her bags (ouch). Alex and Kyle hung out and discovered that Kyle’s dad had a secret basement where he helped Rosa, who turns out to be Kyle’s secret half-sister, get clean. Liz nearly got killed while trying to get a video from the night her sister died (how did Liz survive again? Wasn’t she covered in gasoline?). Max saved her but not before taking a bullet. When putting pressure on Max about what happened on that fateful night, Max reveals that Isobel killed Rosa. 

What the holy hell? So, floating bodies… I wasn’t expecting that. I’m glad we’ll finally find out what happened the night Rosa died because I have so many questions. For one, while Isobel may have been responsible somehow, it’s clear she does not remember at all. In fact, this may be what started her blackouts. This also explains her weird reaction to seeing Rosa in that vision a few episodes ago. Now my only questions are “how?” and “why?”. I mean, I’m assuming it was an accident. I highly doubt teenage Isobel wanted to kill 3 people. But as far as we’ve seen, Isobel’s powers are mostly mental. So why was there a handprint on Rosa’s face? Did she uncover a new power that night and then forget about? Or is something else going on? I’m still waiting for them to hint at a fourth alien, like on the original show. 

Overreact much? I may have missed something, but I thought Liz and Max weren’t together when she left. I was under the impression that Max had a thing for her, but she was with Kyle when the whole thing with Rosa happened. So if that’s the case, then Max’ reaction to finding out Isobel’s role in Liz leaving is way over the top. Sure, Isobel shouldn’t have done it, but it’s not like she sent his wife out of town. However, the promo for the next episode does seem to indicate something happened between them. However, to what extent is still unclear. 

Can’t get much worse: Isobel’s husband has reached his limit with secrets, he’s asking for the truth and looks like he’s ready to end it. At this point, wouldn’t it be better to just tell him? I get that she’s scared, but what why did she marry him if she never intended to tell him? She says she hates lying to him … so stop lying. A relationship is nothing without trust. If she can’t trust him with this, then what is the point of stringing him along? Besides, and I know this is super unethical, but if he does have an extreme reaction to the truth, can’t she just erase it from his mind or something? Just saying. 

Unlikely alliance: It was really interesting to see Alex and Kyle hang out, discovering deep dark secrets. They may not have gotten along in the past but I do hope that the 2 become friends. They both need someone they’re not romantically involved with to turn to. Sure, Alex also has Maria and Liz but we really haven’t seen them hang out that much. And I get the feeling that Alex doesn’t really want to burden them with the issues of his home life. As for Kyle, how do you process that your dad, who is dead, had a secret baby, who is also dead and just happened to be the sister of your ex-girlfriend? He can’t yell at or get answers from his dad. And he can’t get to know his sister because she’s gone too. It’s almost like it never even happened, but it did. Both of these guys have a lot to deal with, perhaps they can help each other through it. 
Best quotes: Liz: “I recognized your voice.” Grant: “Because you subscribe to my podcast?” Liz: “Because it haunts my nightmares.” 
Liz: “I get it. Someone pays you to flood the airways with bogus conspiracy theories and extremist propaganda. And anything real seems small in comparison. Alien fake news.” Grant: “You should hear my 9/11 theories.” 
Kyle: “You’ve got it wrong, you know. My dad didn’t leave you that key because he thought you were weak. He would’ve never thought that about you. You’re the bravest person I know.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again two weeks from now for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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