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Outlander - Man of Worth - Review

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I tried clicking my heels together to get the show to change from a 13 episode season to a 22 episode paradigm. As my world doesn’t include magic...season four ended with it’s 13th episode.

Roger was finally rescued. I’m not exactly sure about how much time passed after Roger saved Father Alexandre from a slow agonizing death, but when Claire and Jamie find him, he’s not only still in the prison hut, but his hands were bound.

Claire and Jamie intend to, essentially, buy Roger back from the Mohawk. Despite the fact that Chief Tehwahsehwkwe is willing to trade with the Frasers, I don’t believe he would have taken mere goods for Roger regardless of the conflict over Otter Tooth’s stone.

When Tehwahsehwkwe sees that stone, he kicks the Frasers out of the village.

I was surprised by how good Ian’s Kanien'keha {all hail Wikipedia...I sincerely hope I have that right} is. When he said he spoke a little, I was expecting his communication to be more halting; more broken. I’m no judge of John Bell’s accent, but it seemed to me that he handled the dialog well.

Tehwahsehwkwe may want nothing to do with the stone, but there are a small number of people in the village who want it back.

Wahkatiiosta, the granddaughter of a former chief, tries to steal the stone, but Jamie’s not some merchant. He quickly proves it’s not going to be easy to steal it back. Claire pulls out her negotiation skills and diffuses the situation.

Wahkatiiosta tells the story of a Native American man (is it safe to assume he was also Mohawk?) named Otter Tooth, who learned the same lesson Claire and Jamie learned. History can’t be changed.

Otter Tooth traveled to the past to try and convince his people to kill the Europeans before they establish a foothold in America and cause a lot of pain and injustice for his people.

Was I the only person who wondered if Otter Tooth’s scalp gathering attacks hurt his cause more than it helped? The chief at the time seemed to think it would do more harm and lead to his people’s destruction.

Otter Tooth was banished and later killed. Tehwahsehwkwe was charged to take Otter Tooth’s skull to North Carolina.

Wahkatiiosta’s group agree to help the Frasers rescue Roger in exchange for the stone. The rescue was going pretty well until the posted sentry turns out to be good at his job.

I loved Tehwahsehwkwe basically telling the Frasers “y’all walked into a mess that has nothing to do with you, so you can leave.” There was such a sense of fairness in the statement that I’m just not used to in my fiction.

When Jamie sent Ian to tell the chief that Jamie would trade himself for Roger, I knew exactly what Ian was going to do.

It was Ian’s turn to earn his bones as a Mackenzie. He manipulated the situation beautifully.

He not only avoided arguing with his aunt and uncle about volunteering to stay, he rather deftly forestalled Jamie’s thoughts of mounting a rescue.

Ian was later jumped into the community. He figured out the how to beat the gauntlet and succeeded where Roger failed. I never doubted him for a moment.

Murtagh stops in to check on Brianna and ends up with more than he bargained for. Murtagh and Jocasta make an adorable couple. I really like the actors’ chemistry together.

The cut between Jocasta throwing her drink in Murtagh’s face and their morning after was jarring though.

After hearing the producers discuss the change in the episode (i.e. the return of Roger), I wonder if this edit was made out of necessity.

If Jocasta and Murtagh stay together, I have a feeling that the argument about how to fight the crown and its unfair taxation will come up again.

The have such a fundamental difference of opinion that I imagine it will be a ‘discussion’ worth seeing. I’m hoping that will be part of season five.

Roger confirms that he and Brianna are handfast. I suppose that should be enough to keep the baby from being labeled a bastard.

Claire and Jamie tell Roger about Brianna’s rape and the baby.

Jamie is, understandably, pissed off that Roger stormed off after their argument and left Brianna vulnerable enough to be raped.

Roger justifies his behavior by pointing out she told him to go.

Personally, that doesn’t make his decision to leave her alone any better.

(I like the idea, as seen on another show, where the guy giving his girlfriend the keys to the car when she climbed out to get away from him after an argument.)

It’s a moot point though. Brianna was raped in the public area of the tavern where she was staying.

So, it wouldn’t have mattered if Roger had trailed Brianna, after their argument, to make sure she made it to the tavern safely.

I am so glad they decided NOT to let Roger’s return to Brianna hang on as a cliffhanger. To do so would have meant leaving a major plot point of the season hanging. Secondly, it would have been a major roadblock to Roger’s redemption, at least for me.

I don’t blame Jamie and Claire for telling Roger not to return if he’s not man enough to stand by his wife.

It doesn’t help that, from my perspective, Roger is being compared to Jamie and losing miserably.

I can’t see Jamie having to think about supporting Claire in that situation. He’d dash off, kill the bad guy and return to take care of his wife and her child.

I’m not sure why I’ve become so anti-Roger. Many of his actions this season have been in line with the book.

I don’t know if it’s that I was younger and/or more of a romantic when I read the book, or if it’s just different seeing Roger’s story play out in this format.

I’m trying to like him. I want to like him. I liked him when we met him. His performer is great. The character is a permanent part of the show’s canvas so I feel as though I need to like him. All I can say is I’m trying.

This is the first time we’ve been tortured with a cliffhanger in this series and it was crazy making. But the arrival of the Redcoats was awesome.

Everyone scrambles to hide Murtagh, expecting the Redcoats to search the property for him (a la The Highlands after Culloden). But they simply hand Jamie a letter, turn around and leave.

It was a little anticlimactic until we find out what Jamie’s mission is: hunt down and kill the leader of The Regulators, his godfather.

It would seem the bill for Fraser’s Ridge has come due and it’s huge.

Despite disappointment regarding Roger, I thought it was a great season finale. I liked the way the stories were tied up.

I’m intrigued by the stories setup for next season.

This season was quite a bit different than previous seasons.

Claire and Jamie without the intrigue of the French Court or constant danger hanging over their heads, spent much of the season living the quiet life of farmers. It was a much quieter tone than previous seasons.

The canvas of the show also expanded to include Fergus and Marsali, and Roger and Brianna.

I’ve enjoyed these changes this season. I am curious, what are your reactions to these changes?

What did you think about the episode? What are your thoughts about the season overall?

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