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Mom - Kalamazoo and a Bad Wedge of Brie - Review: "Tips, Trick-or-Treaters, or Mormons"

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This week brings new challenges for the girls on Mom. And things get interesting.

At a meeting, Bonnie announces that Adam's bar is finally doing well, so she's got some time for herself. ("By golly, for the first time in my life I get to be a little selfish!" Yeah, right, Bonnie!) Christy shares about having the whole day off and coming to the meeting even though she didn't want to, hoping to impress her sponsor, Nora. Nora isn't exactly the warm, fuzzy kind though. She's no-nonsense and practical, and it seems like Christy's wish to be BFFs with her is still a long ways from coming true.

Later, Christy, Bonnie, and Tammy are watching a slasher movie when they get a call from Jill. Her house has been broken into. The thieves got all the jewelry that wasn't locked up and everything in the "loose cash bowl." ("You know how you have a bowl of loose pennies and buttons in it. Jill does that with 20s and 50s.") Jill's a little shaken, but otherwise alright - until Tammy mentions that the thieves might come back, that is. Because of Tammy's big mouth, she, Bonnie, and Christy end up spending the night playing protection, squashed in bed with Jill! Bonnie's quick to tell her that they can't stay over every night and suggests she see about hiring the cop who investigated the break-in (and geeked out over her fancy grill!) for some off-duty security. Tammy, on the other hand, suggests a Hell's Angel.

Thankfully, Jill goes with Bonnie's suggestion and hires the cop, Andy. The two bond over bad exes and meat sandwiches (Forget the no bread, meat, or cheese diet!)

Meanwhile, Christy determined to impress Nora, cooks up a pot of her favorite chili. Nora loves it, and Christy finally thinks she's making progress. Unfortunately, the chili doesn't love Nora back, and in the middle of doing the weather, Nora accidentally lets it rip on live TV. (Oh, and then the video goes viral, which the rest of the girls, even Saint Marjorie, get a kick out of.)

At the bistro, the girls see how much Jill's liked having Andy around, and encourage her to go out with him. Jill insists he's not her type, which is "super handsome, emotionally unavailable jerks." Andy, however, is a heavy-set, balding, ex-marine cop - definitely a departure from Jill's usual type!

Christy visits Nora on her first day back at work since the farting incident, gifting her a tiny, luck-bringing cactus. Nora tells Christy that she knows she's trying to win her approval, and she needs to stop caring so much about what other people think. Christy says that growing up, getting people to like her was really her only coping mechanism for getting through her crappy situation. Nora tells Christy that the only person she needs to be focused on being liked by is herself. After watching Nora do the weather, acknowledge the farting incident, and move on, Christy seems to finally be starting to get the message. (Also, she got an acknowledgment wink from Nora on live TV!)

And Jill? She can insist all she wants that Andy may not be her type, but that doesn't stop her from breaking one of her windows so he'll come back over!

Random Thoughts:
-Bonnie and Tammy's rendition of "I Will Always Love You" was epic!

-Best lines of the night go to Christy and Bonnie, when discussing her need to please people. (Christy - "I used to make you Screwdrivers to get you to like me." Bonnie- "You did have a good, firm pour for an eight year old.") and Nora, when one of her coworkers laughs at her while she's on air ("Laugh it up Rob. We all know you're not wearing pants behind that desk!").

Do you think Christy will ever stop caring so much about what other people think of her? Will Jill and Andy become a thing? Let me know below!

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