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Law and Order Special Victims Unit - Brothel - Review

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A newcomer to The Dollhouse brothel leaves a prostitute dead and a Wall Street man shaken in his custom made Paretto's shoes. Collum O'Connor, a Wall Street broker, got bored with his wife and kids and decided to have some outside fun. O'Connor arrived at The Dollhouse, he passed the pre-screen test and picked which girl he would like for the evening.

O'Connor picked Tori, they walked into the bedroom to do their thing. Moments later the guards hear a scream, it was Tori. She tricked O'Connor into thinking he was going to take part in some kind of sexual game. Instead, Tori hid in the closet, when the guards busted down the door she knocked one out to steal a gun. Tori ran out screaming "I'd rather go to jail." She made it to the roof with Deavon trailing behind. He corners Tori, she was scared and just wanted to escape the world of prostitution.

The next morning a police officer found Tori dead in the alleyway. When Benson and Rollins arrived at the scene they noticed that there were signs of sexual assault, most likely this means, it wasn't a suicide. The first responders took the detectives to the empty apartment to search for a clue on who this girl was and what happened to her. Sight on seen Benson and Rollins knew what they were dealing with.

Rollins was able to pull Tori's fingerprints and discovered that she was in a drug rehab program through Judge Kofax. Kofax told Rollins and Carisi that he remembers Tori, sad story, he suggests that they speak with her case manager. Morris told the detectives that Tori was a foster child, she never had a family, a tough life, and this was bound to happen.

Among the items that were left at the apartment was custom made Paretto shoe. Benson told Fin and Carisi to start with the prince who's missing a shoe. Of course, the cobber at Paretto knew the shoe, his clients pay over $2,500 for a pair and their privacy. But there's no law protecting cobber - client confidentiality. Reluctantly the cobber gave Fin and Carisi the man's name. They found their Wall Street prince! They show up at O'Connor doorstep, he admits that's his shoe and that he was at The Dollhouse that night.

Benson and Rollins got O'Connor in the interrogation room his nerves were on edge. He tried to explain what happened that night, he arrived at The Dollhouse, Tori bond and gagged him, then ran out screaming. When one of the other girls untied O'Connor, he was able to escape and left his shoe. Benson and Rollins weren't too convinced, but he did offer up a new lead that brought them to Vice.

Before Special Victims Fin was at Vice, and he still has a friend or two over there that could help out with this case. Sergeant Baker, ( guest star Jennifer Esposito) a former lady friend of Fin's and a kick-ass detective. Baker told Fin and Carisi that brothels have joined the 21st century of the online business. Baker quickly pulled up The Dollhouse's webpage and their current location, and she offered to use her team for the sting. When they arrived at the brothel, it was empty, someone tipped them off, but who?

Remember the gun Tori was waving around when she ran out of the bedroom after she tied up O'Conner. When forensics came back, it showed that the gun should have been in evidence lockup. Rollins and Carisi headed down to lockup to look further into it, sure enough, there was a brink in where the gun should have been. The only people who have access to the evidence lockup are cops, so someone supplied that brothel with that gun. There were only three cops that went into the lockup on the date the switch was made. The detectives decided to follow the three cops to see if any of them are their dirty cop. It worked and caught Ramirez in the act. Baker went to get the warrant from Judge Kofax when she got back they were gone. Someone once again tipped them off. The next day Baker and Carisi did a little play acting trying to set Ramirez up hoping he'll lead them to his accomplice. Sure enough, Ramirez leads the detectives straight to the mole. Kofax, what a shocker, a dirty judge. Kofax has been supplying girls to the brothel through his drug rehab program.

These girls believed that Kofax was giving them a second chance at life, by letting them get clean and back on their feet, and he took advantage of their trust.

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